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Family Photo Ideas To Make Your Wedding Album Memorable

No wedding album can be complete without great family pictures in it. To get the best pictures, incorporate these family photo ideas after talking your photographer.

The Wedding Salad

In a time when the bride and the groom do the majority of the planning for their wedding, it is important that you start including your creative ideas in as many things as possible. This will help you plan your wedding down to the tiniest detail and make everything as perfect as you envisioned.

The planning is not just about the décor of the place or the jewellery and outfits you wear or the cuisines you want at your wedding. You need to bring in your creative side to other things as well, like the mehndi design you want, whether you want certain kinds of pictures from your wedding or the playlist at your Sangeet. If you keep such things in your mind, the wedding will automatically exude the vibe you want from it, resonating with you organically.

Many people just hire a good photographer and leave everything up to him/her. However, that is not the right thing to do always, especially if you want certain pictures in your wedding album. There is no harm in discussing the poses or moments with your photographer beforehand.

Getting beautiful family pictures should be one of the top priorities. To help you tap into your creative brain, we have come up with some family photo ideas that you should definitely include to get the best pictures.

1. The candid family moment

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Getting a classic family photo has now become the norm. The best thing you can do is to ask the photographer to click as many pictures as possible when your family is getting ready for the pose.

Instead of using the picture with the pose, use the best candid photo you got before everyone decided how he or she wanted to stand! This can work out to be one of the easiest family photo ideas to get a great picture.

2. The moment when the bride gets the final touch up

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Every bride gets the final touch up from her mother, no matter how efficient the beautician is. This is one truth that everyone knows and every girl loves this as well. Getting that final nod from your mother is a moment when you actually feel confident about your bridal look.

Make sure that this beautiful moment comes in the wedding album. This is one among the many family photo ideas that capture a subtle but important moment.

3. Sangeet Night

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The Sangeet Night is one event where all the important women in the house get together and have a mini party in their own way. The fun songs, the sounds of the Dholak, the candid games; all these moments are some of the best family photo ideas that capture your loved ones having fun!

4. The Entry

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The entry of the bride is a big moment in any wedding, especially when she arrives in the traditional way with Phoolon ki Chaadar over her head, held by her brothers or other males in the family. Make sure you get this moment on camera!

a) Team Bride and Team Groom

5. Create a fun moment


There is no doubt that the bridesmaids and groomsmen are the two categories of people that have the most fun when it comes to a wedding. Create a stunning pose like shown in this picture of family photo ideas where you can see the fun at its best.

6. Bring along your pet


If you have a pet, then make sure that you include him or her in your pictures as just like everyone else, your pet is an equally important member of the family. Let it take the centre stage while your friends and cousins rally around it.

b) Get group photos to get the vibe of the wedding by focussing on:

7. Dance moments


One of the best family photo ideas is to get an aerial shot of the dance floor to get a picture of as many members of the family as possible. It also gives the idea of the fun vibe of the wedding.

8. Mandap


The Mandap is one place where the major action takes place in a wedding. Capture the moment when every face on the stage is filled with emotion. Let the flying flowers be an addition to this beautiful moment.

9. Sibling Love

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There is no greater bond in the world that the one between siblings and this can be perfectly seen at a wedding when one of them cries with joy for the other. Capture the moment when they hug and shed a tear for each other. This emotion makes it one of the most beautiful family photo ideas.

10. The Bidai Moment

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For any girl, the moment of Bidaai is one moment when they cry, even if they’ve been thinking they’re not the crying type! It is surely one of the most emotionally charged moments at a wedding and one of the best family photo ideas one can think of.

With all these family photo ideas, your wedding album will be full of emotions and moments that will bring a smile on your face even after decades. That is the essence of photography.

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