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How to Pick Your Wedding Colours in the Simplest Way Possible

If you’re looking for tips for picking and deciding your favourite wedding colours but don't know how to go about it, here's an easy guide. Follow these tips and selecting your wedding colours will feel like a simple task.

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Your wedding colours are spread across all the minute details of your wedding and not just your wedding decor. Sure, the wedding colours you choose will influence your wedding theme but its effect can be amplified to such a greater extent. Make your wedding invitations in your wedding colours, your wedding cake, and even the dance floor. But how do you choose your wedding colours? We'll help you with that, simply read on.

1. Balance your venue and preferred colours

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Do keep your location in mind while trying to figure out the perfect colour palette. If there’s a horrible clash of colours you’d rather avoid, consider experimenting with hues. You can compromise a little if you think the venue is absolutely perfect and opt for alternative colour schemes that may work better with the location. You’ll want to ensure that you don’t stress too much over the details and balance the elements by mixing and matching.

2. Consider the vibes

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Are you looking for a more colourful, vibrant vibes or a toned down, subtle mood? Whatever you choose to opt for, you’ll have to work on your colour scheme accordingly. Remember that you don’t need to go overboard and sticking to something classic will do the trick for times when you’re confused and simply not sure what to go for.

3. Talk to a professional


This might seem a bit too much to take care of on your own and it’s never a bad idea to get a professional involved. If you ask someone who knows what they’re doing to help you out, they’ll be able to give you solid advice and offer feedback you can actually work with instead of vague options. Ask many questions and get your doubts resolved, no matter how silly they may seem to you.

4. Figure out your priorities

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Don’t leave details till the very end. For instance, if you’ve always wanted tasteful and classy lamps at your wedding reception, you should go for them and work out other details such as major colour schemes at the venue around them. Don’t neglect your priorities and arrange them in a way that ensures you won’t be frustrated later about a complete mismatch.

5. Your preferences matter

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Check your wardrobe. Which colours do you predominantly own? Which colours did you choose for the walls in your home? Which colours are your personal favourites and a reflection of your personality? Don’t ignore your preferences and take out some time to make room for them while deciding what works best for your wedding. Ask your groom-to-be for his prefernces and reach a common ground.

6. Research is important

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Online blogs, art magazines, friends’ wedding pictures, films are all solid places to look at for some colour inspiration. You need to blindly follow a trend but simply looking at other resources will help you make your decision and choose something that works really well for your wedding. It may even give you new ideas or opportunities to give the available options a completely new twist.

Now that you have a plan of action in place, finalising your wedding colours should not be a difficult task. The best way to showcase your wedding colours is with flowers. Include a combination of Indian and international flowers to cut down on costs instead of using only international flowers. Try to choose something that you both agree on and isn't the exact shade of your outfits. After all, you don't wanna look like your wedding decor on the big day, now, would you?

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