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Wedding Card Wishes Alert! Show the Bride and Groom How Much You Love Them by Crafting Great Wedding Wishes!

Crafting the perfect wedding card wishes can be challenging, especially when you are more of an acquaintance than a close friend! Read this article to find out how you can write best wishes, no matter whose wedding you go to!

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Beginner's Guide on How to Get the Best Kerala Muslim Wedding Videos Made for Their Own!

Check out the freshest Kerala Muslim wedding videos as we list down pointers for you to help visualise, along with your videographer, how the wedding video movie should turn out to look like.

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Wedding Anniversary Pictures Alert! Celebrate Your Journey Together with These Great Pictures Ideas!

Completing yet another year with your partner? Make sure you capture all your happiness by taking great wedding anniversary pictures! We’ve got a few ideas for you to try! Keep reading!

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Want to Show off Your Design Skills? Use These Online Wedding Invitation Card Makers to Invite People to Your Wedding!

If you’re getting married soon, you’ve probably been meticulously crossing off one chore after another. Let us help you with an important one! Use these online wedding invitation card makers to invite people to your wedding!

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8 Indian Marriage Car Decoration Inspo for You to Style Your Own Ride for the D-Day

Spruce up your ride for the big day. Here are some spectacular Indian marriage car decoration images for you to take inspiration from.

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Emotional Wedding Day Quotes from the Bride for Her Father, Mother, Sibling & Husband to Be

Your special life with your family is about to come full circle soon as you are days away from tying the knot. Use these wedding day quotes as a parting day gift to your family, write an ode to a life well lived & seal the moment in the sands of time...

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7 Stunning Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Photos for Every Type of Couple out There

Do you want your wedding stage decoration to look out-of-the-world beautiful but your decorator is suggesting ideas you've already seen at other weddings? Here is a gallery of Indian wedding stage decoration photos for you to take inspiration from.

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The Best Wedding Video Maker Apps For All You Millennial Couples Out There

Getting married soon but want to follow a strict budget? Well, we know one thing you can do to stay within budget and still have a dream wedding - use a wedding video maker app to save the videographer's fee! Here's all you need to know.

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These Red Theme Decor Ideas Would Look Beautiful for the Wedding Day

The decor of your wedding venue is a big thing. It sets the tone of the whole event. What better way to depict your love than to go for a red theme decor on your big day. It looks classy, elegant and romantic. Here are some ideas to choose from.

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Wedding Invitation in English: 5 Bollywood Songs Which Make for the Perfect Juice to Spice up Your Wedding Invites

Kabhi Toh Kisi Ki Dulhaniya Banogi...Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? Well, if you want your wedding invitation in English to have some much-needed desi Bollywood drama, then read on. From Mujhse Shaadi Karogi to Mehndi Laga Rakhna we've got em all for you!

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10 Indian Wedding Invitation Message Templates for the Parents of the Bride/Groom, Their Siblings & the Couples

Why print when you can send your wedding invite via WhatsApp? Design your Indian wedding invitation message& share it through WhatsApp & say bye-bye to Cardwallahs! From emotional to unique to some out-of-the-box templates, we have featured them all!...

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3 How to Make Flower Rangoli Steps To Guide You Through To A Great Decor Addition To Your Home

Want to add a touch of sheer beauty to your Shaadi Wala Ghar with all things natural? Well, all you need to do is learn how to make flower rangoli and that will take care of that. Here is a tutorial on how to flower rangoli with a few tips.

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Psyched About Your Brother’s Wedding? Make Your Own Awesome ‘Brother Marriage Invitations’ to Call Your Friends!

When your brothers get married, you’re going to have a lot of fun with all your friends celebrating this momentous occasion! Invite everyone close to you by using these brother marriage invitation ideas!

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Need Some Marriage Hall Design Inspiration? Check out These 5 Themes We’ve Curated Just for You!

Your wedding décor speaks volumes about who you are and what you like. So, do not rely on the marriage hall design that remains static with a venue. Customise it and bring your own design elements to the fore!

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23 Short Wedding Wishes to Bring a Smile to Your Friend's Face as He/She Ties the Knot!

Headed to your best friend's wedding? Congratulate them with a beautiful gift and a thoughtful gesture. Read these short wedding wishes which will make their heart melt and bring a smile to their face!

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Make it Beautiful! Here Are The Best Decoration Themes To Inspire 2019 Weddings

The first thing that makes a wedding look like a joyous occasion is the decor of the functions. Since we know the importance of the set-up of a wedding, we have put together some of the best wedding decoration themes for 2019.