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Fun Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Entertaining

Indian weddings are all about love and fun. From the pre-wedding ceremonies and rituals to the official wedding day, the energy just has to keep going. It is best to add more activities to your wedding aside from the usual singing and dancing.

Capture by Vikram

You may already be expecting a unique and exciting wedding. The program has been set and the usual activities all planned out but somehow you find it still lacking something. If you want a more than the ordinarily entertaining Indian wedding, try these fun ideas:

DJ Song Request

Everyone has their own favourite songs. Why not give your guests a chance to have their most beloved songs played by the wedding DJ? Put up a huge bowl or box where your guests can write their requested songs which the DJ can play later on. It’s a way to make your guests feel more involved in the celebration. It also helps the DJ prepare his playlist since he won’t have to think of it on his own.

Play Games

Have parlour games in your wedding reception or during your pre-wedding parties. You can play the classic paper dance and have your guests find a pair. You can also play a karaoke or singing game or mini competition where you choose among your guests or have volunteers to come up on stage and sing to a karaoke machine or come up with their own songs. Other fun games are message relays, race games, and more. You can be as creative as you’d like!

Funky Wedding Photo Booth

Photos are the best way to preserve the memories of your wedding day. Charging up the wedding photo booth is becoming a popular wedding gimmick nowadays. Decorate your wedding photo booth according to your wedding motif. Then, you can have guests use different props to wear or to hold as they have their photos taken. You can also make a creative frame where the guests can stand at the centre. This can be a simple frame design or you can make funkier by shaping it into a heart or a phone screen. You can also add humour by having a face in the hole photo booth where guests can just pop their heads or face into.

Share Your Love Story With Everyone

For the intrigued guests, hearing your love story is a great way to add more fun to your wedding. You can have a slideshow or movie created about your love story. A narrator can be hired to add more drama to the story telling or you can simply have it included as voice over on the movie. If you want it more special and you have many friends to help you, you can ask them to take part by letting them read parts of a narration you created. To make it unique, have your friends tell about how they met you and how they watched your love story unfold. Guests will surely look forward to this.

Fireworks Display

After all the fun days that you shared with your beloved and your valued guests, make the conclusion of the celebration more explosive. Explosive in a sense by having a grand fireworks display. This would be somewhat like a feast to the eyes of your guests and a great way to conclude a wonderful wedding event.