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10+ Ranked Best Dating Apps in India to Find Your Perfect Partner

Kickstart your love story with some of the best dating apps in India and find your perfect match in no time!

Dating apps

Living in India and watching romantic Bollywood love stories since childhood has ingrained the concept of love in our hearts and soul. All of us want our love stories, no matter how crazy, filmy or romantic they might be. From watching Raj fight for his Simran to Aditya getting his Geet back, finding that special someone with whom you can spend your happy moments and the whole life with, is a desire buried in us all. 

As the world progresses into more modern times, the way to find your soulmate has transformed drastically. From sending love letters with pigeons to sending a text message from your smartphones, expressing your love has become much easier. Now, sitting at home you can explore hundreds of people all around you and find compatible matches through dating apps. A concept popular all around the world is gaining traction in India as well. 

Whether you are looking for someone for a casual fling, a relationship or a perfect partner to walk down the aisle for, there are many dating apps in India suited to your requirements. While the idea of a dating app may seem overwhelming to you or if you are apprehensive about which one of the dating apps in India you should choose to find an ideal partner and plan a perfect date night, we have got you covered. Don't let the Indian matchmaking memes bring you down. We have curated a list of the best dating apps in India you should definitely try to meet your match!

Trending Dating Apps in India


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Bumble

One of the most popular dating apps in India, Bumble rose to fame due to its novel concept of women making the first move. Much like the dating app concept, you make your profile on Bumble and swipe right for matches. Women have to initiate a conversation after getting a match and the window stays open for 24 hours and the same time is given to men for responding before it getting disappeared. Just like Tinder with a timer, their concept is a breath of fresh air for many youngsters looking for their partners online. A female-driven dating app, all users on Bumble are verified to ensure there are no fake users. 

Bumble Premium - Though it's considered one of the best dating apps in India, you can download the free version but can also get a paid and premium one for better visibility. Some of the features for Bumble Premium include:

  • Put as many filters as you want to refine your searches. 
  • Using Spotlight, get featured for 30 minutes every week where you will be on the front for your potential matches. 
  • You can get unlimited likes and swipes.
  • Through the premium version of the Bumble dating app, you can search your matches in incognito mode. 
  • With Unlimited rematch, you can connect with expired matches.
  • Bumble premium lets you retract your accidental swipe. 
  • Five SuperSwipes every week. 

Why should you choose Bumble?

  • Women make the first choice so you can choose whom you wish to talk to.
  • It's easy to connect with multiple people at once. 
  • This dating app lets you choose a location filter so you can find relevant matches near you. 
  • The dating app has three different modes for you to choose from - Dating, BFF and Biz. 
  • It offers features like spotlight and SuperSwipe where you can super like someone and they will see you first when they start swiping. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Hinge

If you are looking for a dating app that is more inclined towards a more serious relationship and meaningful conversations, then Hinge is the perfect platform for it. It gives you a limited number of matches in a day so you can focus on building relationships. According to its website, Hinge is a dating app 'made to be deleted', a place where you will definitely find your perfect match. 

Hinge Premium - It's a dating app in India that is available in a free version but has a paid subscription as well. Finding your soulmate may not come easy and therefore the best dating apps in India have their premium versions. 

  • Helps you set advanced preferences and filters to find ideal matches.
  • See twice as many standouts. 
  • Through Hinge premium you can send unlimited likes. 
  • You can see everyone who likes you. 

Why should you choose Hinge?

  • A unique user interface and visual aesthetics that keep you engaged. 
  • It connects people with similar interests while showcasing details like political affiliations, alcohol intake etc.
  • If you are shy about meeting strangers, Hinge is a dating app that gives more information about a person. 
  • You can like and drop a text on someone's bio or photo. 
  • Hinge has a standout section for featured profiles. 
  • Unlike other apps where you both have to like each other to match, on Hinge people can send you an invite for a conversation. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Tinder

One of the most popular dating apps in India, Tinder started the dating game around the world. It's the original dating app that brought the concept of swipe which was followed and adopted by the rest. The reasons that Tinder is one of the best dating apps in India are its easy registration, complete privacy protection and simplicity to use. With more than 100 million users, Tinder has many fake accounts as well. If you are looking for casual dating, this is the dating app to download and swipe your way. 

