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With original ideas and proposals, we'll help you make your event a one-of-a-kind! Remember, it's the meticulous details that turn a common wedding into a unique event.

Wedding music

8 Most Heartfelt Wedding Dance Videos that are Worth Recreating

Dancing has become an enthralling wedding tradition that brings joy to the couple and gives guests a chance to let themselves loose. Here are some videos that show how to create magic on stage!

Wedding invitations

15 Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends Which Are Romantic, Funny and One of a Kind

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better. Here is a listicle of wedding invitation quotes for friends to make it just a little personal.

Wedding video

6 Ideas for Creating Kerala Wedding Videos for Your Own Ceremony

Kerala weddings are synonymous with grace and tranquillity but they are also full of passion. Here's how couples are creating spell-binding Kerala wedding videos!

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Check out These 6 Wedding Car Hire Services Before You Finalise Your Wedding Transportation Company

Looking for a good wedding car hire service agency? We've got you covered. This is a rundown of some premium vendors and also, read on to see what other things should you consider before selecting your vendor.

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Take Inspiration from These Backdrop Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding Stage

Backdrop decoration is very important when it comes to your big day. We share with you some of our favourite ideas.

Wedding music

Dhol Beats from 6 Parts of the Country You Can Use to Amp up Your Wedding

Create an entirely new vibe to your wedding with the lesser known dances using Dhol beats. Some states of India have very rhythmic, energetic and vigorous dances to Dhol beats that can equally express your joy.

Wedding music

Check out These Cool Ways to Make Your Sangeet Dance Video Totally Epic

Dhamakedar music, great dance performances, and lots of memories are the ingredients that make for a fun Sangeet night. Read on to see how you can make your sangeet dance video a big hit.

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Use These Fun and Creative Surprise Ideas for Husband to Breathe Romance into Your Marriage

Looking for some fun and creative ways to surprise your husband? We have got you covered with these creative ideas that will make him jump with joy.

Wedding decoration

7 Tips to Make Your Simple Flower Decoration Pop on the Big Day

Even the simplest looking flower decoration can add the right amount of jazz and freshness to your wedding. Learn how to do that right with these tips.

Wedding decoration

7 Pink Colour Combination Photos for Wedding Decor That Are Picaresque, Dreamy and Totally Eye Catchy

Always wanted a pink colour combination wedding? Look at these photos and design your own wedding and related ceremonies using a pink colour theme. Look no more and start bookmarking these images for some quick inspiration now!

Wedding decoration

15 Wedding Decoration Items That Will Turn Your Big Day into the Grand Affair You Deserve

Turn your wedding decor into a piece of art by installing these scenic and useful wedding decoration items in your festivities. Read on to take a look.

Wedding decoration

10 Blue Colour Combination Photos That Put the Wow in Weddings and Magic in Magical

If you are on a hunt for some quick inspiration for your wedding decor, then read this blue colour combination listicle of ideas that put the magic in magical! Beautiful, lovely and completely breathtaking, these photos are a breath of fresh air!

Wedding music

This Is How You Can Make Your Ladies Sangeet Dance Totally One of a Kind

Planning a Sangeet night for your wedding? Put on a good show by reading ahead on how you can make your Sangeet night a hit.

Wedding decoration

7 Flower Decoration Ideas That Give Your Wedding a Touch of Nature to Liven It Up

Don't get fooled into thinking that you have to spend a fortune on flowers in order to create a magnificent effect through your wedding decor. Here are some awe-inspiring flower decoration ideas that prove the fact.

Wedding decoration

12 Marriage Home Decoration Elements that Can Make All the Difference

Not just the bride or the groom, even the Shaadi Wala Ghar needs to do its part and doll up during the wedding festivities. Read on and get inspired!

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6 Sources For Wedding Cards in Delhi For Quirky, Personal Invites

Choosing a standard style for your wedding cards in Delhi is so passe! Pick your own designs and customise the cards at these special invitation stores.