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10 Habits You Need to Take Up Before Your Wedding

The life that you lead does not pause on your marriage date. Let it flow by forming these great habits now. We guarantee that they would keep you sorted for the occasion and the days beyond it.

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Running out of time in your race to walk down the aisle? Relax. It's not the end of the world. You can balance your life ahead, nurture your relationships and have enough time for yourself, provided you start taking these 10 little steps in the right direction now. Here are the 10 habits you need to take up for a beautiful married life.

For your health:

1. Me time for your physical self

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This is the beginning of how you would go ahead with your life. Take time to compose yourself and the factors that add up to it - fitness, food and a body image.

Start with an exercise routine, that you're comfortable with and can sustain. It could be daily walks, jogs or even mild workouts. Work out a daily bridal diet that works well with your preferences, time routines and stick to it. 

Another thing you must remember is that you don’t want to wait until the last few weeks to start taking care of your skin, hair and more. Make a beauty check-list in advance to make sure you’re covered.

Further, you must feel happy and confident about yourself. You want everything to be a blur of happy memories and not a period of deprivation or extreme workouts. Balance things out and you’ll be able to take it all in.

2. Get Enough Sleep

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There’ll be a lot to accomplish each day. The number of tasks may keep on piling up and you’ll want to get it all over with. Don’t let the stress or pressure get to you. Have a fixed sleep schedule and stick to it – it’ll really help you and improve your efficiency and happiness quotient too.

3. Meditate

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Take out some time every morning to just relax and let your thoughts flow freely. You’ll be tackling major stress and lots of unprecedented issues may show up. Spend a few quiet moments simply being grateful for everything you have and taking a look at how far you’ve managed to come. You’ll manage to improve your concentration and focus a lot better on all your tasks before the wedding. 

Fwith lots of ideas. Everyone who cares about you wants to help you plan your wedding and be a part of the journey.

4. Me time for your interests

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Don't put your life, your interests and hobbies on hold, just because you're getting married. You must spend time pursuing hobbies – don’t give up on something you love doing during this time. It’s okay to not get everything done on a particular day, you do need time for yourself to chase things you love doing. 

Further, this is the time when you evaluate and set routines for the things you've always wanted to do. Make jogging, photography, travel or movies a habit now and it will continue into your married life.

For your relationships:

5. Clear communication:

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This is absolutely crucial for you and your fiancé(e). You must make sure that there is plenty of healthy communication which will help avoid any kind of anger or resentment later. Talk enough, discuss things about the wedding and make sure both of you are on the same page. You’ll also learn how to deal with problems as a team and evolve as a couple.

6. Ask for help:

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You must develop a habit of keeping your close friends and family in the loop. Consciously tell them things about the planning process and seek advice from those you trust. In a way, you’ll be letting things out and come back from it, feeling reassured with lots of ideas. Everyone who cares about you wants to help you plan your wedding and be a part of the journey.

7. Time with friends, family

You're buzzing with the need to do a million things. So is everyone you know in the buildup to the big wedding ceremony. However, don't let this, your imminent wedding bliss and the hectic pace of things drown out or overpower the bonds that you hold dear. Take out time and spend it with your close ones - your soul sisters and real sisters, brothers, parents and friends. Find a scale that you can keep up with - weekly or bi-weekly and religiously, stick to it.

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Also, include time for your partner's family. After all, that's how you would nurture life-long relationships.

8. Couple time

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An ever after romance does not happen on its own. You create one through your courtship period and the life beyond it. How? By taking out time for the two of you to be with each other. Go for dates, (or have them on the couch). Make your own Netflix lists or routines around each other's likes and dislikes. Explore what works for the two of you and keep at it.

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And the arguments or squabbles you may have would add to your story too.

Striking a balance:

9. Time management

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Ladies and gentlemen, life isn't a simple, straightforward road. It requires patience, hard work and time for everything involved in it. Find that time by planning it out in advance and then giving it - to your self, each other, habits, routines, work, family and friends. Leave the couch (unless it's snuggle time) and be proactive.

Further, finish everything on time too.

10. Prioritise your tasks

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Decide what's important for you, for each and every day and accomplish it accordingly. This will keep you mindful of everything you set your heart too, minimalise conflicts and give you the time for the things you want to do.

We hope that you are able to develop these traits for your self as you countdown to your big day. We promise that the time and energy you invest in them now will help you throughout your married life.

Get into the habits today.