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Wedding decoration

10 Blue Colour Combination Photos That Put the 'Wow' in Weddings and 'Magic' in Magical

If you are on a hunt for some quick inspiration for your wedding decor, then read this blue colour combination listicle of ideas that put the 'magic' in magical! Beautiful, lovely and completely breathtaking, these photos are a breath of fresh air!

Wedding music

This Is How You Can Make Your Ladies Sangeet Dance Totally One of a Kind

Planning a Sangeet night for your wedding? Put on a good show by reading ahead on how you can make your Sangeet night a hit.

Wedding decoration

7 Flower Decoration Ideas That Give Your Wedding a Touch of Nature to Liven It Up

Don't get fooled into thinking that you have to spend a fortune on flowers in order to create a magnificent effect through your wedding decor. Here are some awe-inspiring flower decoration ideas that prove the fact.

Wedding decoration

12 Marriage Home Decoration Elements that Can Make All the Difference

Not just the bride or the groom, even the Shaadi Wala Ghar needs to do its part and doll up during the wedding festivities. Read on and get inspired!

Wedding invitations

6 Sources For Wedding Cards in Delhi For Quirky, Personal Invites

Choosing a standard style for your wedding cards in Delhi is so passe! Pick your own designs and customise the cards at these special invitation stores.

Wedding decoration

7 Stunning Flower Wall Decor Styles That Raise the Bar for Wedding Decoration

Do you want to make all your wedding stage pictures stand out but with a simple decor installation? Flower wall decor is the answer you seek. Read on to know how it will be perfect for your wedding ceremonies.

Wedding gifts

Gift With Care: 5 Return Gift Ideas That Show You Care To All Your Special Guests

Show your gratitude to your wedding guests with return gifts. Here are some return gift ideas that'll surely please your friends and family.

Wedding decoration

7 Awesome DIY Haldi Decoration Ideas That Are Easy on the Pocket and Eco-Friendly

Are you planning to try your hands in decorating your Haldi event all by yourself? We have some super swanky Haldi decoration ideas for you that are simple, economical and would totally up your decor game!

Wedding invitations

4 Effective and Smart Ways to Choose Perfect Christian Wedding Card Matter - Modern and Traditional

When it comes to wedding card invitation matter, there are two ways to go; The good old traditional way and the trendy contemporary way. Depending on the recipient, let us give you some smart tips on framing the ideal Christian invitation creatively....

Wedding gifts

8 Traditional Hindu Wedding Gift Ideas with a Millennial Spin for This Wedding Season

They say, “The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.” When attending a millennial Hindu wedding, stay away from jaded Hindu wedding gift ideas and opt for some useful ones that the couple would cherish for life.

Wedding decoration

9 Indian Marriage Light Decoration Ideas That Will Breathe Romance in Your Wedding Decor

From candles and string lights to lanterns, we bring to you some interesting ideas on how gorgeous marriage light decoration ideas can be.

Wedding photography

A-Z of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Poses Every Couple Must Look at Before Getting Married

If you are getting married soon and want to get a gorgeous pre-wedding photoshoot done, then well, here are some basics that you will want to keep in mind while picking your pre-wedding photoshoot poses.

Wedding invitations

How to Write Your Wedding Invitation Message in English in a Fool-Proof Way

Thinking about what all to put in your invitation card. Let us help you out with writing the wedding invitation message in English.

Wedding invitations

13 Meaningful Urdu, Hindi & English Wedding Quotes and Sayings You Must Include in Your Wedding Invitation

Tum Chandani Ho Meri Mai Andheri Raat Ru! Shayari & Romance are inseparable. These wedding quotes and sayings are a mix of Urdu, Hindi & English & will make you fall in love all over again. Add them in your card matter while penning your invites now

Wedding decoration

7 Spectacular Engagement Themes for an Inspiring Event and Tips on How to Get Them Right

Themes are quite “In” whenever it comes to any wedding event. You’ve read all about the exciting Indian wedding themes so far. So, how about we give you some fresh ideas on engagement themes this time. Intrigued? Keep reading!

Wedding decoration

Plates for Marriage Decoration - the Versatile Item to Add a Special Touch to Your Ceremonies!

Plates - the versatile item to customize and add a special touch for your ceremonies! Look at these plate decoration for marriage and get inspired now!