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The Only Bridal Look Book You Need to See With 13 Traditional Brides Looking Regal on Their Big Day

From the authentic Marwari bride to the Bengali bride, the Marathi Mulgi to Lucknowi bride, we explore the concept of a Bridal look in India and check out the variations to it across all of these cultural communities.

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If you are getting married anytime soon, we are sure you spend hours decoding bridal looks that you’ve personally loved. To look flawless on your big day, all you need is a perfect outfit, the right kind of bridal makeup and a big smile that’ll woo away everyone. Indian weddings are grand as well as unique in different regions with varied bridal looks and whether you’re from North or South or East or West, we are here to decode 13 Indian bridal looks from all over the country only for you. Each of these real brides looks regal in bridal outfits that have that special element that describes the culture they belong to.

Go through our specially curated bridal look book to find inspiration for your big day. Read on to find out which one are you and what distinct element your bridal avatar is missing. 

Different Bridal Looks in India

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A Bridal Look is a balance of perfection between your Bridal Lehenga, Bridal Jewellery, Bridal Makeup. It's how you manage to look like your personification of your bridal best. We begin to explore these looks by culture, apart from a few that are more universal in nature.

The Lucknowi Bride

Ajay Golani Photography

Lucknow is called Nawabon ka Shehar and the bridal look from this state is hands down all things royal. Looking regal in all her senses, here are the different components from this look:

Bridal wear - Bridal Lehengas (Chikan, Pastel shades, Shararas or Gharara designs) in colours wearing from red, maroon, pink and green.

Bridal accessory - Paasa, Maang Tikka 

Bridal makeup - Elaborate eye makeup

De Wedding Vows

The power blue and blush pink bridal look is certainly goals, enhanced multifold by stunning bridal jewellery.

The Wedding Salad

Another stunning Lucknowi bride look which will certainly inspire you for your big day.

2. Punjabi Bridal Look

Happyframes Photography

The eternal part of the Punjabi bridal look is wearing bright colours like red, maroon or pink, though pastel shades and salwar suits are as abundant as the Bridal Lehenga. Here we break down the Punjabi Bridal Look for you to take inspiration from:
Bridal wear - Bridal Lehengas in colours wearing from pinks, red, maroon, orange and green. Salwar Suits and Anarkalis are also used.
Bridal accessory - Bridal Chura, Bridal Kalire 
Bridal makeup - Heavy makeup, in balance with the bridal outfit (Read more about the Lehenga Makeup Balance)
Here are a few inspirations:


Adorned in the traditional red lehenga, this Punjabi bridal look is setting some major fashion goals, especially with her green Kundan jewellery.

Anupa Shah Photography

You can even adorn traditional gold jewellery with your red lehenga to look perfectly beautiful. 

3. Assamese Bridal Look

Cupid Dreams

The Assamese Bridal Look is an ethereal one, where a traditional bridal outfit (the Mekhla Chada) is passed over to the bride by the groom's mother.
Bridal wear - Mekhla Chadar, Off-white or Cream coloured silk saree
Bridal makeup - Minimal makeup look (light makeup)
Bridal Accessory - Basic bridal jewellery (intricate gold work and detailing). The Maang Tikka is an inevitable part of this bridal look
Here are some other ideas and inspirations:

Cupid Dreams

This stunning white saree with gold headgear truly makes this bridal look an epitome of grace and beauty.

Equal Weddings

You can even pair traditional gold jewellery with your white and gold saree and look beautiful as ever.

Cupid Dreams

Or go for minimalistic and natural makeup with light jewellery to look graceful just like this bride.

4. Rajasthani Bridal Look

Gautam Khullar Photography

A resplendent Rajasthani bride is portrayed either in an ethnic, Rajputi bridal look or a majestic royal look.

Bridal wear - Rajasthani brides wear lehenga-choli with an Odhni on their wedding day in shades of red. Traditionally, the bride covers her face with the Odhni throughout the wedding, and hence the fabric used to make the Odhni is translucent. Shades of red, vermillion and regal shades of yellow and gold are on the palette.

Bridal jewellery - The ornaments that make up for the ideal Rajasthani bridal look include Rakhri on the forehead, Timaniyaan on her neckline, Choodiare around her wrists, Bajuband around her arm, Bichhiya on the toe-ring and Nath on her nose.

Bridal makeup - The makeup on a Rajasthani bride is usually light and subtle.

Here are a few inspirations for the Rajasthani bridal look:


Rajasthani bridal look is an epitome of tradition and grace as she is adorned in vibrant hues of bridal lehenga and heavy jewellery.

Royal Rajwada Photography

To make a lasting impression, you can dress like a queen on your big day, just like this bride.

5. Bihari Bride

Manmarziyaan Pictures

The bridal look for Bihar sees tones of the Bengali bride and the UP bride together - with a Bridal Lehenga, a yellow saree and a four-day celebration stint. This is how you come up with the Bihari bridal look:

Bridal wear - Two outfits (the Bridal Lehenga, Yellow saree), in auspicious colours of yellow and red.

Bridal accessories - Mauri Mukut, Yellow Dupatta

Bridal makeup - Heavy makeup

6. Hyderabadi Bride

When we look at Andhra-based brides, we talk about the Reddy brides and Andra Arya Varsya brides on one end and the Nizam brides on the other. Here we break down the bridal look for all of them:

Reddy Bridal look

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Hyderabadi brides wear two sarees during their wedding ceremonies. Common notes include a zari saree and a white cotton-silk sarees, with a thick red and gold border.

