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5 Wedding Album Designs That Say It's All About You For Your Special Pictures

Do you cherish each and every wedding photograph and the memories associated with it? Put your pictures in meaningful wedding album designs and see how they help you star those memories in your mind.

Knotting Bells

Walk down memory lane every time you feel nostalgic by creating a physical album of your precious memories. Sure, we live in a digital age and post every single thought online, but nothing can take away the charm of thumbing through an old-school wedding album as and when you please. If the thought of doing so is already making you feel warm and fuzzy, then it’s time to explore a few wedding album designs to figure out what type of album you can create.

Make sure that the style you pick speaks volumes about the two of you! Here are a few ideas that you’ve got to check out!

1. The grungy look

The Captured Story

Do you and your boo love rock music, chilled out vibes and a little bit of cynicism? Then a grungy album is absolutely right for you. Not only can you use this vibe to present pictures in a cool way, you can also use it to detail your wedding couple story together. All you need to do is include little elements that resonate with the two of you.

Paying attention to details the lyrics of your favourite song, band logos and using grungy, distorted fonts can all help you create this look.

2. The minimalist glam vibe


This one’s all over Instagram and it’s no secret why – the glam, minimalist vibe is easy to create. Moreover, it always looks super neat and pretty. You should pick lighter shades of wedding colours.

This can ensure you’ve got a clean background. Don’t forget to use graphic elements like stripes, borders, and décor motifs to your advantage. A super easy way to achieve this is to use a palm-leaf motif on the pages.

This can be especially meaningful if you enjoyed your honeymoon in a tropical region. Washy tape is a great tool to create borders around pictures, or on the pages. These come in multiple prints and are easy to source.

3. The funky pop art look


Pop art is characterised by lots of bright colours and happy vibes. What better way to show your love story? Create an Andy Warhol inspired design theme to achieve this. You can also use comic inspired backgrounds with half-tone dots to create visual intrigue.

A jazzy background like this, when coupled with a foreground of images, can look really look. You can also use additional elements like product patterns if there is something in particular that you bonded over. This can also add to the Warhol-esque vibe that you’re going for. Keep in mind that your fonts should be bubbled letters and comic-inspired if you want them to be cohesive with the theme.

4. The rustic, home-made look

Nitin Arora Photography

You don’t have to be artistic or particularly creative in order to come up with cool wedding album designs. The rustic look relies on an unfinished, unpolished look, which can be easily achieved by you at home. Use earth toned paper and album covers in order to stick with this theme.

You can have a great handwritten element by adding your memories or thoughts under pictures. Sweet notes about the past can be a great thing to rediscover when you’re going through the album a few years down the line. The two of you can laugh over your memories and fall in love with each other all over again. Just make sure that your handwriting is legible!

If it isn’t, you can always ask a friend for help! Also, do not shy away from adding relationship-specific elements to the album. Old movie tickets, a folded love note, or pressed flowers can be great additions to the album.

5. The traditional Indian look

Nitin Arora Photography

Here’s a design theme that you can never go wrong with – the traditional Indian look. In order to make the album design feel closer to heart, pick a theme that apes your wedding theme. So, for instance, if you wore a mint green and pink lehenga on your wedding, let your wedding album designs reflect the same.

Conversely, you can also ape the design of your wedding invitation card. Additional elements like floral motifs, Indian patterns like paisley, and ethnic looking fonts can all add to the design theme pretty well.

Your wedding album will tell your story forever. It is what your children will someday comb through while looking for stunning wedding pictures of their parents. So, make sure that the album itself means something to you. Choose pictures that resonate with you or inspire an emotional reaction. Make sure you add your pictures in chronological order, starting from the first ceremony of your wedding and ending at the last one. This way, it will feel more like a journey.

You may have your album designs sorted, but what about the pictures? Get in touch with our expert wedding photographers for stunning pictures!