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6 Essential Tips You Can't Miss When Packing for Your Honeymoon

Your big wedding and the frenzy are over. It’s time to pack for your honeymoon and get some alone time with your better half!

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Packing for any trip is easy if you are a well-organised person. But still, your honeymoon is not just a mere trip; it’s your first holiday as newlyweds. It needs to be flawless. Here you have a list of some suggestions that will help you pack your suitcase much better for your honeymoon. You wouldn't want to take a vacation with the wrong set of clothes.

Would you, now? So, it is imperative that you pay attention to the climate and current weather of your honeymoon destination. Also, be mindful of the various activities that you will embark upon. Let's say a cocktail dress for a night at a club or a beach dress for a pool party. So, read on to understand what all you must pack when headed for your honeymoon. 

1. Make a list of the things you want to take

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A checklist of items you have to pack is a very good step for a well-organised trip. If you are frantically packing everything at the last minute, you will definitely forget one or two important things.

That's why,  make a list well within time, which includes all the items that you have and need to buy for your honeymoon trip. Make it somewhere online like your wedding to-do list so that you don't spend time rummaging through your stuff looking for where you put it.

And most importantly, don’t forget to check everything before you close your suitcase! 

2. Organise and label everything

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Don’t throw all your things in together; put them separately in small plastic bags, like your hygiene products, bridal makeup, etc. This way nothing gets spilt and spoils your clothes; plus, you don’t have to take everything out to get your toothbrush. This also comes in handy when you are looking to save some packing space for the items you will be buying on your honeymoon.

Since you've only got this much luggage to pack your stuff in. Keeping everything segregated and labelled will make your luggage organised as well and save your time seacrhing for different items.

3. Don’t forget the emergency kit

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Take medicines for colds, headaches, digestion issues. If you have some specific medicines you must take with you, don’t forget to get a doctor’s prescription if you are going to a different country. For a foreign honeymoon, keep a copy of all your important documents with you and the emergency numbers written down somewhere on a piece of paper.

These numbers should include your embassy's number, travel agent's number, hotel's number among others. And women, do keep a pepper spray with you at all times. One can never be too cautious.

4. Select the right clothes

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Choose the most suitable clothes for your journey keeping in mind the destination’s climate and all those activities you want to do during your trip, and select fabrics that don’t get creased very easily.

Pack all clothes one by one according to your travel needs. And don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes: take two or three pairs so that you can change them depending on what you are going to do or the places you are going to visit.

Don't overload your luggage with too many clothes. Pack according to the numbers of days you're going for, mix and match outfits and go for apparel items that are thin and don't take up much space. 

5. You won’t forget your camera or your mobile

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Just make sure that you take the battery charger or an extra battery with you! Also, a selfie stick will help you take the best photos of your everlasting memories without wasting time finding someone to click an unclear and diluted picture from your camera.

When travelling abroad, keeping an extra set of batteries for all your devices and more than one power bank for your phone is one thing you will be thankful for. 

6. The most important items

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Your travel documents. If you forget something else, you can always buy a spare one, but not your passport! Before leaving check your IDs, passports, visas, credit cards, hotel reservations, list of emergency numbers, etc.

These are some of the things that you must keep in mind when packing your travelling bags on your way to your honeymoon destination. Ensure you talk to some of your friends who recently got married.

We are sure they'll be able to give you some pointers which will come in pretty handy. Well, pun intended. From beach dresses to some comfortable set of PJs and your hubby by your side and you're good to go. You can also read some real couple's take on their honeymoon story and unravel a few things you could perhaps do it as your own. 

Tell us where you went for your honeymoon through comments.