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Kamarbandh, 

Arya Varsya Bridal look

The Luxe Makeup Studio

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Kamarbandh, 

Nizam Bridal look

Makeup by Aliya Baig

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Kamarbandh

Bridal accessories - Khada Dupatta, Paasa

7. Kannadiga Bride

Bridal Safari

The traditions of a Kannada wedding are quite similar to the Hindu ceremonies. Here are the different bridal looks for Kannada brides:

Bridal wear - Zari saree, heavy silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, gold jewellery

Bridal accessories - Matha Patti, Maang Tikka, Nath


Tatvamai - Pro-Makeup & Hair styling

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Kamarbandh, 

Bridal makeup - Rich shades of golden and elaborate eye makeup.

Mangalore Bunt

For the Love of Makeup

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Kamarbandh 

Bridal makeup - Minimalistic gold makeup


Panna Poornima - Professional Make-up Artist

Bridal wear - Zari saree, White Cotton-silk saree

Bridal jewellery - Temple jewellery, Gold jewellery

Bridal makeup - Natural or light makeup

8. Bengali Bride

Eternity Square Photography

A Bengali bride is a personification of the Goddess, the hero of her bridal tale. While we have explored Bengali bridal makeup in detail earlier, here are the basics that make up the bridal look:

Bridal wear - Bridal sarees in shades of red and white in Benarasi silk with Zari detailing

Bridal accessories - Topor (white ivory headwear)

Bridal makeup - Heavy, with Chandan bindi, dramatic eyes, gold dusting and red lips. Another important aspect of the Bengali bridal look is Alta, which is applied on the bride's feet.

Here are a few more inspirations:

Neessha William

You can play around with colours of your bridal outfit and accessories to create a unique bridal look.

Sona Sachdeva Photography

Looking gorgeous as ever, this bride has adorned a beautiful red and gold saree with gold bridal jewellery which certainly offers some major bridal look goals. 

9. Tamil Bride


Tamil Brahmin

An upheld face, adorned in her Kanjeevaram silk, the Tamil Brahmin bride does not cover her head and chooses to opt for a long braid rather than a bun. Here is a breakdown of her bridal look:

Bridal wear - Kanjeevaram silk sarees in bright colours

Bridal accessories - Heavy temple jewellery, Maang Tikka, Matha Patti, Lakhsmi Haar, Kamarbandh

Bridal Makeup - Sharp eyes, bright lips, long braid adorned with jewellery or flowers

Here are some inspirations:

TBG Bridal Store


10. Christian Bride

Filmy Vivah

Christian brides usually wear white, off-white or cream coloured gowns for their wedding. However, in case of regional variations (like Kerala Christians), the gown is replaced by a white or cream saree. Here is a breakdown of their bridal look:

Bridal wear - Gown, dress or saree with a veil

Bridal accessories - Garnets, Tiara

Bridal jewellery - Diamond jewellery, Fine gold jewellery

Bridal Makeup - Minimal makeup

Here are a few inspirations:

Click n' Cherish by Dushyantha Kumar C

Rattan Studio

11. Kerala Bridal look


Brides from South India always wear heavy jewellery and the Malayali bride is no different. Here is a breakdown of her bridal look:

Bridal wear - Depending on her community a Malayali bride may don:

1. White / cream silk saree with a gold border (Ezvaha)

2. Kanjivarams (Gounder)

3. Modest bridal lehenga (Kerala Muslim wedding)

4. Gold/cream saree with a veil (Kerala Christian wedding)

5. Bridal gown (Anglo-Christian and Kerala Christian weddings)

Bridal jewellery - Layers of elaborate necklaces and headgears (check our deep dive into Kerala wedding jewellery)

Bridal accessories - Floral jewellery created from white mogra, jasmine or Rajnigandha flowers

Here's another couple with the bride in the traditional Malayali look.

Wedding MoPics

12. Marathi Bride

The Photowala

Need to know what's the best thing about the Marathi Mulgi? Let's break down the Marathi bridal look for you

Bridal wear - Two-tone bridal silk saree, the Paithani in auspicious colours like yellow, purple, green and red.

Bridal accessories - The one thing that’s distinct about a Marathi bride is Mundavalya. An ornament made out of a string of flowers or pearls worn around the head of the bride. 

Bridal Jewellery - Simple, traditional gold, an elaborate Nath and glass bangles

Bridal Makeup - Light, natural makeup with a crescent-shaped bindi

Here are some more inspirations:

Ruby Style Studio

Blush by Anvita Walke

13. Parsi Bride

Fotowalle - The Story Folks

Here, the bride wears white on her Parsi wedding day. Here we break down her bridal look for you:

Bridal wear - Heavy embroidery saree in cream or white. The bride keeps her head covered with the saree’s palla and the remaining palla is draped in pleats along the bride’s right shoulder.

Bridal jewellery - Light and minimal - either in diamond or platinum necklaces.

Bridal makeup - Light and minimum.

India is a land with rich cultural aesthetics and rich heritage. Every state has a cultural vibe that is distinct from the other. And when it comes to weddings, the diversity is pretty breathtaking, to say the least. Especially when it comes to the Indian bride. Each bride dresses differently from the other. The diversity is visible in her bridal outfit, the way she does her makeup, the jewellery amongst a handful of other things. We hope by now you have understood what essentially makes one bride different from the other because of her regional aesthetics. 

Don’t forget to tell us which out of these bridal looks was your favourite in the comments section below.