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Make Your Daughter Look like a Little Princes in These Dresses for 12 Year Olds for a Wedding!

Find the right outfits for a preteen can be pretty hard. Save yourself the trauma of bad shopping experiences because we’ve got a list of dresses for 12-year-olds for weddings that you’ve got to check out!

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When you’ve got a close family wedding coming up, life becomes a whirlwind of activity! From sourcing great outfits to helping your family with wedding tasks, the event becomes an all-consuming one. When you are this close to the person getting married, then you must ensure that you look your best at all their functions so that you can express how happy you are for them. The same holds true for your children too.

Though Indian attire for children is quite varied, people do not always know how to find the perfect dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding. We’re here to help you out with the same so that the shopping experience goes as smoothly as possible!

1. Lehengas are always a safe bet!

Image Courtesy: My Desi Wear

Little girls look absolutely adorable in lehengas so this is one of the dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding that you cannot go wrong with. Since you are shopping for a wedding function, pick more luxurious fabrics like silk instead of regular ones. Of course, there’s always the danger of your child spilling someone on the outfit – but 12-year-olds are generally a bit more careful with their clothing than young children are!

When you pick a lehenga for your child, do keep in mind that these dresses for 12-year-old for weddings come in happy, bright colours, which should be the case when shopping for children. Try not to make your children look older than they are – there’s plenty of time for that later!

Make sure that you visit a great Jutti store for shoe options for your child. These traditional Indian shoes are perfect for the wedding season and look good on women of all ages, especially children. A smattering of cute bangles, Bindi, and earrings should help you complete the whole look.

What to avoid?

Do not splurge on these dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding as kids at this age are prone to a lot of growth spurts. What may fit your child today won’t fit her tomorrow. So, no matter how much you may love a piece you’ve seen, if it is too pricey, you can kiss it goodbye!

2. Children look super cute in Punjabi suits!

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Another great option for dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding is a Punjabi suit. This is because a Salwar Kameez is an outfit that your child can run around and play in quite easily. With a non-restrictive garment, you’re bound to see your child having a great time, rather than being fussy and unhappy. Moreover, these garments are very easy to find and you won’t experience a lot of trouble looking for the right outfit for your child.

The silhouette of this garment is such that it easily suits all body types, which is why it is a great option for dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding. When dressing your child in this garment, you can stick with Juttis again as they are the most convenient shoes for young children. You should ideally style their hair in a nice long braid to add to the happy vibe.

Let your child wear an adorable Maang Tikka and Jhumka earrings to complete the look. Every single aunt at the function will be lining up to squeeze your child’s cheeks!

What to avoid?

Avoid a Churidar suit as your child may find it hard to manage with such tight pants. The extra folds of fabric might make bathroom breaks a difficult chore too!

3. Crop top and skirt

Image Courtesy: Minifirgum

A crop top and skirt is a great combination for your child as it has an indo-western vibe. This is one of the dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding that are aligned with the fashion trends that your child probably sees on the television. So, this is definitely a great way to keep her happy with her outfit. You can choose between ethnic Indian patterns and styles or western ones, depending on the outfit that you end up with.

Pair this with funky earrings and let your child wear her hair open. It goes with the look! You can also let your child wear strappy flat shoes to complete the look. However, a pair of Juttis also goes with this look so you can go down this route too.

When your child is getting ready for a big event at this age, she is probably torn between wanting to look older and favouring younger looking designs. Help her pick out the perfect blend of both these worlds when looking for dresses for 12-year-olds for a wedding. When you see her feeling super happy and confident, it’s going to make your day too! It’s a win-win! As finding such outfits may be hard, do start your shopping way ahead of the wedding. The later you leave, the more impatient you’ll be while shopping.

Take your child to a salon for the best hairdo to match her clothes!