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Punjabi Bridal Makeup Style Guide That Will Make You Look like a Drop Dead Gorgeous Bride

Punjabi weddings are glamorous affairs and punjabi brides, the star of the show! Read how to make sure your bridal makeup shines throughout the wedding!

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Punjabi weddings are believed to be one of the most fun and exciting weddings, and truly so! The good food, the vibrant colors, the Dhol and the late night partying... it’s extravagant from the word GO! As a to-be-Punjabi bride you probably already have the flowy gown and opulent wedding lehenga ready, it’s now time to get ready for your Punjabi bridal makeup! The right makeup will not just accentuate your natural beauty but also add that bit of drama and sass. But how do you achieve a look that screams Punjabi? Here's how:

1. Get Pout Perfect

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Dark bold lip colors will accentuate that pout and define your radiant smile. Go with the traditional reds, pinks and browns, to complement your wedding attire. Choose matte lip shades over glossy ones for a more stylish look and to make sure it stays on longer. Remember the golden rule for selecting a lip shade when it comes to your big day, keeping your undertone in mind. Your lipstick should have the same undertone as your skin. How do you identify that? Look at your wrists, if the veins appear olive or green, you have a warm undertone to your skin. If they appear blue, you have a cool undertone. If they appear a mix of the two, congratulations, you have mixed undertones, which means all shades should suit you. Now that is the biggest secret to perfecting your Punjabi bridal makeup.

2. Keep it Earthy

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Punjabi bridal makeup is associated with loud and bold colours and hues. The key is to keep your makeup earthy and let your attire be the bold statement. Keeping your makeup neutral and earthy will set a balancing act between the two. Apart from a bright lip colour, use earthy colours on your cheeks and eyes. On the other hand, if you are wearing a subtle attire for one of the functions, you can experiment with brighter makeup trends. But don't go overboard with experimentation and stick what suits you best and the look you tried for your makeup trial

3. Bedazzle with Bronzer

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No matter what the colour of your attire is or how subtle or loud your makeup is, adding a dab of bronzer will give you the perfect look, in real and in pictures. Highlighting significant areas like the cheekbones and the collarbones with a bronzer will add depth and definition to your overall look. Punjabi bridal makeup is all about being bedazzling, what better way than to bronze it out? Bridal make up tips are key to having the perfect makeup. 

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The dewy and fresh look it can achieve is what a Punjabi bridal makeup needs to stand out. Apply it on the right places and it will make you shine.

4. Define The Eyes

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Dramatic eye makeup is quintessential! Whether it’s a day function, pre-bridal or wedding reception, defining the eyes and adding character to them is a definite must. Go overboard with lash extensions, add glitter and glam, and you can even add Swarovski crystal Bindis to your long-winged liner for an even more stylish effect. You can have a natural look but even that will require a dose of Punjabi bridal makeup for it to stand out. Who knew even a natural eye makeup could look dramatic! 

5. Don’t Cakeup 

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Makeup and cake-up are very different! Don’t go overboard with the foundation and base, losing your natural skin tone and features in the process. Good makeup is about highlighting your best features instead of creating ones that don’t exist! The base you create must conceal problem areas, if any, and offer a smooth even tone to further work upon. And nothing more, so keep that in mind when selecting a makeup artist. You will know at the trial itself what their style of working is and you can then make your decision accordingly.

6. Bring out the Punjabi-ness

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Punjabi girls are known for their beautiful features and lush hair. Make sure your Punjabi bridal makeup is able to do complete justice in bringing out the best of your Punjabi-ness. Whether it’s a small function at home or the wedding day itself, accentuate every feature for picture-perfect memories. Also, your hairstyle plays a great role in enhancing your overall makeup and look.

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Bonus tips for your makeup checklist: 

  • Always take a trial before choosing your makeup artist.
  • The trial will help you better understand your needs and expectations and also give you a better idea about the look you want to create.
  • Try different looks and styles for different wedding functions.
  • Think from the perspective of photography too, a little extra drama brings out the best pictures.
  • Always go with your gut feeling!
  • Prepare a makeup kit.

Choosing the right makeup artist and Punjabi bridal makeup style is important to ensure that your wedding pictures come out perfect and flawless. We suggest getting your wedding photographer to click you during the makeup session so that you can correct any visible issues. That said, it’s important that you are confident about the style you carry because there is no better makeup than a confident smile and true happiness. Keep tab of the trends but make your own statement! 

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