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First Night Games to Break the Ice the Right Way

Arranged marriages are big in India. That’s why you need these first night games to get over the awkwardness and become comfortable with your partner!


We all know that Indian parents believe in the institution of arranged marriages. Most of them got married in this way and they think it is their duty to choose the best partner for their children. If you look up the statistics of arranged marriages in India, we know you will be shocked. 90% of couples in India have an arranged marriage. Our mind was literally blown at this number.

It must be tough for you if you are in this category. The pressure of the first night is huge in a love marriage; we cannot imagine what happens in an arranged situation! That is why we decided to give you some ideas so that you can ease into the situation and get to know your partner a little better before sharing your lives together.

Given below are some first night games that you and your partner can play. We have both, couple games as well as group ones. If any of the friends or siblings of a couple are reading this, you should definitely play them and lighten up the atmosphere. Let’s get started!

Private First-night Games

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Getting to know your partner and spending time with them is important. If you formed a good relationship in your courtship period, you should spend your first night making your partner comfortable and getting to know them on a deeper level. First night games are a great way to start bonding or take your relationship to the next level. You should give these first-night games a chance and start falling in love with your husband or wife.

Romantic Scrabble

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If you are looking for easy and clever first night games, you should try playing a round or two of romantic scrabble. Board games are a great way to know about your partner’s personality, and whether they are competitive and smart. All you need is a scrabble board. There is only one rule - you can only make romantic words. This will make it more interesting and ignite the spark between you!

36 Questions

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36 questions are one game that we feel is perfect for newlyweds, especially arranged couples who want to get to know their partners on a deeper level. It is said that if two strangers play this game honestly, there is a very high chance that they will fall in love with each other. What better game is there for you? You can find this list of questions on the internet quite easily. We are sure first night games like this will help you fall in love with your partner or at least make it very easy too!

Group Appropriate First-night Games

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The whole point of playing first night games is to make a couple comfortable around each other and release the pressure of spending a night together from their heads. In some cultures, like Bengali cultures, couples do not spend the first night together. Instead, all their friends and young family members spend it together with them just keeping them company. They play games or talk for hours, whatever they like. You can also organise a fun night like this and play any of these first night games.

Dumb Charades and Antakshari

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We are sure most of you have grown up playing these indoor games just like us. You must have a lot of memories with your friends and cousins playing dumb charades, Antakshari, passing the parcel and many more. You can relive your childhood and enjoy a light night with people close to your heart. We are sure your partner will love to see the child in you and it will give them a chance to know the people around you as well.


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Singing is not just for experts. It is a great way to relieve stress. That is why we have so many bathroom singers amongst us. Host a karaoke night and invite all your friends. Dedicate a song to your new life partner and make them feel special.

Beer Pong and Other Drinking Games

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Along with karaoke, you can also arrange some drinking games that are a hit for bachelorettes so that everyone relaxes and lets loose. We know it will be more fun this way. First night games like beer pong, never have I ever and truth or dare with a shot for every truth are a huge hit. It will give you the chance to get to know your partner when their guards are down.

These were all the first night games we could think of apart from the traditional games a couple has to play in front of all their guests like finding the ring in a bowl. They are entertaining and help relax a couple. What are you waiting for, try them out for your first night and tell us if they worked or not in the comments section below!

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