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The Only Guide You Need to Fix Your Wedding Date with Ease

Choosing a wedding date doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Here are useful tips to help you pick your dates:

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All of your wedding dreams revolve around it; what is it? Your wedding date, of course! All of your vendors, bridal lehenga alterations and honeymoon plans depend on what your wedding date is. Your favourite wedding photographer might agree to all your requirements but is not free for your wedding date - this is quite a probable scenario. So how does one pick a date? Do you look for convenience, what the Pandit Ji say or according to your elders? Fixating and deciding on one wedding date that will turn out to be not just auspicious but ensure that the new start would be nothing short of perfect is a tedious task in itself. From consulting astrologers to Panditji's to some family Guruji's the list of people who can help a couple and their family with deciding a wedding date is endless. But, before you get to that we will help you with a rundown of the symbolism that lies behind these wedding dates, what makes them so important and how they will help you in life now and later.

Here are some ideas to help you figure the whole affair out about wedding dates and much more.

1. Turn to symbolism

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Wouldn’t it be dreamy to pick a wedding date that really means something to you? It could be the day you first met your better half or even your grandparents’ anniversary. If you can’t get bookings done for that exact date, you can still get something very close to it. Different cultures follow different practices and some people even prefer to consult astrological calendars. Think about how lovely it would be to be able to explain to your guests why you chose a particular date and why it is so special for you; it makes everything a lot more memorable.

2. The season

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This really depends on what appeals to you and what you’re aiming for. People will dress up differently; turn to different kind of activities during a winter wedding, for example. Go with what suits your personality the most and what appeals to you and your partner. You can consider costs as well along with practicalities such as avoiding a wedding during the monsoon to make sure you can keep a reception party outdoors without stressing over unpredictable rain. Peak season rates will always shoot up because of popularity and you must plan accordingly based on your preferences.

3. Preferences

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Perhaps you’d like to consult your closest friends and family members and take their preferences into account while choosing the wedding date. This especially makes sense if it’s a destination wedding and guests need to make arrangements beforehand such as applying for leave at work. Don’t get too swayed, though and it’s best to not ask too many people before finalising the wedding date because it’ll be a bit of a confusing mess. Go ultimately with what is best suited for you and don’t worry too much about the rest. People will make adjustments and arrangements for the special occasion to make your big day even more special and much more.

4. Days that are a no-no


There will be certain days that won’t work at all, of course. Consider religious festivals, major public holidays or even an extremely stressful time of the year at work. Avoid these days and double check the calendars. Do your research beforehand and make sure you don’t pick something that’ll be too impractical to handle including a day like Monday which may make it much harder for people to show up. Choosing a convenient wedding date will also give you a chance to plan for your honeymoon and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Remember that your wedding date will also affect the availability of your wedding guests. So, ensure that you have ample time to prepare for everything, the wedding planning process is not rushed through and you feel at ease while thinking of the panned-out planning process. You can even take the help of online wedding planning tools which help you keep a track of everything on the go. You can always check out the marriage date calendar for the upcoming year if you want to take advantage of the wedding season and off-season period. There is a lot more to finalising your wedding date than just supernatural reasons. From monsoon predictions to a national holiday or the hottest day of the season - all of these reasons play a very crucial role when a person sits down to decide their wedding date. So, which one of these if the one for you? The religious connotation or the season of your liking - which one would you choose for deciding your wedding date? 

Tell us in the comments which way are you going to take for planning your wedding date?