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Choosing a First Night Gift for Him? Surprising Ideas That Work!

Make your dapper fellow happier on his your first special day together and surprise him with a first night gift for him. Choose a gift from this list that is positively ‘him'.

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The bride is always the focus of every wedding. The outfit, the make-up, the invitations and even the decor, everything eventually becomes about you, with your involvement in it all. has to be as per what she wants. Considering that all eyes will be on you, it is only fair that you arrange for something special for your man with a first-night gift for him.

Go all out to make him feel loved and appreciated, but, never underestimate the appeal of something small yet meaningful. You know him the best and you know he likes a bit of romance too! So, don't let these ideas be a limit to personal though, after all, he is your man and nobody knows him better than you do! So, let your imagination run wild! And, you will be surprised by what a small gesture can do in the long run!

A First-Night Gift For Him To Make His Feel Uber Special

We have gathered here some classic and some quirky options for you to choose the perfect first-night gift for him that describe his style and interests. We understand that it can get a bit overwhelming to find a first night gift for him when the possibilities of buying one are endless and beyond comprehension. From perfumes to shoes to watches to wallets - how does one know which of these amazing first-night gift for him ideas is the one for your husband. We will help you figure this out and ensure that your chosen first-night gift for him is the best one there ever could be for this lifetime and the next. 

A Gift of experience for him and yourself alike

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If your man is not the one to be lured into materialistic fascinations then gift him an experience. Dig deep into his bucket list and check one-off. You can arrange for tickets for a game that he is looking forward to, take him to a concert where his favourite band is playing, take him to a destination that has adventure sports that he really wants to try. It would be a perfect first-night gift for him that you can choose.

One For the fitness freak


Ok, so your dapper fellow's fitness game is always in fleek and he encourages you to be your best self too. Surprise him on the first night with a fitness tracker or a pair of wireless headphone, or even gift him a membership to his favourite gym. Let him know that with this new phase of life you support him in his passion for fitness.

A Sweet Honeymoon care package

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Men like to be pampered even when they admit otherwise. Let him know that his secret has been revealed with a honeymoon care package with every travel product that he could want. From face care to body care and also fragrances, go all out and customise a complete travel kit for him with all his favourite products. A pair of luxurious sunglasses added in the mix will also be appreciated!

One For the love of beer

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Men love their beer and they like to keep a balanced diet with one in each hand! For the one who has tried just about every blend out there, let him brew his own. Gift him a beer brewing kit that comes packed with all the accessories and information. The boy in him will love the little science experiment that goes behind it and the ‘man' will enjoy the fresh brew. It's hard to wrong with this one!

One For the music lover

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If your man enjoys good music a bit more than any ordinary man, then it would be a good choice to gift him on your first night. Think a little out-of-the-box and get a modern record player that players old analogue records as well as MP3s. These come in many styles giving you the option to choose the best that fits his personality. They also double up as an interesting décor piece. Make it even more special by adding in a record with a song you shared your first dance too! To make it even more special, you can play that song and you both can start the night with a little dance together. 

Men's Jewellery Is a Legit Thing


Jewels aren't only a girl's best friend, they can please the guys too when done right. Cufflinks and rings are a classic accessory as they can be work on any formal occasion and the last for years to come. Make them more personal and add some specific engraving on them. It can be anything like an inside joke, initials or wedding date. Get them custom made in precious metals to add more value to them. He will forever hold these baubles close to his heart and they will always remind him of how much you love and appreciate his presence in your life. 

A Completely OTT And Cheesy Romantic Date

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Romance lives when all else fails. This is the perfect option for men who are hard to shop for despite their best efforts. Arrange a romantic night with them and go all out with flowers, candles, chocolates and all the sweet nothings. Finish it off with a surprise breakfast in bed of his favourite morning meal. Want to take this to the next level? Book a couple's spa following the breakfast for a relaxing day after the wedding chaos.

Well Little Things Matter a Lot


As they say, little things in life are what matter the most and make up the best memories which you can cherish all your life. If you are looking for a first-night gift for him without burning a hole in your pocket but carrying within it the expression of your love, then this is an option that you can consider. You can make a scrapbook for him with all of your beautiful memories, give him something personalised like an engraved wedding ring with your wedding date or simply prepare his favourite dish. It will surely be a gift that would matter a lot for him. 

Drinking Games Can Be Fun

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No man can resist a good drink. You can buy him a bottle of his favourite alcohol, a whole basket of it or even a membership of the wine club. If you choose a bottle of liquid courage, it would be a perfect first-night gift for him when combined with some naughty drinking games to go along with it. It will be a good ice-breaker while also helping you to let loose and enjoy your first date night with your partner. 

If you are the bride-to-be searching for ideas to make your groom feel special, consider the options shared above as a choice for your own first-night gift for him that will serve as a memento of this wonderful day for years to come. We hope you found the first-night gift for him that you began your search with and are feeling more pumped than ever to surprise the love of your life.

Bring out your A-game and stop at nothing unless you find the gift that you were looking for, to begin with, and know for a fact your husband will love and absolutely adore. Sometimes it is all in the small gestures and sometimes all it takes is a little thought and your time - that is the best thing that you can ever give somebody - your time! So, this time around go for a gift that does this for your special relationship. Focus on spending more time together as a couple, do things that resonate with you as a couple and you will see the magic of real love and ecstasy in your romance.

So, by all means, choose a gift from these first-night gifts for him ideas but while you're at it, cook him a special dinner and celebrate this new journey together as one. Let this time be sacred and use it to forge newer relationships and memories! 

What are you planning to gift him on the first night of your happily-ever-after? Check our gift vendors for more options to explore. Share your ideas in the comments below!