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Here Are the 10 Signs He Is Proposing This Christmas

Wondering if your guy is ready to pop the question of forever this Christmas? Here’s a list of 10 proposal clues which will help you to pick the way of love with ease. Read to know more!

Gaurav Gupta

Proposals are one of the most romantic surprises a girl can ever get from her prince charming. During our childhood, we used to create our fairytale and romanticise in our imaginary world. Girls, are we right or are we right? The feeling of getting a crown of love from your significant other is just out of the world. Now that the circle of love is revolving around our heart, the sense of popping the question of FOREVER is ruling over our head. Do you have a suspicion your partner has marriage on his mind? Are you filled with lots of little signs that your partner has been giving? Well, you got to pay attention darling! All these little signs can turn into a lifetime bliss.

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If you are in deep love and faith, pay close attention to his actions and words and try to figure out if he is planning to take the relationship forward. Does your partner like to grab your favourite food and jams on the mutual playlist? Ladies, he is the one! If your man is planning to brighten the bond of forever and is ready for marriage, it’s a big deal. A guy who is in love will always fetch for special occasions to express his feelings. Christmas is the festival of new beginnings and this year he might be thinking of proposing to you!  Get ready to seize the ‘Diamond Da Challa’ but before you need to catch the proposal vibe by sensing his actions and doings. 

This Christmas, get ready to sniff the most imperative plans of your partner, here are 10 super captivating and generic signs he is planning to move forward in life. Scroll and gear up for a super lovely proposal!

Talks About Future

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Guys usually live in the moment when it comes to holding up to commitments and decisions. From being least interested in future talks to jumping into future decisions, have you observed this shift in your partner? That’s a sign, sweetie! You may be taken by surprise that your partner is darting on major family questions like where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? What do you think about grand weddings? How many children do you wish to have? Such questions are a sign that he is planning to spend the rest of his life with you. Pluck the petal of love while you prepare yourself for your future. 

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Gets Close To Family and Friends

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This is one of the easiest and essential signs which will help you judge the situation better. Friends and family are closest to us and know all about our highs and lows. Therefore, your partner spending most of his time with your loved ones can be a major sign that he is going to pop the question of ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’. What do you need to do? Dig deep into his daily routine and be all ready to ride in the slide of love this Christmas! 

Planning an Intimate Vacation

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Do you love going on solo vacations and cherish having the time of your life with your favourite person? Well, he might catch the sign and crack the proposal on a hilltop. If he is penning down all the nitty-gritty details about your preferred travel locations and is more excited than you then this intimate vacation is going to be the best travel of your life. After all, what’s better than commencing the new beginnings with thrill and excitement? 

Taking Care of His Styling 

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We girls love everything about fashion and want the same with our partners.  If you are that girlfriend who nudges their partner with some major styling tips then this proposal sign can help you elevate the situation better. If he is coping well with his grooming sessions and taking care of his styling then he is onto better plans. Girls, keep your eyes wide open while you sniff the sign with confidence. ‘Style Me Rehne Ka’ can be his next plan to make you his life partner! 

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When All He Wants Is You

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Love is a wheel of emotions which spins your head round with affection and compassion. This emotion elevates when the person expresses the feeling of forever to you. Are you sensing some change in your partner these days? Does he love talking about you and takes your suggestions on everything? It’s a sign! This feeling of being loved day and night can be a bit overwhelming. Level up your detective game as he is going to propose to you on Christmas! 

Talks About Your Likings and Preferences

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When a man is ready to grab his hands on the engagement ring, he will make sure to set the bar of beauty to the next level. If he starts asking about your favourite gemstone or digs deep in your jewellery picks, this is relatively a clear sign that he is ready to slide in the wedding vibe. What do you need to do? Be clear with your suggestions and answer as he is turning mountains to make you feel happy. Ride along until you pick the forever ride with fervour! 

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He Is Overprotective 

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Does your man love to guard you in every situation? Or does his overprotective nature has gone overboard? If your partner loves to keep you at the top of the velvet way, then he is planning to share his future with you. Before you tell him to hike down a bit, think about his plan. He is all pumped to call you his wifey and grabbing all the ways to keep you safe and secure. Christmas is the festival of positive vibes, switch on your wifey mode while you press the button of new beginnings.

He Is On A Saving Mode

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If your partner has been on a saving mode lately, this indicates he is planning something big for the future. Hold on, while and take a note of his actions while he books the best wedding ring for you. Therefore if your man starts being tight-fisted, calm down as he could be planning something big this Christmas. 

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Going Gaga Over Babies

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Love revolves around a lot of things, but two things which prick the bar of usual are marriage and babies. If your partner is too much inclined towards family planning, then he is planning to step into a big picture. This sign can change your life with tonnes of questions. If you both are crazy for kids and wish to have a family in future, then he is certainly going to commence the new beginnings on Christmas. 

Splurging Love On Social Media

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If your partner is the kind of person who keeps his personal life in a shell but swiftly started showering his love on social media, it’s a sign! Sharing your love life on Instagram, Facebook or any social media platform can be overwhelming. If your cupid is sharing his pretty princess’s pictures topped with  ‘Love-Dovey’ captions, he is ready to change his status virtually and in real life as well. 

The butterflies are real, isn’t it? Proposal signs are legitimate to guess as it helps you to plan for a better future and upcoming. Christmas is around the corner and if you have been spying on the actions of your better half then he is ready to break the walls of new beginnings with glee! 

Have you experienced any proposal sign from him yet? Let us know in the comments mentioned below!