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Include These 9 English Romantic Songs To Set Your Wedding Mood

Slay with the mood of the music with the right music, that's Hatke and yet you. How? Consider these English romantic songs to get it just right.


From the bride’s entry to her Varmala ceremony, from her Pheras to her Vidaai there is a song for every kind of mood at a wedding. Most often these songs are either traditional or Bollywood at max. These songs, however, keep changing as the people who get married bring more and more of what makes them sway to their weddings. Enter English romantic songs as defacto playlists that people prefer at their wedding.

While many people may find English romantic songs cheesy, the honest truth is that they are meaningful or sometimes even more meaningful than our Bollywood stuff. And just like our Bollywood songs, these romantic songs also have a mood and fits different setups at an Indian wedding. Want to know what are the first few songs on our mind? Well, we’ll make this even better for you.

We’ve curated a list of English romantic songs for the different moods and vibes at your wedding. Go through it and shortlist the ones that are totally your kinds.

1. Perfect - Ed Sheeran

Image courtesy: Shades Photography India

When Ed wrote this beautiful track for his childhood love, the person he was madly, deeply and shamelessly in love with. In this selection among English romantic songs, he talks about how he finds everything about her flawless and has waited for her to reciprocate the love since almost forever. So what does it sound like to you?

Well, to us it sounds like the groom waiting for his perfect bride to come to the stage for the Varmalas (check out our selection of Varmala songs for the occasion too). It is that time when the groom is probably the most restless and just wants to see a glimpse of his bride.  So all the grooms that are in awe of their brides, you know which of these English romantic songs will soothe you on the aisle.

2. A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

Image courtesy: Themes Weddings

Once upon a time, we were all in love with Stephanie Meyer's Vampire-in-love saga, The Twilight Series. And when the films came, we were involved with Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's timeless tryst. Throwback to those days, with this special song, which was written around that couple and their bond.

'A Thousand Years' talks about the crazy love that the vampire and his lady love share and the bond that deepens each passing second. It talks about she has been waiting for him to be hers every single day of her life and will continue to love him for a thousand years more.

This one is totally for our bride's entry when she finally wants to tell the world that the man she has waited for is going to be hers for if not a thousand years then at least forever.

3. Marry Me - Train

Dipak Studios

Few people know that this song came when Train recalled the time he had coffee with his wife for the very first time. It is during that very first coffee date that he felt he could ask her to marry him in a second and not ever regret it.

This is one of the sweetest English romantic songs of our list and we think is appropriate at the time of the ring ceremony when the groom goes down on his knees to ask the bride to marry him and then exchange rings.

4. I Just Wanna Spend My Life with You

Dipak Studios

This is one that tops most people’s favourite English romantic songs list and also one that most people know and can lip-sync. There is no deep meaning to it than what the name suggests. It is a simple romantic song that depicts the longing of a couple for one another and how they want to spend their lives nowhere else except with each other.

This is for our madly in love couples who are just in love with the idea of love and have been waiting for the days before the wedding to pass quickly. Well, this is one of those English romantic songs that are appropriate to play anytime that the bride and groom are with each other. We say during the Jaimala (and mark that occasion with a matching Jaimala theme) or maybe at their engagement.

5. Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars

Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

This is one of those English romantic songs that has been a sensation for the longest time and is one that never gets off your mind. Its beautiful lyrics talk about how every woman is perfect just the way she is and that there is nothing that they should change because there’s a reason God made them like this.

He talks about how he is madly in love with this girl and would never want to change anything about her. This is the perfect song for a dancer groom to perform on for his bride-to-be as it is the most special thing that he could do to make her feel priceless on their big day.

For an encore, belt out 'Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai' from 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'.

6. Can’t Help Falling In Love- Elvis Presley

Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

This song by the legendary Elvis Presley is one of the oldest English romantic songs with the most number of covers by many known singers as well. It is a beautiful song that says how he knows that it’s a fool’s job to rush into decisions like this but he just can’t stop falling in love with this woman.

Well, however stupid or random, love happens when it has to happen. This song for the longest time has also been couple’s first choice for their first dance. So, why not our love birds take a cue from them and choose this song to perform on for their Sangeet ceremony as well.

7. Better Together- Jack Johnson

Busy Bee Studio

Another straight from the heart and one of the most relatable English romantic songs that talk about life’s up and downs and that nothing is always smooth but how being with the one you love changes a lot of things.

This song is about how life seems better when they are with the one they love, and that all problems seem smaller than they would otherwise.

This is a touching song that must be played at one of the quieter times at the wedding maybe during the Saat Phere or sometime around that.

8. Truly Madly Deeply- Savage Garden

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

One of the best English romantic songs that will be loved and heard for years and years to come because of its deep meaning and the subtlety with which he confesses his love for the woman of his dreams. These are the songs that you remember not for their beats but for their unforgettable and classic lyrics.

We do not know when but this is a song that I’m sure will touch every heart and has to be a part of your wedding songs playlist in one way or the other. While it is a celebration of you two being truly madly and deeply in love, there is much more to this song that strikes just the right chords and says so much in so little.

9. Sugar- Maroon 5


In a list of old slow English romantic songs; this slightly peppy number is the odd one out. But we just cannot end the list without this catchy dance song for the bride and groom. This one is for the couples that are in the mood to jazz it up little and surprise the guests by coming up with something quirky.

It is sure going to change the mood and add the vibe of fun and romance to the air. So don’t think too hard if you like this song as we promise that it is going to be the biggest hit of your evening. We recommend more numbers from our groovy wedding songs list.

Weddings are a celebration of love, togetherness and a bond that is to last forever. SO why should the language only be Hindi? Heard of the phrase ‘Love has no language’? Similarly, do not limit your wedding playlist to traditional Hindi songs. Our list of favourite English romantic songs definitely has a few that will touch your heart and make you feel like its talking about your story.

Choose a Shadi songs playlist that you and your partner relate with. Choose songs that you both connect with. Choose tracks that evoke emotions that nothing else will. In the end, it’s your big day and everything should be straight from your heart. So go ahead, listen to our playlist of English romantic songs and choose your pick. We wish we could catch your reactions first hand.

Did you like our playlist of English romantic songs for your Indian wedding? Tell us in comments if you think you’re going to add them to your playlist.

Also, tell us which ones made the cut for you.