Tinder Premium - With paid subscriptions to Tinder, you can easily get Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus which gives you more features and visibility to get better matches. Some of the features that the premium version of the Tinder dating app provides are:

  • Allows you to super like people that triples your chances for a match.
  • Gives you unlimited likes. 
  • Through Tinder Premium, you can choose who can see your profile.
  • Hide ads and prioritise likes. 
  • Set location filter to any city or country and find relevant matches there. 
  • Message someone before matching.

Why should you choose Tinder?

  • Tinder is the perfect dating app if you are a beginner in the world of online dating.
  • It's very simple to use so you can easily navigate it while making Tinder very user friendly. 
  • Registrations are done through your Facebook accounts.
  • Helps you search for people based on different filters. 

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Dating apps

Image Courtesy -

If you want a serious relationship that ends in marriage, then is the dating app for you. With the similar features of swipe and messaging, you can see potential matches and find your ideal partner in no time. Though with the free version, there are only limited features that encourage people to pay for more visibility. Based on your compatibility, shows you your potential matches on a daily basis. The free version of the app gives you only a preview with no way to access messages or matches. Premium - If you are committed to finding the love of your life, you have to get the premium version of that unlocks many features for you. 

  • In the paid version, you will only see people who are interested in a serious relationship and looking for a long-term commitment. 
  • Only premium users can read and respond to messages, whereas the free version has very limited communication options. 
  • It gives you a quality user experience. 
  • Unlimited likes, and messages and see who liked you or viewed your profile. 
  • The paid version of the dating app can also provide a one-on-one chat with a dating expert. 

Why should you choose

  • If you are looking to settle down, is the perfect dating app for you. 
  • As it's a paid dating app, people are seriously looking for commitments. 
  • The average age demographic for is between 30 to 50 years old. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - OkCupid

OkCupid is the OG dating site that is one of the most affordable and best dating apps in India. Unlike other dating apps that focus more on profile photos, OkCupid dives deeper and finds your true match based on who you are and what you like. After answering a series of questions, you get a Match/Enemy percentage ratio that helps you find a compatible partner. The accounts on this dating app are completely free, but they do offer certain paid perks. 

OkCupid Premium - All the paid services that OkCupid offers are not necessary to use the dating app but it certainly increases your visibility for potential matches. 

  • It lets you supercharge your profile temporarily to get more attention to your profile.
  • After paying the subscription once, it gets automatically renewed as per the company's fine print. 
  • OkCupid's premium version lets you see who liked you first before you liked them. 
  • Unlimited likes and messages - all the features of OkCupid basic plus more.
  • You can explore your matches in incognito mode. 
  • See everyone's public answers to different questions before you answer. 

Why should you choose OkCupid?

  • This dating app focuses more than appearance and helps you find someone who matches your personality.
  • The questionnaire on the dating app ensures similarity between the matches. 
  • You can find your preferred matches across any geo-locations.

Dating apps


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Happn

Happn is a dating app that is aimed at finding people with whom you have crossed paths. One of the best dating apps in India, this interesting concept helps you find people in a more natural way. When you cross a path with Happn user, all the people who are on this dating app and physically close to you, their profiles will show on your app. This dating app is based on the principle of reciprocal. You won't get any messages or matches unless you also show interest. 

Happn Premium - Though Happen is one of the dating apps in India that is free to use with its basic features, you can always upgrade your searches by choosing a paid version. Buying a subscription to Happn premium is not necessary, as you will still be able to find matches. 

  • Get noticed by your favourite Happners.
  • Put advanced filters to find what you are looking for.
  • Five calls per month.
  • Look at who liked you first.
  • Through the Privacy control mode of Happn premium, you can browse with invisibility mode.
  • Explore the dating app without ads. 

Why should you choose Happn?

  • If you want to get in touch with someone who stays close to you, Happn is the perfect dating app. 
  • The dating app's algorithm refuses the login of scammers, making it the safest dating app in India.
  • You can use credits to talk to someone even when there is no match.
  • Gives a timeline feature to help you find people with whom you have crossed paths. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is one of the most talked-about and homegrown dating apps in India. Claimed as one of the most credible dating apps, TrulyMadly has an active user base of more than 7.5 million. This dating app is built keeping in mind India's cultural and social nuances, making it the best dating app in India for the singles and smartphone generation. A Tinder-like dating app designed specifically for India, TrulyMadly helps you find your forever in the most fun way. 

TrulyMadly Premium - You cab register on TrulyMadly dating app through your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn and verify your account to find potential matches. However, most of the features on this dating app are free, you can always subscribe to their paid version to increase the visibility of your account. 

Why should you choose TrulyMadly?

