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Wedding gifts

9 Gift Item for Marriage Ideas for Your Daughter-In-Law to Help Her on This New Journey of Her Life

Gifts are the perfect embodiment of love and care. They speak what words cannot. If you are seeking gift item for marriage, the below list will help you build a great bond. Cheers to new bonds!

Wedding invitations

Creative Personal Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends to Add a Unique and Custom Touch to Your Wedding Announcement

Your wedding is obviously a big deal to you, but do you know who is more excited about it than you are? Your friends! Make their invitations super special by using these theme ideas for writing personal wedding invitation messages for friends!

Wedding video

Hindu Wedding Videos and the Best Moments That They Capture for Posterity

The Hindu wedding videos you make should capture all the fun and colour we hope to see in an Indian wedding including the customs, games, and so on. The following are a few tips to make that video just perfect.

Wedding gifts

6 Gifts for Husband on Wedding Day Ideas If You Are Looking to Splurge on Your Husband-To-Be

A gift is a great way to show someone you care, mainly because it’s a way of showing how well you know them. Try these 6 ideas for gifts for husband on wedding day to show your hubby how important he is to you!

Wedding decoration

5 Wedding Background Images Ideas to Help You Capture the Most Beautiful Images Ever!

To make a wedding picture look great, a few factors come into play and a good background is one of the most important factors you need to count. Go through these wedding background images to get an idea on how to make the most of it.

Wedding gifts

7 Birthday Gifts for Mother in Law That Will Reflect You Immensely Love & Genuinely Care for Her

Planning a birthday gift for your mother in law? Pamper her with these amazing gifts for mother in law and let her know how much you love her to the moon and back.

Wedding invitations

15 Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends Ideas to Frame Your Invite in the Best Way Possible

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. If you're lucky to have such precious clovers in your life, invite them to your wedding with some special messages.

Wedding gifts

Plan a Surprise by Presenting a Gift for Husband on Wedding Day with These Options

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to surprise your husband with a gift on your wedding day? Our suggestions on the gift for husband on wedding day, based on personality traits of men, will help you find the one for your Mr Husband!

Wedding invitations

34 Super Cool Laser Cutting Designs to Consider This Wedding Season for Invitation, Decor and Gifting!

Laser cutting designs have a really distinct look and make great design elements for invitation cards, décor and even gifting solutions. Check out this list of 34 great ideas!

Wedding gifts

Choosing Gifts for a Newly Married Couple Made Easy with These Hits and Misses

Choosing gifts for a newly married couple is a challenge that we can help you ace like a pro, quite easily! So if you have a friend’s wedding coming up and want to gift them something that they will love and not toss, read on.

Wedding photography

Photographer Explains the Art of Framing and How You Can Get Cool Wedding Photo Frames While Capturing Images!

Photography is a huge part of making a wedding successful and having stunning pictures clicked is the only way to go about it. A wedding photo frame is what completes that picture and here are some cool ideas for you to include in your wedding album....

Wedding invitations

Looking for a Great Wedding Invitation Design? Be a Bit Artistic like These Excellent Options!

Make sure to choose a wedding invitation design that gives the guests an inkling about the wedding they are going to attend. Go with simple wedding cards, but with a touch of art and class in them for great aesthetics!

Wedding gifts

Marriage Gifts List That Will Help You Organise Your Wedding Presents Properly

It is very distressing to lose track of your wedding gifts and who gave you what. Since you are the centre of attention, you cannot be expected to do something about this. Here is how you can use marriage gifts list to keep a check.

Wedding transportation

Pre-Plan Your Trip with the Best Services of Car Hire in Bangalore to Avoid Last Minute Chaos

Bangalore, as we all know, has crazy distances that make travelling around the city a big problem. Have a wedding at hand and haven’t figured out the transportation yet? Look at the best services of car hire in Bangalore to pre-plan your trip better....

Wedding music

Rock Your Mehndi Dance By Checking These 5 Essential Event Details Before You Hit The Floor

It's your most awaited Mehndi dance night and you want it to be just perfect! The moves, the outfits, makeup, hairstyles and interesting ideas to include all your loved ones in your special event. Read on to know in details to ace your Mehndi!

Wedding decoration

21 Wedding Decoration Images to Feast Your Eyes on - Bride-To-Be Take Notes

Whether you are planning your wedding or are a fan of the big fat Indian wedding, we bring to you some of the best wedding decoration images that have caught our fancy. Scroll on for some #decorgoals!