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Super Fun Shoe Game Questions to Ask Your Partner!

Get your guests in the party mood and make your pre-wedding celebrations more entertaining and exciting with our list of shoe game questions. Let the fun begin!

Shoe Game Questions

Weddings are all about fun and festivities blended well with traditions, rituals, beautiful ceremonies and blessings from your families. The merriment and happy moments spent with your loved ones are transformed into loving memories that you can cherish throughout life. Did you know your dream wedding can be made all the more exuberant and unforgettable if you added some wedding game ideas to the itinerary?

The concept of a shoe game is directly inspired by and derived from western wedding celebrations and believe it or not, the game is very much in trend these days in India too. While the couple answers amusing questions about each other, it can be rather enjoyable for all the wedding guests too who are cheering and hooting, as they watch the couple unravel fun secrets and facts about each other while being impressively competitive! 

Want to amp up the quirk quotient at your wedding ceremonies? An exciting round of show game questions can be your perfect solution. Let's dive in to know all that we can about the show game - the kind of questions, the rules and of course, how to win it with flying colours. May the shoes be ever in your favour!

Rules to Play the Game

Shoe Game Questions

Shoe game questions have become a popular part of wedding games that many millennials are choosing for their festivities. It will not only be an exciting activity to add to your pre-wedding ceremonies but will also become a beautiful memory to cherish and laugh at years down the line. While you are planning your list for shoe game questions, it's not necessary that the game has to be played with shoes. Some couples have opted for placards with His or Her written on them or even ones with their faces on them! If you are planning to organise a shoe game at your wedding, there are a few things you need to consider that will help you understand it better.

How Does the Shoe Game Work?

Shoe Game Questions

  • Two chairs are placed back to back while the couple is seated facing away from each other so that they can't look at each other directly while answering a question - no scope of cheating!
  • The couple has to exchange one shoe from each other’s pairs of footwear so that they are each holding a bridal shoe in one hand and the groom's in another.
  • The host starts asking a series of questions to which the couple can only answer by raising a shoe. If the answer is bride, then you can raise the bride's shoe and vice versa.
  • The audience's reaction can also be roped in when the host asks comments from the family members or friends to share their opinion on the couple's answer. The easiest way to include the guests is to give them the placards of the bride and groom’s face/name. 
  • Your shoe game questions should ideally last 10-15 minutes to engross all the guests and keep them entertained. Asking 60-70 questions in one go can make the game lose its charm and become boring instead. 

Who Asks Shoe Game Questions?

Shoe Game Questions

Choosing the right person to lead your shoe game and ask the questions, is very important. The right host will not only make the game more entertaining and intriguing but also keep up the energetic interactions with the audience. To add the right bit of quirkiness and flavour to your wedding festivities, you should pick a people person who is comfortable on stage and can ensure everyone else is having a good time. You can pick a professional Emcee or someone from your friends or family too.

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When Is the Best Time to Play the Shoe Game?

Shoe Game Questions

The perfect time to roll out the ball for your shoe game questions is at your pre-wedding functions. Be it your Roka ceremony or your Mehendi or sangeet night, the shoe game will be a crowd-pleaser. As you will be busy attending the rituals and guests on your wedding day, pre-wedding ceremonies make for a perfect time to play the shoe game and bask in the warmth of the love and blessings of your dear ones all around. Your pre-wedding festivities have the perfect vibe for fun and playing exciting rounds of the shoe game will be an enthralling experience for all. We guarantee! 

Shoe Game Questions

Shoe Game Questions for Couples

Shoe Game Questions

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Your shoe game questions can be embarrassing or cute, but they do tell a lot about your personality, daily routines and habits. Some entertaining show game questions to include in your list are:

1. Who has the best taste in music? 

2. Who is more romantic?

3. Who’s more short-tempered?

4. Who was the first to fall in love?

5. Who is more organised?

6. Who shops more?

7. Who has the best taste in fashion? 

8. Who was the first to ask for the date?

9. Who is more likely to keep a secret? 

10. Who cries more during movies? 

11. Who uses their phone the most?

12. Who’s more stubborn? 

13. Who is more adventurous? 

14. Who’s a bigger party animal? 

15. Who wakes up earlier?

16. Who’d rather stay in on a weekend than go out? 

17. Who’s more likely to get a traffic ticket?

18. Who is a control freak? 

19. Who takes care of things around the house better? 

20. Who is a better cook? 

21. Who exercises more? 

22. Who has the bigger sweet tooth? 

23. Who snores louder?

24. Who says ‘I love you’ more often?

25. Who’s calmer during a fight?

26. Who’s more likely to plan a date night? 

27. Who apologises first after a fight?

28. Who gets along better with the other’s family?

29. Who’s more likely to start an argument?

30. Who is funnier?

31. Who is the flirtier one?

32. Who chooses where you go for dinner?

33. Who has the best taste in films?

34. Whose decision will likely take over the other? 

35. Who always thinks they are right?

36. Who looks better today? 

37. Who’s never on time? 

38. Who’s more mindful of the expenses?

39. Who’s more ambitious & a workaholic? 

40. Who has the bigger wardrobe? 

41. Who told their family about their relationship first? 

42. Who looks after the pets more?

43. Who pays the bills?

44. Who is more creative?

45. Who’s more likely to stay late at work?

46. Who loves reading the most?

47. Who is more serious?

48. Who gives more gifts?

49. Who is more honest?

50. Who is more foodie?

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Funny Shoe Game Questions

Shoe Game Questions

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Like a pro, bring back fun to your wedding ceremonies. Make your list of shoe game questions more interesting by adding a few funny and hilarious questions that will be enjoyed by all your guests.

1. Who was the cooler college kid? 

2. Who’s more self-obsessed?

3. Who cooks better Maggi?

4. Who is grumpier in the morning? 

5. Who burps more?

6. Who is the bigger baby when sick?

7. Who farts more? OR Who farts louder?

8. Who has the worst road rage? 

9. Who’s the crazy one? 

10. Who’s more likely to get arrested?

11. Who swears more? 

12. Who will act crazier after getting drunk? 

13. Who talks the most?

14. Who is more likely to dream about their breakfast? 

15. Who’s more likely to scream at the sight of a spider? 

16. Who takes the longest showers?

17. Who’s a picky eater? 

18. Who’s more likely to kick the other one off the bed?

19. Who takes up more than half of the bed?

20. Who was nervous on the first date?

21. Who is the better dancer?

22. Who is more unromantic?

23. Who is more likely to dramatise the scene/situation?

24. Who takes the longest to get ready?

25. Who is more likely to hit after being drunk?

26. Who paid on the first date?

27. Who eats more chocolate?

28. Who is clumsier?

29. Who is a conversation starter after the fight?

30. Who hates going to the kitchen?

31. Who was shyer when the relationship started?

32. Who is a better mimicker?

33. Who has a habit of speaking in their sleep?

34. Who is good at organising parties?

35. Who is the worst driver?

36. Who spends more time window shopping?

37. Who is more outgoing?

38. Who is friendlier?

39. Who is more dominating in the relationship?

40. Who skips bathing the most?

41. Who can’t wake up without bed tea?

42. Who is more likely to max out their credit card?

43. Whose phone has more passwords?

44. Who likes flaunting more?

45. Whose shoe stinks the most?

46. Who screams more while watching horror movies?

47. Who is a better bathroom singer?

48. Who tends to forget/miss their essentials, like keys/wallets/cards?

49. Who forgets important dates, like birthdays, anniversaries etc. more?

50. And lastly, who loves more?

How to Make a Shoe Game Enjoyable?

Shoe Game Questions

Though your list of shoe game questions can lead to a fun-filled evening for you as well as your guests, there are many ways to keep the entire game more interesting. 

  • Try keeping the guests involved as much as you can by asking them to write impromptu questions. 
  • All questions in the shoe game should be related to the couple's lives.
  • Ensure that your shoe game questions shouldn't have too embarrassing questions for the couple or hurt anyone's feelings. 
  • Keep your shoe game questions at hand to begin the game as a rapid-fire round.
  • Try including as many fun and exciting questions to keep the game light and entertaining for everyone. 
  • The shoe game questions you choose should make sense to your relationship. 
  • Last but not the least, have an immense amount of fun and create lasting memories with your loved ones. 
  • Lastly, make sure the show game questions are a fun window of opportunity for everyone to know you better as a couple and celebrate your love even more dearly. 

Shoe Game Questions

Image courtesy - Davidiam Photography

Wedding games are an amazing way to not only keep your guests entertained and occupied but also enjoy your festivities to the fullest. The intent for adding such fun and quirky plans to your ceremonies is not to be competitive (though you can choose to be fully fierce too!),  but it is mostly for you to focus on the good times, spent together. Your shoe game questions can be funny, romantic, or partly embarrassing, but it also flaunts how much you know about your partner. 

A perfect wedding venue for your celebrations can help you plan fun-filled wedding games for intimate weddings. You can also hire the best wedding planners to help you organise your festivities while creating an incredible list of shoe game questions. Add more hilarious shoe game questions to your list and make it more interesting!

Which of the shoe game questions will be you adding to your list? Do let us know in the comments below!


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