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Interesting Ways to Boost Your Relationship During the Lockdown

Want to use the lockdown to your advantage? Check out some impeccable ideas on how to boost your relationship with your partner while social distancing!

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You've always been complaining about your busy lives, tight schedules and the complete absence of any "me time" (or rather "we time") opportunity before all this Corona havoc started. Now that you're left with no other option but to be at home, you can actually turn this into a chance to do so much that you've been missing out on. Especially with your partner! Sure, this social distancing can prove to be quite a challenge for couples who aren't living together. But there are ways to overcome every challenge in relationships! Especially thanks to the technological marvels, distances really don't seem distant anymore!

So, if you're trying hard to find ways on how you can boost your relationship during this social distancing phase, we're here to give you some tips and ideas. Keep reading to know more!

Cook together, eat together

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Virginia Woolf said, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well", and we happen to agree! During these tough times, food is like a breath of fresh air. And it's a scientifically proven fact that cooking is a great stress buster. So why not cook together to relieve yourselves from all day's stress? Try different food recipes from the internet and cook together. You can cut the vegetables, he can saute them. You can add the spices and he can stir them! Create some culinary delights together to boost your relationship!

Tip for long-distance couples: Fix up a time for a Skype or video chat and start cooking together. Share food videos or photos and have a virtual dinner date. For some ambience, light up some candles and fairy lights at the backdrop!

Movie nights

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One of the blessings in disguise of the whole lockdown and quarantine situation is our chance to watch unlimited movies and home! So just binge-watch all your favourite movies with your partner in your PJs with a large bowl of popcorn (or the latest experimental dish you just made together!). Decide a genre and select a number of movies. Watching films on a warm and cosy couch in each other's arms is an excellent way to boost your relationship. And if you're a movie buff, you can even play a quiz before to decide whose choice it's going to be today!

Tip for long-distance couples: Fix a time, date and movie, watch it at the same time. Once the movie is over, exchange notes and discuss the movie over video chat. You could share some reaction emojis or phrases over Whatsapp while you're watching the film/series! You might actually end up watching more movies together virtually, resulting in boosting your relationship!

Karaoke eves

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Let's have some music, shall we? Another great way to boost your relationship is singing together on a Karaoke night! Pick some golden Bollywood songs from the 90s or create your own playlist of latest Hindi songs and just start singing along. You could also mix your karaoke night with some drinks and turn this into a game. After every song, take a shot to up the madness!

Tip for long-distance couples: Since it's hard to sync the time of a duet song over the internet, you can always go with the solo performances. And if you're a tech-savvy, record both your singing for the duet song (separately) and edit them on editing software to make one single video out of it! That would be a great surprise e-gift for your partner, don't you think?

Game nights in

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Bring out the Pictionary, Jenga, Carrom board, chess and Uno set and get ready for an exciting game night! Challenge each other on a time-bound Pictionary and up the ante with a prize/punishment (with a shot, of course!)! Revive some childhood memories with Ludo and Carrom or tickle your grey cells with chess or card games! Playing games is a wonderful idea that would help to boost your relationship to a great extent.

Tip for long-distance couples: There are multiple apps these days you can install on your devices to play games with your partner online. Like crossword puzzles, scrabble, digital Pictionary and quiz or you could even play charades through video chat. And don't forget to take a shot after every round!

It's a Date

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Flatter your partner by setting the table with candles, cooking her favourite dishes (refer to your freshly learnt recipes!), playing some romantic music and with that wine bottle you've waited to open on a special occasion. Trust us, tonight is the special occasion. Don't wait for something big. Celebrate your love and turn an ordinary day into a special night! Dress up really well. Take out that gorgeous red evening gown and the tuxedo suit and enjoy every moment of your date night looking your best!

Tip for long-distance couples: So what you're physically far? One of the most important things to boost your relationship is to ignore that distance during tough times. Dress up nice, play the right music and cook the perfect meal. You can still have a wonderful virtual date night!

Play some energetic gym music and workout together every morning. Take inspiration from some of our beloved Bollywood celebrities on how to stay fit during the lockdown. It's important to find things to do together to boost your relationship. Even in a long-distance relationship, find a time that's convenient for the both of you to chat, talk about your day, or simply share sweet nothings.

Doing house chores like laundry, washing dishes, cleaning or decorating the house are also great ways to connect and bond. Take this difficult time at your stride and make the most of it. take pictures of every new thing you do together and create a "quarantine album" for memories!

Do you have any more ideas to boost a relationship? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!