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Digital Gifting Options for Your Partner During Self-isolation

With social distancing & self-isolation, gifting can only be digital now. So on special occasions or otherwise you can now opt for these digital gifting options for your partner!

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Social distancing and self-isolation in the times of corona have disrupted a lot of plans in our lives. However, it is the need of the hour and we will have to do our part in following the safety protocols as long as we sail in these uncharted waters. A lot of us will miss our best friend's birthday, the first anniversary and some of you have even had to postpone your wedding and pre-wedding shenanigans. 

When a lot of plans are being put on hold, there is something that you can still keep up with during this pandemic - spreading love and happiness. Here are a few digital gifting options that will bring a smile to the face of your loved one even if you are miles apart or right next door and cannot visit them with gifts for the special occasions. Spread the love!

E-book gifts for the avid reader

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Gift wrapping a book with a dainty ribbon holding the wrap together is an ideal gift for the partner who is an avid reader. However, the times do not allow us to step out of our homes. You can still make it count by gifting an e-book that can be downloaded on the phone or a Kindle and then evenings can be spent reading while sipping some coffee. E-books also come in audible forms where she can get on with her day doing the regular chores while listening to the storytelling app.

Netflix Subscription

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Saturday nights are just perfect for Netflix and chill and how you miss the snuggles with popcorn and your favourite comforter and of course your favourite person beside you. Saturday nights can still be fun with Netflix and chill from your own homes. Gift each other a Netflix subscription for the month and enjoy watching your favourite shows. To make it more romantic and just in case you are missing your better half, you can enjoy it together over a video call!

The Amazon Gift Card for Digital Gifting

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The harbinger of digital gifting, the Amazon gift card is a genie in a bottle! You can send an Amazon gift card to your partner of whatever amount you want it to be and then they can purchase something of their choice from Amazon. If not immediately, they can also utilise it later when the app allows the business to continue after the lockdown. They can also use it to subscribe to their Prime Videos platform and enjoy watching the latest movies too!

Online Lessons as Digital Gifts

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Gifting an experience rather than tangible goods have become the tree now. Materialistic gifts have almost taken a backseat and people gift each other gym membership, Netflix subscription, Yoga class membership and so on. While you are stuck at home, you can still gift your partner an experience to reminisce. There are a lot of online guitar classes, online groups or rooms to learn music, online yoga sessions, online gym classes and so on. You can join one yourself and gift your partner the same to make it a #couplegoal this lockdown! 

Digitally Gift At-home Concert Passes 

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Being at home all day until the lockdown finally secedes sure has its perks, but it gets monotonous and you start missing your life before the lockdown. Going to restaurants, visiting places and people, enjoying at concerts and so much more to look back and be sad about. But who said to be at a concert, you will have to be in a stadium or a concert hall? Technologies radar keeps increasing their horizons and all thanks to technology you can now enjoy a live concert at home. Many bands and singers are coming live on their Instagram or are doing live concerts online and their passes are easily available. 

Get dressed in your living room, turn up the volume and watch one of these concerts live from the comfort of your sofas without getting your feet trampled or pushed (which of course has its own fun element too)!

While staying at home has helped us rediscover ourselves in many ways - from spending time with family to learning to be responsible alone, it still feels like a long time because socialising is an integral part of our lives. Every now and then having dinner or brunches at a restaurant, visiting the clubs in town or shop hopping in the malls while shipping some coffee does feel good and we know it. 

But since staying at home is the new yet temporary law, we need to work our way around and not feel saddened because we could not attend our partner's first birthday or gift something nice on a special "First" day of the relationship.

You can also ask friends to send in small snippets of a video speaking something nice and fun about your partner and you can merge it into one fantastic video recording and send it on mail or WhatsApp as a gift for the special day. This could be done with messages written by family members and friends too or maybe even a collage of your partner's photos from childhood to bring a smile on their face. 

While you are at home, stay busy with different hobbies or take up music and listen to songs, indulge in workout sessions and so on to make sure this period of self-isolation and social-distancing a fruitful one where we all come out stronger and more grateful!

You can learn about the different ways to boost your relationship during this lockdown if you are staying with your partner or even if it is a long-distance relationship.