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7 Relationship Milestones That Decide a Happily Ever After

Found your "the one" & thinking of taking the next step? Take a look at some important relationship milestones before engagement for a 'happily ever after' to your love story!

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When you plant a sapling or a seed, you nurture it with food, water, care and love to watch it grow into a healthy flowering plant or a tree. Or say, when you're baking a chocolate cake, you need to be extra careful with all the right ingredients in correct proportions and ensure to add oodles of love and positive vibes to create a soft spongy luscious cake! What I'm trying to say here is, there is a secret formula behind every success. Be it a recipe, a plant or a romantic relationship!

If you're in that stage where you've just "planted the seed" in your relationship, you need to take utmost care for blooming results! So, note down the invaluable relationship milestones & learn how to ace them!

First date

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The first among the relationship milestones is the day you two go out on a romantic date for the first time. Whether you've been friends, colleagues or just acquaintances so far, the first date is a whole new ballgame altogether. So here are some quick tips:

  • Dress up nice: No matter if you've known each other for a long time or not, the fact that you took the effort to look good for your partner is absolutely essential.
  • Talk less about yourself and listen more: No one likes a "me myself & I Narc!"
  • A little old-fashioned chivalry is beautiful, chauvinism isn't: Pull up her chair, open the door or pick & drop her home after the date. However, don't order food on her behalf, or completely ignore her offer to buy an ice-cream and pay upfront! Things have changed a lot since the Stone-Age, you know!
  • Praise each other: A little flattery won't kill you, so do it! But don't go overboard to the extent of sounding cheesy, creepy or fake. Compliment her gorgeous dress but don't spend an hour talking about her every piece of jewellery, accessory, high heels or how the dress neckline is flattering her body!  Be genuine, be subtle, be nice!
  • Leave something for the 2nd date: Don't show all your cards just yet. Keep some mystery, some untold stories. Keep her/him curious and to ensure the 2nd date!

First kiss

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It's no secret that women decide a lot after that first kiss. The way you kiss your partner for the first time marks one of the major relationship milestones. It's your first expression of intimacy so you need to be bold yet gentle; confident yet vulnerable. Understand each other's body language well and initiate only when you know for sure what your partner really wants! At the end of the day, it all comes down to the chemistry between the two of you. Pick a nice location accompanied with some candle decor, romantic songs and dim lights. Create an ambience that would make your job easier!

First gift

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Choosing the perfect gift for your partner whom you've been dating for some time now and thinking of going further is a tricky one indeed! The first gift you give him/her will always remain one of the most significant relationship milestones. So here are a few tips:

  • Again, listen more: If you've been paying attention to what he/she has been talking, you'd know what your partner loves. So pick something accordingly.
  • Don't overspend to impress: A rather thoughtful and personalised gift is always a better choice than an exorbitantly expensive one, especially if you've not been dating for long.
  • Don't be cheap too: And we don't mean just money-wise. You need to invest emotionally too. Your first gift should be a display of how much thought and effort you've put and a test on how well you know him/her!
  • Use tricks: Blend trick questions and statement into a conversation to extract information. Be smart!
  • Take help: Talk to friends if necessary. Know what he/she has been wanting as a birthday gift. It's not cheating if it ends up in a big smile!

First confession

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The moment when you confess your feelings to your partner is a major relationship milestone. So be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride! Here are a few tips:

  • Be true, be honest: Don't mince words. Speak from heart and be 100% honest. Honest proposals never fail.
  • Be poetic: Use love quotes from movies, romantic poems or songs...whatever comes naturally to you. It's okay to take help from the pros!
  • Be firm but not desperate: You don't want to give "I love you KKKKK-Kiran" kind of a vibe! Take whatever response you get gracefully and respect his/her decision.
  • Use specific words: If you like him, use the word "like". If you love her, say exactly that! It's important to say the exact words to let each other know where you stand.

First OTT expression

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Because, when you're in love, you better show it off! The first display of your feelings is one of the crucial relationship milestonesyou must take seriously. Spread your arms  SRK style, say it with a hundred red roses, sing a love song in public or write a romantic letter. Use your imagination to woo her and make sure you sweep her off the feet! Refer to romantic proposal movie scenes if you must!

First trip

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Planning a mini pre-honeymoon trip together could be your next relationship milestone. Once you have a clear understanding on where you both stand, spending a few days away in seclusion in a romantic beach resort could really help you boost your relationship. Plan your trip as a surprise gift to your partner for some fond memories!

First family get-together

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The final step of relationship milestones is the "meet-the-parents phase"! That's when you know, things are for real. Arrange a big Sunday brunch including both the families to strengthen the bond. Share jokes, talk about the wedding planning or simply get to know each other better. It's important to let the families bond if you're thinking to take your relationship further.

 Now that you know what the imperative relationship milestones are, you must start working on your actions. Take baby steps. There is no need to rush things. It's important to know each other better for a healthy relationship. Take an interest in each other's hobbies and passions. Always maintain some breathing space and trust your partner. After all, every successful relationship is based on the foundation of three words: Honesty, Trust and Love!

Did you and your partner go through all the relationship milestones? Share your love story with us in the comment section below!