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Skincare tips for men for that Christmas Date

Going to ask her out for a Christmas Date? Before that spruce up yourself for that Christmas glow with this skin care regimen! Read Now

Gone are the days when being unkempt was considered as a sign of manliness, keeping oodles of hair on chest and arms was also normal!  However, now these messy looks are considered abrupt as men are also expected to carry themselves in an immaculate way. Earlier we used to find beauty inspiration for women only - however, now we understand that even males need to keep themselves in a prim and proper stature. Yes, that's why here we bring forth skin care regimen for men for that Christmas glow. 

Image Credits - Harshit Singh

Males also need to maintain themselves for that confidence and for that only moisturising is not enough. There is plethora of other things to do too. Here are some skincare tips for men that will help them to be confident whilst proposing on the eve of Christmas to the love of their lives. 

Detoxing Your Skin with Exfoliation

Image Credits - Tarun Molri

Before prepping up yourself with a new skincare regimen for that date glow, it is important to prepare your skin. It is important to detox those impurities before starting with a new routine.  This is only possible through detoxing your skin with exfoliation. Exfoliation  is an act of removing dead cells from your facial skin with the help of exfoliator. The process proffer you with a healthier and finer looking skin. Men can greatly benefit by exfoliation which helps in softening and toning your skin, along with removing impurities inside the pores of skin.  The exfoliation products can repair your skin by rejuvenating your skin cells and eventually helps you to have a spot free clear skin.

Oiling is Not only for Women

Image Credits - Yash Shrivastava

We have always heard body oiling and its positive effects. However, do you know oil is important for our skin too. The benefits of body oil and face oil are surprising and miraculous. However, most of the populace believe that oil makes your skin feel sticky but you will be startle to know that face oils can work wonders on any number of skin care woes, and transform skin from dull, dry, flaky to dazzling and healthy. Face oils can be applied either in the morning or before sleeping, or can even be used as a spot treatment to refrain from dark spots and dryness. These face oils are majorly curated with  natural ingredients to help keep your skin balanced. If you apply it before sleeping then you will notice a glow in the morning.  So are you ready with that Christmas glow? She will be definitely swooned to see your skin happy and glowing.  For face oils and body oils you can check brands like Bodyshop, Bio Oil, Mcaffeine etc. 

Adhere to the old yet gold CTM routine 

Image Credits - Maan Singh

As you know that CTM means Cleansing. Toning. Moisturising. These steps aren’t just the three vital steps to ensuring glowing, fresh and youthful skin; these are the basic skin hygiene regimen too. Men think it is only required by women, but that's wrong, men need equal skin care as women.  People know about cleaning, toning, and moisturising (or C-T-M, as these are called in short) but they are not regular about it or tend to skip one step or two. Missing the order might not give you the desired Christmas skin glow. Last but not the least; you need to do C-T-M twice a day – once in morning, once before bedtime for quicker results. 

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Don't ignore the sunscreen even at home

Image Credits - Sayan Bakshi

Covid-19 has made us to sit at home and thereby we have stopped caring for our skin. We have stopped applying skincare creams and sunscreen lotions. However, applying sunscreen on the daily basis, whether you plan to be outdoors or not. Your skin will thank you for it down the line. The sunscreen lotions helps to protect the skin from harmful particles in the air. These particles can be found at home too. Essential proteins in the skin like keratin are protected when sunscreen is applied. These proteins are primarily responsible for keeping the skin smooth, gleeful and healthy.

Incase You Need A Scar/Bruise Lightning Cream

Image Credits - Faisal Khan

Scars, bruise lightening creams start showing the result after 10 -15 days of the application. So if you have a visible scar on the face make sure you apply scar diminishing cream 10 days prior to your Christmas date day. Creams like Brickell Men's Clearing Scar cream have natural and organic ingredients in it. These creams will help in case of pigmentation too. These scar creams are generally used twice a day on a clean, dry scar that has been cleansed. Gently rub a nickel sized amount onto the scar, by being careful so that the cream does not  tug the skin or scar.

Hope these skin care tips will be useful for that hot and sizzling date glow! However, looks doesn't matter when it comes to love but a quality skin will give a boost to your confidence and can elevate your persona. So are you ready to look dapper on your Christmas date?