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Interesting Photography Poses for the Perfect Family Photographs!

Family photographs from the wedding help you relive the happiness of that time. To keep your family photographs interesting, we have curated this list of photography poses everyone can rely on!


Weddings bring the whole family together to celebrate. You get to meet all your family members and spend a great time dancing, laughing and taking part in all the wedding formalities together. As a result, you end up creating so many beautiful memories that you can reflect back on throughout your life. To help you relive those beautiful memories, photographs are absolutely essential. They say that a single photograph is worth a 1000 words, so you should definitely have the best photographs to look back on.

You can rely on creative photography poses so that your images capture the true emotions of the wedding. The following are some interesting family photographs with unique photography poses that you can take inspiration from!

1. Royal Family Photograph

Dipak Studios

This photograph captures an elegant looking picture of the bride with her parents and brother. The setting and the posture of the family members make the photograph look so beautiful and royal. Such kind of photography poses are evergreen and form one of those classic family photographs that you can get framed to display in the living room of the house.

2. The affectionate parents of the bride

Dipak Studios

In this photograph, we can see the parents of the bride showering their love over their daughter by kissing her on both the cheeks from either side. These kinds of photography poses beautifully capture the parents’ love for their daughter. This is the kind of picture that the parents and the daughter gaze at when they miss each other as it reminds them of the love that they share with each other and takes them back to the childhood days of the girl.

3. Getting the bride ready, one last time

Image Courtesy: Rolling Canvas Photography

Next, on our list of different photography poses, we have another picture that strongly captures the bond between the parents and the daughter. The photograph shows the parents helping their daughter get ready on her wedding day.

Although they are not literally making her get ready, the photograph symbolises how the parents have invested so much effort and love throughout her life, as she grew from a child to a woman. They are now done with their duties of raising their girl and it’s time for a great leap in the lives of both the parents and the daughter. 

4. The bride with her team of sisters

Image Courtesy: G Stills Photography

This is another one of those quirky and creative photography poses that feature the bride and her sisters. In this photograph, we see the bride’s sisters wearing an outfit that is identical with one another and sitting around the bride, forming a circle. One of them is tying the bride’s Payal. This photograph symbolises the beautiful relationship of the bride with her sisters and shows how they want her to look the most beautiful on the biggest day of her life.

5. Quirky  Family group photograph


Weddings bring with themselves a fun atmosphere where everybody from the family wants to celebrate to the fullest. You can also get such a group family photograph clicked while pulling off such cool poses like the one shown here. You can do the dab or use any creative signs to capture the enthusiasm of the wedding celebrations and create memorable photography poses you’ll talk about later in life!

6. Enjoying wedding rituals and traditions


During a wedding, you get to take part in rituals and ceremonies that you only get to participate in once in your life. As in the above photograph, you should get family photographs clicked while enjoying the festivities that come with the wedding. Such photography poses will leave you with pictures that will instantly take you back to the wedding day when you look at them!

7. Hands up in the air!


This is another happy group picture that captures the joy and liveliness of the wedding celebrations to the fullest. Every family member has their hands in the air in celebration and is thoroughly enjoying the wedding.

8. Dressing up the groom for his big day

Vipul Sharma Photography

In the last photograph on our list of photography poses for the wedding day, we can see the bond between the groom and the women of his family. The family members are trying to make the groom look his absolute best on his wedding day, while he enjoys all the attention that’s getting! Such pictures can also come about when your photographer is taking candid shots!

Wedding photographs carry so much importance and emotions for the couple and their entire families. Different photography poses tell a unique story in themselves, depicting the different waves of emotions that a wedding brings with itself. You would like to look back at a wedding album that truly captures your feelings through different photography poses. We hope that this list of different poses for family photographs leaves you with plenty of ideas and inspiration!

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