Anushree Gavas

Wearing black is a no-no

There’s a lot of confusion surround how appropriate it is to wear black at a wedding. Especially in this day and age, it seems to be completely okay to do that and doesn’t signify gloom or darkness as many naysayers would let us believe. Many people are fighting this myth by donning black especially during evening parties. It works well unless it’s summer and really hot outside.

All questions must be answered by the couple

It can feel like a no-brainer to approach the couple with very query related to the wedding. While it may get tempting to do this, avoid it if you can and look for other ways to get your answer because there are a plethora of options if you think about it. Instead of asking the stressed out bride and groom, call up their best friends or parents or someone else in the loop. Chances are there’ll be details available on the invites as well as possibly a Facebook page or a website. Do a bit of homework and if you still can’t find what you need, it’s fine to ask the couple after you’ve tried other ways to answer your questions.

The couple should pay for accommodation options

This is often not the case especially for destination weddings. It really depends on the couple and the entire package. They may receive a good deal on rooms and help all their guests out with staying options or they may not be able to arrange for everything. Again, it’s a good idea to check with them and even do your research on hotels and budget-appropriate options if you’re not too sure before taking off. Also, in case everyone’s staying together, they can’t be responsible for handling the entire bill so ensure room service and other things are taken into consideration.

You can bring a plus one

Unless it is specifically stated that you can get a date for the wedding, you must not assume that. Getting an invite doesn’t mean it’s safe to ask someone else to come along. The couple may be on a tight budget and really struggling to fit everything in without compromising too much. It’s best to ask once if you want to call someone else for the event. Double-check and make sure the cost is clear before going ahead with the plan.