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Indian Family Photos Any Wedding Album is Incomplete Without

Family poses make for the most interesting photos in a wedding album. Don’t agree with us? Well, here are some super fun Indian family photos with poses that’ll make you smile.

Shyamal & Bhumika

The family of the bride and groom are extremely easy to spot at an Indian wedding. They are the ones that look the most excited but are constantly stressing about all the arrangements. They are the ones that are always in cue for some great pictures with the bride and groom and spotted, enjoying it all the most. While some may think that amidst all the chaos it can be difficult to bring the family together for some Indian family photos, we tend to disagree.

If your relatives are scattered around the venue and difficult to gather together for cool Indian family photos, we suggest you do your research, shortlist some of the most fun poses and call your family in batches to make sure they are all present in your wedding album in some fun poses. Confused as to what these fun Indian family photos can be? We dug in deep to shortlist some of the most fun poses that are sure to make your wedding album one of a kind.

The Affectionate Kiss of Love

Dipak Studio

Let’s start the list with the most important people at your wedding, the ones that have worked really hard to make it all happen, your parents. While there are a gazillion cool poses for Indian family photos with the bride/groom and their parents, there is something about a kiss from both on either side that draws our attention and makes it a picture that’ll say it all.

The Big Hug

After the affectionate kiss of love from your parents, it is time to gather your second favourite set of people around from your family. Indian family photos are incomplete without some fun poses with your cousins making a mark in your wedding album. So call them all together for one big hug because this is your clan, one that is the goofiest and yet the most emotional on your big day. 

The Celebratory Dab

Image Courtesy: Snapsoul Stories

While dance moves make for fun poses in Indian family photos, there is something about a celebratory dab that makes it cut to the final wedding album. Also going by the phrase -  the more the merrier, the celebratory dab is to pull around all your Gen Z family members and get one big happy picture in the most new-age pose of a millennial wedding.

Hands Up in the Air

Image Courtesy: Snapsoul Stories

Going by all the fun and excitement that your family has, it is important to replicate the same crazy energy in your wedding album as well. The hands up in the air pose with a big shout is what will translate the energy and make Indian family photos at your wedding even more interesting.

Bride Side vs. Groom Side


Another favourite pose for Indian family photos in your wedding album is the dramatic bride side vs. the groom side. While each of the side thinks they’re better than the other, the only picture that can do justice to the emotion is this tug of war kind of pose that hints at the bride and groom being torn apart due to this legit bride side vs. groom side fight.

Sisters before Misters

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

The sisters before misters pose can be anything, but the one that we think does justice to Indian family photos in a wedding album is the one where sisters pose to dress the bride up and make her look gorgeous on her big day. While this is merely a pose because the bride is surely only trusting professionals with her hair and makeup, the little touch of love from sisters is the perfect pose for her big day.

Pose like the Royals

Naman Verma Photography, Delhi

While you are sure to get the bridesmaids or groomsmen photos on point, nailing a royal family photo is a difficult nut to crack since the elders of the family are mostly bustling around attending guests or preparing for rituals. Inform your photographer in advance that they make sure you get one wedding photo like the royals.

While these are some of our favourite Indian family photos and pose that work for the wedding album, there are gazillion other ideas that are sure to work too. All that the wedding photographer needs to do is tap into the energy and vibe of your family to make any and every pose work for your wedding album.

Which Indian family photos do you look out for in a wedding album? Tell us in comments if these are fun poses that you’d like to have in yours.