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Bridal packages at salons

You can invest in a package at a salon you trust and ensure that you get access to some pampering and top-notch treatment. There is an exhaustive list of options – from skin to hair to nails and more. Research a little, ask your friends for recommendations and settle on the one that suits your needs. Remember, you’re allowed a little indulgence; this is your moment to shine!

Do your homework

Make sure you ask around a lot before you hire a makeup artist for your wedding. You’ll want to have several sessions before the event in order to discuss at length what kind of you look you’ll be opting for at each event. Don’t feel intimidated or afraid. You’re allowed to ask questions. Get all your doubts clarified and ask your friends to pitch in with suggestions during trial sessions.

Eat healthy

Your diet will not only help ensure you look and feel your best on your special day; it’ll also keep your stress levels under control. Stick to tried and tested food options in order to ensure that your health is good in the days leading up to the wedding. Avoid snacking to combat stress – you don’t want to get miffed at the dress feeling uncomfortably tight later!

Exercise, maintain a routine

Go for early morning jogs; figure out a workout routine that will help you steal some time for yourself every day. Both your mind and body will benefit from this. Your fiancé(e) can give you company and you can plan a workout schedule together. If conventional exercise bores you, consider enrolling for dance classes and have some fun along the way.

Take care of yourself

It can get a bit too much – from body hair removal to facials to maintain manicured nails. You don’t have to do it all alone. Get your girlfriends to participate in a bleaching session or two! Unwind at the spa together, get a relaxing massage, and choose a nourishing hair treatment plan. Ask an expert for advice and grooming tips at the neighbourhood spa. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself!