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The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is going to be filled with many emotions. Let us help you consider all the details, from protocols to decorations and everything in between so that you don't have to!

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Gorgeous Garland Images That Will Inspire You to Frame Your Perfect Jaimala Moments From the D-day
A religious wedding
Jaimalas are a symbol of being a couple and marks the beginning of a lifelong commitment. Click on to for some stunning garland images to inspire you.
Revamped Wedding Vows, Millennial Couples Decided for Their D-day
A religious wedding
Wedding vows! Saat Pheras! Put a spin on these traditional Hindu wedding vows to be pronounced as husband and wife. Take cues from some of these songs.
Wedding Functions: Carnival of Unforgettable Moments Until D-day
Wedding protocol
There are multiple wedding functions involved, each with their own reasons, ceremonies and stories to tell. We count all of them for a walkthrough!
Wedding protocol
Brides tend to believe myths that exist about the D-day. Don’t fret, ladies! We are here to debunk all the myths and tell you that you can do it your way.
5 Trendsetting Dulhan Doli Styles to Turn the Heads & Waltz In
A religious wedding
Look at how these real brides owned their wedding night in these Dulhan Doli pictures. Narrow down the one you love best and slay!
Planning a Destination Wedding in India? Follow This Step by Step Guide to Have a Memorable Wedding
Places to celebrate your wedding
Planning to tie the knot in Udaipur or amidst the flora and fauna of Kerala? We have curated a list of all things you could possibly need for planning a destination wedding in India. So, read on and make pointers.
7 Real Wedding Games That Will Break the Rules & Bend the Lines & Make Your D-day Memorable
Wedding protocol
While you may believe that all real wedding games are about love, dance, songs and family; there are some that go beyond crazy. Here are 7 games that, believe it or not, people have played at their weddings and had insane fun. Take a cue!
The Only Set of Christian Wedding Cards You Need to Check Out to Make That First Impression
A religious wedding
Amidst the generic ‘SAVE-THE-DATE’ wedding invites, design your Christian wedding cards as a breath of fresh air. Unique, eye-catchy and special, let it symbolise your love and be a token of sheer amazement for your dear guests!
Up, Close & Personal on a Kerala Muslim Wedding: From Ceremonies to Traditions, a Deep Dive Into Their Culture
A religious wedding
A typical Kerala Muslim Wedding is a grand affair, where the two families come together to celebrate love. If you wish to know in depth about all the ceremonies involved in a traditional Kerala Muslim wedding, then keep on reading.
11 Wedding Mandap Decor and the Specific Rituals from Across the Nation to Inspire You Before You Get Yours Finalised
A religious wedding
Weddings are a celebratory occasion which brings together two families. Confused whether to decorate your wedding mandap using florals or lights? We have curated a list with some awe-inspiring Wedding Mandap decor inspirations we know you’ll love.
Love Prevails Amidst Chaos: Gay Weddings Now a Celebration for All 🏳‍🌈
Civil weddings
And as the Supreme court raises a flag for humanity and equal rights, we share with you all the reasons to celebrate gay weddings.
A Destination Wedding in Udaipur: This is How You Do it Right!
Places to celebrate your wedding
Dreaming of a Destination Wedding in Udaipur? Here's where you may host one and how to plan it correctly. Read about how 'The City of Lakes' promises a luxurious, pampering, mouth-watering, picturesque and a truly unforgettable experience.
An Indian Wedding Ceremony as Seen by the Outsider
A religious wedding
Stressed over the sheer amount of planning that goes into each function for your wedding? Take a deep breath and let us help you plan each major Indian wedding ceremony.
A Wedding in Two Locations: How To Plan An Epic Saga
Places to celebrate your wedding
Getting married in different cities or countries? You don’t need to sweat it anymore. Take help from our suggestions to ace the planning and execution of your wedding in two different locations.
Choose a Jaimala Design That Brings out the Ultimate Best of Your Wedding Look
A religious wedding
Your Jaimala will get the most attention after your wedding-day attire. We explain which Jaimala designs are trending these days and how you could go about choosing them.
7 Destination Wedding Locations in India That Will Leave You Spellbound
Places to celebrate your wedding
Check out these incredible locations in India and find out where your idea of an ideal destination wedding takes you.

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