  • TrulyMadly is a dating app that offers unique features and finds matches as per your interests
  • Through TrulyMadly you can not only find your perfect soulmate but also build strong social connections. 
  • This dating app ensures an extra layer of security with no fake profiles. 
  • It's one of the safest dating apps in India, especially for women, where users are not allowed to download or take screenshots of photos. 
  • Through the dating app's Trust Score, you can be assured that you meet genuine people only.
  • TrulyMadly dating app has features like compatibility quizzes and many fun games to help you know the other person better.

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Dating apps

Image Courtesy - DilMil

Targeted as a female oriental dating app, DilMil is a platform that helps women find South-Asian men around the world. The only bummer of this dating app is that Indian men are not allowed on it. A women-focused dating app, the user base has women between 18 to 40 age group, looking to connect with NRIs. It's a great dating app if you are looking for serious relationships with South Asians. 

DilMil Premium - Also known as DilMil VIP Elite, you can subscribe to the paid version of the dating app. It offers more ways to meet and connect with people through the premium version of this dating app. 

  • The dating app offers you different subscription plans that you can choose as per your choices.
  • See people who already like you and match with them instantly.
  • You can change your geo-location to match with people in any country or city.
  • Get Elite Pick once a day.
  • Through DilMil premium dating app, you will get unlimited likes and SuperLike that gives you three times more visibility.
  • Send personalised requests to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Get your profile boosted to be on top of the line once a month.

Why should you choose DilMil?

  • Its regarded as one of the most efficient South-Asian platforms for matchmaking. 
  • DilMil is one of the best dating apps if you are looking for serious relationships or to settle down.
  • You can narrow down your search with advanced filters and find your perfect match. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Aisle

With the absence of the traditional dating app feature of swiping, Aisle is a perfect platform if you don't want to download a matrimonial or dating app but something in the middle. Aisle combines the ease of a dating app with the in-depth knowledge that you find on the matrimonial website. You can explore and find matches from any country. This dating app is targeted toward a niche audience of singles in urban India. 

Aisle Premium - With the paid subscription of Aisle, you will get additional features apart from the basic ones. It offers you different subscription plans valid for different months that you can choose as per your choices. Some of the features of Aisle premium include:

  • Send unlimited likes.
  • Through the Aisle dating app, you can see who liked you first. 
  • Narrow down your search for potential matches through more advanced filters. 
  • Send five invites daily. 

Why should you choose Aisle?

  • If you are looking for offline meaningful connections, Aisle is the perfect platform to connect with matches. 
  • The Concierge section of the Aisle dating app provides handpicked matches for you. 
  • You can like and comment on photos and profiles of people. 


Dating apps

Image Courtesy - Badoo

If you are looking for a dating app in India that focuses on who you are and what you are looking for, then Badoo is the ideal platform to choose. From the makers of Bumble, Badoo is built with an objective to date honestly. This dating app is available in more than 47 different languages across more than 190 countries around the world. 

Badoo Premium - If you are looking for a long-term relationship, subscribing to the premium version of the Badoo dating app is the way to go. In premium features, you can get a lot more exciting features that are missing in the free version. 

  • It helps you find people near you physically as well as people you bumped into. 
  • Badoo premium dating app lets you choose any location and find matches in any country. 
  • Through Rise Up, your profile gets more visibility. 
  • The premium version of Badoo premium also gives you SuperPowers where you can see who wants to meet you, which of your messages have been read and see more search results.

Why should you choose Badoo?

  • It offers you lots of matches as per your interests and preferences. 
  • Badoo focuses on privacy and as per its guidelines, this dating app doesn't tolerate any inappropriate behaviour. 
  • It's the perfect dating app if you want to meet new people, chat with them, go on dates or make new friends.
  • Badoo has a feature of Selfie Request, where you can request a selfie from the person they are talking to ensure it matches their profile photos. 

Dating apps

Though there are so many different dating apps in India, all with different vibes, structures and features, deciding which one to choose can be quite an overwhelming task. Downloading and being on a dating app may seem like an overwhelming commitment, but if you are looking to date someone or find the love of your life, then this is the best bet for you. With both paid and free versions available for the best dating apps in India, you can choose the version that suits you and your preferences best. 

Impress your dating app matches with the best romantic songs of all times to help you progress through the relationship milestones together. The only aim of dating apps is to ask meaningful questions to your match and have a good time finding the perfect partner for you. 

Which one of these popular dating apps in India will you be trying your hands on? Do let us know in the comments below!

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