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Make the Food Counter Section One of the Highlights of Your Wedding with These Ideas!

Food counters are an important part of any wedding as this is where all guests gravitate to at some point or another. As your guests are most likely to base their enjoyment on the food, it is crucial to take care of what you offer!

Food Inc Catering by Yum Yum Tree

An Indian wedding and food are synonymous with each other. There is no denying the fact that many guests arrive at the wedding to have some great food. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you provide top-notch meals at the wedding. With that in mind, one of the first things you need to keep in mind is the food counter stalls at the wedding. The food stalls should be in harmony with the overall décor of the wedding or you can create a separate vibe just for the food section. Both the options are great. Nonetheless, we have some fun food stall ideas for you. 

When you think of food stalls, it is not just about what food to serve but also about the styling of the stalls. It should reflect the type of food it is serving. If you have a sound budget, you can be as creative as you want.

We have come up with some great ideas to set up your food counter at the wedding. Check them out!

1. Rehri Food Counter

Le Chaat Factory

A Rehri food counter stall is one of the most popular styles in the wedding circuit as of now. It is an excellent option for stalls where you provide popular street food. You can either have it for all the food you serve or just for the street food. The choice is yours! Adding drapes to the four corners and adorning LED lights on the wheels are a few of the many ways to make the stall look even more attractive.

2. Royal Palace wedding counter

The Basil Kitchen

If you are hosting your wedding in a royal style, it is important that you maintain the tonality throughout your décor. This extends to the food counter as well. Create something palatial with extensive ornamentation to give that regal look to the stall. Correspondingly, make sure that the ground staff wear clothes accordingly, preferably with the traditional Indian turban.

3. Food counter with a canopy

Another way of keeping the regal vibe of the wedding going is having a food counter with a gorgeous canopy on top. It is ideal for Hindu Brahmin weddings, as it sticks to the vibe of the wedding in its full glory. You should select the colour of the canopy in such a way that it looks real. The popular options are wood brown, golden with a tinge of brown or even white.

4. Contemporary stalls

The Basil Kitchen

With more and more weddings being held at farmhouses and banquet halls, people are opting for food counters that are contemporary in their looks. The designs make the counters look sleek and stylish, most of them being sing-toned at times. Another addition to this design is the use of cushions on the exterior walls of the food counter, providing a plush look to it.

The number of food counter ideas you can try are endless. Don’t just get wrapped up in the exteriors though! The food you offer is just as important.

What should you discuss with the caterer before setting up the food counter?

Food Inc Catering by Yum Yum Tree

i) The Service

First things first, you should have a discussion about the services you are liable to receive. You have to be very clear about this from the beginning itself to avoid any future confusions.

ii) The server-to-guest ratio

You need to ensure that the server-to-guest ratio does not exceed 1:20. If it does, it will leave many of your guest unattended. Do keep in mind that it's not just about the food counter. The moving ground staff should be equally efficient too.

iii) The raw materials

The source of the ingredients is incredibly crucial to the quality of the food that the caterers provide. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the raw materials used are of the best possible quality.

iv) The different events

One of the most important things to decide beforehand is the number of events you want the caterers to cover. There might be a case when a particular caterer may not be suited for a big event like the wedding itself but would be great for a smaller affair like the Mehndi function. This is a subjective matter so you can think of what best suits your palate.

v) The caterers' speciality

Another thing to ask the caterers is the dishes they specialise in so that you know if you want to make it the star attraction in the buffet service.

vi) The theme

If you want a creative feel to your wedding, then the naming of each food counter is another crucial thing to keep in mind. Giving quirky names to each counter can add an element of fun to the celebrations. Furthermore, from a more traditional point of view, naming the dishes in the right way is also crucial. You should also decide the sequence of the food to be placed on the counter.

Good food is undoubtedly one of the key elements that make a wedding an event for everyone to remember. Therefore, make sure you have everything set up correctly, from the style of the food counter to the variety of food you want to serve at your wedding!

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