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How to Get Enough Sleep Before Your Wedding

You must make sure you get enough rest in the days leading up to your wedding so that you have enough energy for the big day. Here are a few handy tips to help you sleep well:

When you want to look flawless on your big day, putting in efforts to get it is crucial. You have to begin with a strict bridal diet, an exercise regime, a skincare regime and consulting your bridal makeup artist. But what most people generally overlook is the simplest of these things - sleep. Your sleeping cycle has the power to tremendously affect your health, for better or worse. So, use it as a tool to achieve that supple, sun-kissed glow. But while you're busy planning and stressing over a million things regarding your wedding, how to find time to sleep well every night, you might ask. Here are some pointers to help you sail through that storm:

1. Stick to a defined schedule

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As difficult as this may sound, you must make a plan for your sleep hours and follow it religiously. This will help you a lot as you try to navigate through the wedding stress. Try not to give in to temptation over the weekends and stay true to your plan. This will especially help you feel well rested and prepared on your wedding day. You can even coordinate with your partner to make things easier to follow.

2. Go out in the sun

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Make sure you get your dose of sunshine every day. It is said that this helps to regulate your internal clock. Being out and about will do you a world of good in any case and help you sleep better especially when you find yourself struggling on especially stressful or difficult days. 

3. Include workouts in your routine

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Exercising on a daily basis will not only help you look your best on your wedding day but it will also do wonders for your sleep. It’s a known method to combat stress and really helps in improving sleep quality. If you feel up to it, try learning a few basic yoga moves and practice meditation every night before you drift off. It’ll help you relax and drift off with ease.

4. Stay away from coffee


You don’t need to completely give it up if you love your hot cup of coffee in the morning. But try to cut down and stay away from caffeine especially in the evenings. Things like coffee and soda can affect your quality of stuff and making a few simple changes will help you control the adverse effects and ensure you get quality sleep without completely giving up the things you love. 

5. Alcohol isn’t the best idea

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Too much stress and planning may make it tempting for you to reach out for your faithful glass of wine but too many and you’ll find yourself waking up at odd intervals. It’ll also leave you feeling dehydrated and with not enough energy to get through another day. The best things to do is cut back and find other safer options to fall back on if you think you are worrying too much about the wedding.

You might feel that these are not big tasks to do or big things to follow, but let us inform you that these tiny efforts will make a huge difference on your big day. You can follow them religiously and find out the difference for yourself. Or you can hear directly from a real bride who chose to wear no makeup because it worked out so well for her. If you plan to look that gorgeous, you better start investing in the hours you doze off.

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