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The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is going to be filled with many emotions. Let us help you consider all the details, from protocols to decorations and everything in between so that you don't have to!

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4 Dreamy & Royal Gujarat Destinations for Weddings You Didn’t Know About!
Places to celebrate your wedding
The most prosperous state in India is also one of the most popular ones when it comes to destination weddings. Check out these little known Gujarat destinations that can help you host a spectacular wedding!
Here’s How Nahargarh Palace Can Make Your Dream Wedding a Beautiful Reality!
Places to celebrate your wedding
The forts and palaces in Rajasthan are intricately designed marvels of architecture. If you’re planning to have a destination wedding in Rajasthan, then you should surely consider the Nahargarh Palace – a venue like no other!
9 Lounges in CP That Are Perfect for a Rocking Bachelorette Party
Places to celebrate your wedding
When planning a bachelorette party, the most important thing is the venue. If the venue is one that sets the mood, then the party will be rocking. Here are some lounges in CP that are perfect for a bachelorette party.
The Jaibagh Palace Case: Why You Need To Consider This As Your Destination Wedding Venue
Places to celebrate your wedding
Many brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day. What better way to enhance that feeling than by hosting a destination wedding at the Jaibagh Palace in Rajasthan? Here’s everything you need to know!
Saat Phere, Their Meaning and the Significance They Hold for Millennial Couples
A religious wedding
In a Hindu marriage ceremony, the Pheras are the seven sacred rounds that the bride and groom take around the holy fire. Each round stands for a vow and we are here to tell you the meaning and significance of Saat Phere for a millennial couple.
'Falak Tak Chal' At The Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad For Your Dreamy Destination Wedding
Places to celebrate your wedding
Covet a dreamy destination wedding? Then begin your research with Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad. Dedicated and personalised services and scenic view from 2,000 ft high, the palace is a perfect setting for your palatial fantasy.
The Indian Christian Wedding Guide: The Beauty and Simplicity of Traditions
A religious wedding
There is really something very beautiful and captivating about Christian weddings. Let’s take a detailed look at its customs and traditions and how are they different from those of the west.
Headed to the Marriage Registry Office in Bangalore? Here's All You Need to Know to Get Your Marriage Solemnised
Wedding protocol
Still getting off the highs of a spectacular wedding? Do not forget that you have one more chore left! Head to the marriage registry office in Bangalore and make your wedding legal!
Host a Wedding Worthy of Royalty at the Chomu Palace!
Places to celebrate your wedding
Want the royal wedding you’ve always dreamed of? Why not host your functions at the Chomu Palace in Jaipur?
Indian Wedding Games List That Will Add a Shade of Custom and Fun to Your Function
A religious wedding
Indian weddings are not complete without those traditional games list which has been part of ceremonial wedding functions since ages. Here we check out the list.
This Is How You Can Plan Your Royal Wedding at Taj Falaknuma Palace
Places to celebrate your wedding
Resplendent and royal you shine as the bride waiting for your prince charming at the royal wedding at Taj Falaknuma Palace! Capture the magic of bygone eras, walk in the steps of past Nizams and Begums and have a royal wedding at this monumental venu
What Sets Apart a Hindu Brahmin Wedding? All the Traditions and Pujas Explained
A religious wedding
Dispel all notions of Bollywood dancing from your mind! Here’s what to expect from a Hindu Brahmin wedding!
Aksa Beach: An Offbeat Wedding Destination You Must Check Out!
Places to celebrate your wedding
Have a destination wedding at Aksa beach and discover what it is like to have a destination wedding so close to home.
How to Register Marriage Certificate in a Fuss-Free Way for the Bride and Groom
Civil weddings
A marriage certificate is a legal document that recognises two people are officially married. Register marriage certificate is issued by the government official, during or after the marriage ritual.
Looking for a Venue? Check out Sheesh Mahal Palace Grounds, Bangalore for a Dreamy Wedding!
Places to celebrate your wedding
Looking for a venue that you will cherish as much as the memories made in it? Find out about Palace grounds, Bangalore!
Why The Kashi Yatra ceremony Still Makes Sense For Millennial Grooms In India
A religious wedding
Imagine grooms having a chance to escape matrimony a day before the marriage ceremony? Here's exploring an odd, yet fun pre-wedding ceremony that's part of a South Indian wedding - the Kashi Yatra.

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