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7 Holiday and New Year's Eve Marriage Proposal Ideas

This is the perfect time of the year when you can pop the question, but when and how? Let us help you with the best Holiday and New Year's Eve Marriage Proposal Ideas here.

Winter holiday season is a much awaited time of the year! A time when you will witness family get-togethers, romantic chilly moonlight dinners, cosy sunshine brunches, nip in the air and foggy romantic panorama and what not. Yes, during this time of the year the temperature dips down but the cherry spirit rises high!

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The environ is romantic and snuggle-worthy and that is why this a perfect time to pop the question to your childhood mate, first sight crush, tinder companion or to the one whom you constantly stalk on the internet! This year was hard for everyone, now let us beckon the positive vibes as you go down on your knees to propose the love of your life! So here goes some cute proposal ideas to steal his/her heart for life! We are sure, you will find it romantic, unforgettable, and delightful.

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Startle her with a public proposal 

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Woo her by kneeling down on one knee and ask her out amid the large crowd gathered around you both. The location of the proposal can be in a mall festooned with Christmas and New Year decorations or perhaps in a large flee market/exotic resort.  Let her know that you have the audacity to take risks in life. She will be allured to see that you are bold enough to take a “No” even in the public.  She may get attracted to see your daring gesture. This attempt will let her know that you will support her even amid the crowd.  Whilst you kneel down, you can ask her out with a pla card or perhaps ask it loudly - “Will You Marry Me”.  Else, take help of your friends who can hold “Marry Me" balloons for you.  Notice how her heart melts with the pleasing gesture. 

Propose her in front of her parents 

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If you think she refrains from public display of affection and flirting gestures, then you can humbly call her parents and take a permission to meet them at their home. Now humbly profess your seriousness towards their daughter. Once they are convinced, it will be easy for you to openly propose her in front of them. Due to the holiday cheer, her parents must be a cheery spirit, so pop the question and make most out of this festive spirit. 

Drive away to a mesmerising location

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If your girlfriend is adventurous and loves venturing out often, then proposing while you both are out for a long drive will never be a bad idea. All you can do is pick her up from her home and drive away to an exotic place. While driving amid the serene environ and panoramic views you can sing out her heart to her. Further, you can reach a faraway delightful place - and then kneel whist she gets surprised to see the mesmerising environments and of course your enticing gesture. Take this setting as a chance to pop up the question and sway her with your fantabulous proposal idea. 

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Coffee-Shop Proposal 


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Some girls are coffeeholics - they breathe, eat, drink and live on coffee. These ladies prefer having one-o-one serious conversations in a coffee shop. So, if your crush is an ardent coffee enthusiast then profess your love in a premium coffee shop. Ask her out whilst handing her a heart shaped frothed coffee. She will be happy to know your deep feeling in a one-o-one conversation with her. You can spend ample of time amid the warm coffee shop ambience and exotic coffee-ish fragrance. Moreover, no one will be there to disturb you in a coffee shop when you talk about love and life.

Take her for a romantic horse ride  

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White Frog Productions

If your girlfriend is a horse lover by nature, then take her for a ride in a horse farm.  Make her revel amid the horses around and in meantime you prepare a set-up akin to this. She will be happy to see your proposal written on a board, hanged on her favourite horse.

Secret Santa Proposal

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Cladding in the disguise of Secret Santa will be fun proposal idea. It can be taken on a lighter note. All you can do is, carry gifts for her and whilst handing her gifts – slip ring on her fingers.  She will be startled in the beginning however it will turn out to be a fun proposal in the end.  

A perfect new year set-up in your terrace/patio

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Arrange a romantic setup in your terrace/patio and invite her few hours before you call all your friends.  Then pop the question whilst you both savor the red wine. If she says "yes" then celebrate it with you friends who will join the party later on. This is the best time of the year when you can propose your girlfriend. Say it loud, say it softly but say it all from your heart.  Use props, placards, lights, balloons to make the proposal set-up cuter and worth remembering.  Try to make the location enchanting and whimsical for that dreamy look. Make a setup that she always remembers.

Aren’t these proposals cute? Do let us know which proposal idea worked for you. In case if you have more ideas then do share your ideas in the comment box below.