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Things to Remember for your First Wedding Night

Dear bride-to-be, if you are wondering how your first wedding night is going to be, we are here to help you out with all the possibilities. So don’t worry and start taking notes.

first wedding night

Once you decide on a wedding date, most of your time and efforts go into planning your big day. From the venue to the decor, from the ceremonies to the clothes you’ll wear, from your makeup to your hairstyle - there are so many things to figure out that you often skip thinking about what’s going to happen once the wedding is over.

In this Article -

1. All you need to know about first wedding night

2. What to wear on the first wedding night

All you need to know about first wedding night

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We all have heard a multitude of tales from all our friends who have recently gotten married and how their first night together was. But, let them be that, just tales as not everyone experiences the same thing on their first night! So, begin this night on a clean slate and be open to possibilities and believe that your first night together will be as special as you had always imagined it to be. 

All brides are excited for their first wedding night, and while it’s all dreamy in your head, here are 10 things that no one will ever tell you can happen on that very night. Check some first wedding night tips and take notes to prep up for the most magical night of your life, shall we!  

First Wedding Night is nothing like it’s shown in movies 

Honeymoon night

We often tend to build our imagination according to what we’ve seen in movies. But as it turns out, our real life is different from the reel life. Things aren’t as simple as it’s shown in movies. There could be a chance you don’t end up getting the ‘perfect’ first wedding night you might have imagined in your head. Or it could be even better than what you’ve imagined. You never, make sure you prepare yourself accordingly.

First wedding night can also be about starving 

first night after marriage

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There’s a 99% chance that you and your partner will be starving. Often the first wedding night in India happens a day later than the wedding. But while your wedding day (and night) are over, there are tons of post-marriage ceremonies you both will be busy in, so yeah, you’d be skipping meals and there will probably be less time for you to grab something before you go to sleep. Ask your bridesmaids to ensure that there’s something for you both to eat on your big night. After all, nothing good happens if you’re hungry, right? *wink*

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 It’s okay to embarrass yourself on the first wedding night

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We tend to put ourselves and even our partner, on a pedestal when it comes to performing in bed on the first wedding night. You need to understand that things aren’t always perfect and that it’s okay to embarrass yourself a little. The more you worry about ‘what will happen’, the less likely you’re going to have a good time. So release yourself from the pressure and let things be.

Don’t have high expectations on the first wedding night 

All about first night with your partner

Indian weddings are hectic and tiresome. You’ll both probably be sleep deprived and exhausted from all the celebrations going on during the whole wedding. It’s important to cut yourself some slack and just relax. Also, India families are super enthusiastic -so they can barge in to make you feel welcomed. Rest, if your husband's furry family member loves him then expect him to be inside the room anytime. Take the moment as it comes, without thinking too much. Don’t have high expectations because you’ll end up disappointed.

You might not even have sex On first wedding night 

Forhead kissing on first night

Your first wedding night is going to be an extremely emotional as well as a special experience for you and your partner. There are chances that you might even not have sex and believe us, it’s absolutely fine. As long as you both enjoy each other’s company, it doesn’t matter what you do and what you don’t do. It’s your wedding night, enjoy it as you like it to be.

You might feel uncomfortable on the first wedding night  - which is okay

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On your first wedding night, you’ll be in a new room, a brand new setting and well, new in-laws too, who are probably sleeping next door. You might not feel too comfortable under these circumstances and it’s important that you discuss this situation with your partner beforehand. One solution to this could be booking a hotel room, especially for your first wedding night.

No matter how busy you’re with your own wedding, make sure you have protection

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We forget the tiny things that have major repercussions during our own wedding celebration. It’s necessary to talk to your partner if you both want to use protection on your wedding night. If you both agree on one thing, make sure it actually happens when you’re together. Protection is a choice that you and your partner will make.  

You can say, “No” on your first wedding night

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Another important thing to note is that anything that happens in bed even after you’re married and have a husband, should be consensual. You have an option to say yes and you also have the option to say no - it’s your decision and you need to be vocal about it to your partner. Make sure you’re heard.  

Only Talking is "okay" on your first wedding night

Getting scared on first night

Your first wedding night is probably the most vulnerable as well as intimate time for you and your partner. Often a couple who don’t know each other too well, bond on this special night and make connections. So yeah, be prepared because you might not sleep but talk all night long.

You might doze off because sleep is real

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The possibility of you or your partner dozing off is quite high because well, it’ll be night time and you’ll both be dead tired. If your partner or you’re sleepy, allow yourself that time and don’t stress over it. You’ll get many more nights together and it’s okay if your bodies need rest.

We told you no one is going to tell you these things, so you can thank us and remember these points carefully. Now that you have a rundown of all the emotions that will run high on your first night, take it as it comes, do not think too much and relish in these sweet and raw moments!

What to wear on the first wedding night

what to wear on first night

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Before making first wedding night memories, it is important to cherry pick the nightwear to elevate the romantic environs. The nightwear for your first wedding night can be difficult. After all, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable and blank! Though you may have already prepped up your bridal trousseau with matching accessories but there remains a part of the wedding trousseau collection for the bride that many need help with – called first wedding night! Unfortunately, talking about this openly to your family calls for coyness . However, don't fret as we’re going to tell you about all the options you can cherry pic while looking for the ideal nightwear for first wedding night!

Bride in the Night Suit 

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If have tied the knot in an arranged marriage set and are feeling a bit coy,  then this is the best first night wear. Else, you can adorn a pair of shorts with a stylish spaghetti strapped yet transparent camisole. Try picking a sensual fabric like satin to exude romantic and elevated vibe.

Sensual Nightie on your First Wedding Night 

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You can never go wrong with a sensual nightie -men really love their lady in a nightie.  A nightie is soft and captivating, and ideal nightwear for first wedding night. Rest, pick a color that elevates your mood and the night. If you’re feeling flirty, champagne color is a great option!

A satin robe on first wedding night!

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Satin robes are a great option for the first wedding night. If you’re a docile bride, then you can adorn without lace/cotton robes! Incase you want add more romance, then you can also go for a slightly gleaming fabric for a vibrant effect.

Now we are sure that you will be knowing what to remember on your first wedding night. We understand that you might hesitate to ask others, thereby we have curated the first wedding night dresses also for you. If you have any other jitter related to first wedding night then you can ask us in the comment box. 

Until then, check out what you can gift your husband dearest on your first wedding night.

With words by Shivani Shrivastava