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How to Make Your Varmala More Special

The wedding day is the most awaited day for a couple who is deeply in love. For Indian couples, this truly becomes a day of union when they exchange Varmala, or garlands.

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An Indian wedding is made up of different ceremonies before and during the wedding day. These wedding rituals include the Sangeet, Mehendi, Kanyadaan and perhaps the most romantic of all, the Varmala. Also known as Jaimala, the Varmala ritual is considered as officially the first time that the bride and groom meet before the actual wedding ceremony starts. What makes this ritual romantic is the exchange of Mala or the huge flower garland made up of different flowers such as roses, marigolds, carnations and orchids. Flowers signify happiness, beauty and excitement, the important ingredients for a much blessed marriage, all tied in one. The ritual is already romantic and special as it is but in order to make it more special for you and your guests, here are some tips that you can follow:

Grand Entrance

An event is often remembered by its opening ceremony. You can make your wedding day more memorable by making a stunning entrance. A common concept especially during traditional Indian wedding ceremonies is the use of the palki or palanquin wherein the bride rides inside a box carried by men on its four poles. To make the palki more suitable for the Varmala ceremony, you can have a flower canopy in place of the wooden box. Other ideas include fireworks, riding on a hanging palki and many more. You just have to be resourceful and creative.

Think of Fun Themes

If you want to make the entire event more unique instead of just the entrance, then you may have a specific theme for the ceremony. You can either opt for a traditional theme or base it on the whole wedding’s theme or can even create a theme on your own.

Giant Flower Stage

Since flowers are the main object of significance to a Varmala ceremony, why not have it done on a giant flower stage? You can have this especially constructed for your Varmala ceremony. This will make the bride and the groom look like the characters of the fairy tale Thumbelina. Some couples even take this to a higher level by making the flower mechanically open and the bride and groom will be revealed at the centre of the flower as if they were born together out of it. What a cute and magical way to start the wedding!

Flowery Canopy

If you’d rather opt for a simpler Varmala ceremony, you don’t have to sacrifice the magic of the ritual. A simple yet still very romantic way to make the event more special is to decorate your wedding canopy with more flowers. Make sure that the flowers that adorn the canopy are similar to the ones you have in your Varmala garland.

Magic with Music

Music can have a lasting effect on your wedding day celebrations. In order to gain the undivided attention of the guests during the Varmala, have the DJ play the most romantic songs. This way, instead of thinking of other stories, you will get to somehow allow your wedding guests to play with their imaginations about your love story. After all, your wedding day should be all about you and your special someone.