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3 Types of Wedding Venues - Why Choose Indoors, Open Skies or a Destination For Your Grand Indian Wedding

Choosing your wedding venue should be your first consideration, much, much before anything else. And before you do that, we help you with pros and cons for the four basic types of wedding venues.

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Eenie-meenie-miney-mo? Oh, no, no, no! That's not how you decide what kind of wedding venue you'd want to pick for your special day. You may be clueless, have a fair idea or have your heart set on a palatial Udaipur wedding or a beach wedding. However, we are talking about the basic location - would it be indoors (like a banquet hall), absolutely outdoors or somewhere in the middle (a farmhouse wedding). 

Know the pros and cons of all types of wedding venues to figure out what works best for you:

1. The Outdoors

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Wish to mark your special day under the sun, the open skies, in a garden, a hilltop, a beach or on the outskirts of a forest? Then you're thinking of solemnising your wedding vows in the great outdoors. It also means quite a bit of planning ahead, when it comes to making it a reality.

Keep these in mind before you choose an outdoor wedding venue among different types of wedding venues:

A. Pro: Flexibility

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You can literally incorporate any element you can think of and visualise the entire setup as per your liking. The outdoors allow you to experiment to your heart’s content and play with several elements and natural lighting at once, allowing you to have amazing wedding pictures as well.

B. Pro: Natural Beauty

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The unparalleled beauty of nature cannot be underestimated. It is much better than an artificial setting and has a plethora of options for you to experiment with. A wedding in a natural environment will feel like a breath of fresh air, away from pollution.

C. Con: Weather Conditions


You won’t be able to control the weather in outdoor types of wedding venues. It may get too stuffy or may start raining. Your guests may feel too cold if it’s a ceremony late at night in December. Opting for a location outside makes it a little tricky and calls for a backup plan.

D. Con: Comfort Level

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Your guests may not feel as comfortable outside. Mosquitoes, inadequate seating arrangements, the lack of an air-conditioned environment may make cause a bit of a situation. Proper planning may help avoid these complications in these types of wedding venues.

2. Banquet Halls and Hotels


Is your wedding date on a cool, winter day or a rainy day? That's the first reason to have your nupitals indoors. A smaller set of wedding guests, packaging your wedding budget around a hotel and a confirmed venue are some of the other reasons, according to recent brides. All of these become a case for indoor weddings as the types of wedding venues you should consider, in contrast to those held outside.

A. Pro: Facilities

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Among indoor types of wedding venues, a hotel has all the facilities you may possibly want or need for your wedding. You don’t need to make several arrangements for your ceremonies because everything will most probably be taken care of. You can also get great deals, discounted rates and even get separate dressing rooms and accommodation options for your guests. The weather won’t hurt your plans either.

B. Pro: Skilled Staff

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You can get the hotel staff to help you out with everything. From food to taking care of your guests, everything will be taken care of by people who know what they’re doing. They’re used to wedding parties and entertaining many guests at once, leaving you in a stress-free state.

C. Con: Rules and Regulations

There may be certain rules you won’t be able to work around. The number of options available may feel restricted and not let you experiment as much as you want. This can be slightly frustrating to handle with these types of wedding venues. They may also require using their vendors’ services.

D. Con: Total Costs

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There may be hidden costs that may come to light only later. Things may add up and your budgeting may take a hit. It’s a lot more expensive when it comes to hotels because of their set list of rules and regulations.

3. Destination Weddings

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Think beyond the blue with a getaway wedding, that will appeal to everyone in the family. Choose a remarkable destination - a heritage property, a palatial backdrop, an island, out on a beach or even a mountaintop. Pack your small set of wedding guests for this residential wedding and save your day from the mundane. While destination weddings make the most sense to many millennial couples, here are the things you need to keep in mind before you decide to go ahead with one.

A. Pro: A Change from the Usual


It adds up to the overall glam factor of the wedding and adds to the excitement as everyone ends up looking forward to a wedding and a holiday. These types of wedding venues are like a constant party and a new wedding destination makes most guests very happy.

B. Pro: Plenty of Time

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You’ll get to spend a lot of time with your wedding guests without having to rush to certain locations. It’s much more relaxed and fun. You can also invite only a certain number of guests, your closest friends and family. This will allow you to squeeze in a lot of quality time and give your priceless memories.

C. Con: An Expensive affair

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A destination wedding can add up to the overall cost of the wedding. With these types of wedding venues, there are hotel bookings, flight tickets, transport arrangements to take care of at the location, a whole itinerary to plan, and more.

D. Con: Learning Laws of the Land

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You don’t want to end up offending locals with a loud party and drunken guests disturbing locals late in the night. This requires you to tread carefully and you may need to obtain legal permission for certain ceremonies – a wedding ceremony at a beach, for instance. Local vendors may be difficult to negotiate with as well, which means you’ll have to get a lot of research done well in advance.

Have a clearer picture in your head as to where you would conduct your wedding? Good. We recommend connecting with the right wedding venues to go with this idea and check for availability on your chosen wedding date.

Connect with the wedding venue of your choice today.