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9 Hair Care Tips Every Groom Must Include in His Routine Grooming Session

Slay your wedding photos with dapper hair. Follow these hair care tips to manage your mane this wedding season.

Bhawna Goel
Bhawna Goel

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Why Jump into the grooming arena and get the picture perfect hair for your wedding. Why do we always expect the bride to have flawless hair and skin? Step up your game and take a leap from the usual haircuts and shaves to special hair care before your wedding and enter your wedding with luxuriant and sleek hair. Follow these hair care tips and steal the show with your dapper hair

Essential Hair Care Tips for Grooms

1. Using the right shampoo

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The first thing that comes to mind when looking for hair care tips is what shampoo to choose. Using a hair product over a period of time can either build up your hair or mess it up really bad. Using the right shampoo according to your hair and the problems you want to tackle is very essential.

If you aren't sure which shampoo to opt for, using a clarifying shampoo is your safest bet.

2. Wash once, don't repeat

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Do not let the shampoo ads fool you when they tell you that you should wash your hair then rinse and repeat again. Washing your hair once with the right shampoo is absolutely sufficient.

How many times you wash your hair in a week totally comes down to personal preference, but we would recommend that washing your twice or thrice a week is okay. This will ensure good health and limit oil build up on your scalp.

3. Conditioning

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Generally, most men forget to include a conditioner in their hair care regime. Conditioning your hair after shampooing is an important step and shouldn't be forgotten. Conditioning ensures that you don't lose too many essential oils after you shampoo your hair and helps lock in moisture.

If you do not know which conditioner to go for, opt for an egg moisturiser. an egg conditioner is loaded with proteins and minerals that with make your hair healthy and silky.

4. Choosing the right hairstyle

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You find a cool picture with a great hairstyle on Instagram and show it to your hair stylist. The stylist tries to give justice to the hairstyle to her best abilities but it doesn't turn out like the way you wanted it to. We understand you want to keep up with the trends but in the end, we have to accept that not all of us are blessed with hair like Ranveer Singh.

Talk to your stylist and choose the hairstyle that suits your face shape and hair the best way.

5. Hair Spa

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Many men seem to forego the fact that hair spa has many benefits and can do wonders in changing your hair game. There are hair spas available that target many specific issues like you can get a hair spa done to tackle with your dandruff problems or for your hair fall. In addition, it gives your hair the necessary nourishment.

6. Use a handkerchief

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If you wear a helmet daily, you should tie a handkerchief or a piece of cloth on your hair before putting it on. This helps in protecting your hair from all the sweat and dirt that has been collected in the helmet and keeps your hair protected and healthy.

7. Hair Colour

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The first suggestion that comes up when you ask for hair care tips is to cover up grey hair. If you have grey hair, you might want to cover them up before your wedding day arrives. You can get your hair coloured to add style to your overall attire as well. But, be sure to get it done from a trusted hairdresser and good hair products.

8. Beard and Mooch care

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Beard and moustache grooming are an important element when it comes to hair care tips. If you're planning to sport a beard and moustache for your wedding functions, taking care of them is essential. You can use beard oil and beard creams to do the same. Washing your beard and moustache regularly may get rid of dirt for you but it also washes off essential oils. So you can use beard oil on your beard as well as the moustache. Put on some oil on your beard and moustache after you get out of the shower.

9. Use the right tools

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An essential thing that we seem to omit from hair care tips is using right the tools for your hair. For further care for your hair, use the right tools. Do not comb your wet hair with a  fine tooth comb instead, use a wide tooth comb or simply use your fingers. Use heat protector or a pre-styling spray if you use a blow dryer often. Many men think of it as a fancy product that only women use but, this is as important as the blow drying part.

Hair is the reflection of one's personality and lifestyle so don't hold back when it comes to hair care. These nine hair care tips will surely change your hair care game and you'll have picture perfect hair for your wedding functions. Steal the limelight with your perfect mane this wedding season and become #hairgoals for your friends and family. Follow these grooming tips and you'll be sorted.

Incorporate these tips in your daily routine and see your hair become healthier than ever. Do not forget to share your results with us in the comment section below...