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5 Kinds of Unique Food Items to Include on the Wedding Menu

Featuring lip-smacking and much in demand 5 kinds of unique food items that are becoming quite a trend among Indian weddings this season. Scroll below to know what they are!

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Apart from the extravagant decor, the bridal trousseau and well-planned wedding functions, it is the food that holds much importance being the deciding element whether the wedding arrangements were a big hit or a miss. Indian weddings have now grown beyond just the traditions and there is a huge demand for change and something unique with each passing season.

Keeping up with the demand and creating something out-of-the-box, Indian caterers are travelling the world to bring back interesting food experiences to the wedding food menu. Tapping just that, we are presenting to you a list of 5 kinds of unique food items which are new and hot in demand this season. Check out these amazing 5 kinds of unique food items for your own wedding!

Kathi Rolls

Image Courtesy: Entertaining Company

Originally from West Bengal, Kathi Rolls have become a hit in Northern India. These rolls are filling, easy to eat and taste absolutely delicious. Get a station of Kathi Rolls in place, with the chef rolling out an array of Kathi Rolls with ingredient demands of the guests, or include them in the serving menu and get them chopped bite-sized for guests to explore the wedding venue while biting on these nibblers hassle-free.

For a unique twist, you can include exotic ingredients like avocado, assorted seafood, Nori wraps and different meats to make the Kathi rolls gourmet. Include a variety of dips and chutneys to complete the meal perfectly.

Assorted Macarons

Image Courtesy: Macaron Bar

Dessert stations are a favourite of children as well as adults. Indian wedding menus have till date seen the presentation of different pastries and cakes on display for guests. Upgrade the dessert station into a French Patisserie and offer choices of macarons for food lovers to try at your wedding.

For wedding party favours, you can even get small macaron boxes made with your initials printed on them for guests to select their favourite macarons from the lot and get them packed to take home as a sweet memory of the wedding they had just attended.

Sushi & Sashimi

Image Courtesy: Fuji Sushi

The last two decades have been dedicated to Chinese food items as being an important part of Indian wedding menus. Now the preference has shifted towards Japan, with Sushi and Sashimi taking over the centre stage. Give your guests a truly oriental experience by getting a Sushi Chef on board who will prepare fresh Sushi and Sashimi for foodies at the wedding.

Instead of opting for regular fish items, Sushi and Sashimi cuts can be a great way to include seafood to the wedding menu list. A sit-down conveyer belt offering freshly made Sushi and Sashimi can be an add-on experiential for the guests at the wedding.

Gourmet Mithai

Image Courtesy: Rakhi Jain Gourmet Mithai

Indian sweets are an important part of Indian wedding functions. They are present at all wedding ceremonies and are also given a dedicated space on the wedding food menu for all functions. But people have had way too much of Gulabjamun, Rasmalai and Halwa. If a chef can offer, then nothing like giving foodies a platter of gourmet Mithai which looks different and has surprising taste elements waiting to be explored.

This way, the guests will get to enjoy something unique, unlike the regular Indian sweets that every wedding has had for decades till now anyway. Chocolate Motichoor laddoos, Baklava Barfi and Anjeer Halwa are some of the gourmet Mithai ideas that can be included on the menu.

Finger Food Buckets

Image Courtesy: SVC Iyengar Catering

Fritters are a favourite snack of Indians. But munching on them can be a hassle and the same ingredients presented as fritters are also old news. So how can we include them on our list of 5 kinds of unique food items?

Give Indian fritters an international twist by including assorted foods like Asparagus, Crabsticks, Anchovies and other such ingredients with the regular onion, potato and cottage cheese fritters. Don’t forget to ask for mini buckets arranged to serve the fritters in.

We are sure that by now you are convinced that food has to be more than just Indian and continental. Create a food experience of a lifetime for your guests on your wedding by including these 5 kinds of unique food items to your menu.

There will be laughter, there will be praises and the guests will surely enjoy bonding over sharing boxes of macarons or extending dips for the fritter buckets together. Now, who wouldn’t want to arrange such an experience that includes 5 kinds of unique food items for the guests at the wedding, right?

Which food menu station among these 5 kinds of unique food items are you going to wander to first? Tell us in the comments below.