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8 New Inspirations for Mehndi Design with Name

Sneakily hiding your groom's name in your bridal mehndi has been an age-old ritual. Here's how couples are giving mehndi designs with name a modern spin!

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Traditionally, the mehndi application holds a lot of importance. While it was essentially applied to add to the beauty of the bride, it was a part of fun wedding games too. The bride would hide the letters of the groom's name in her mehndi and he was supposed to find all of them on their wedding night. Isn't that a great way to break the ice? Modern-day brides also love their mehndi design with name and put a fun twist to this game. They are still opting to add their groom's name but in some unique ways. Let's explore!  

1. Keep it in your heart

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First things first: unlike olden days, even the bride's name is allowed to be written in the mehndi. Owing to this, many brides are getting their names added to the design. In this design, for example, the bride has created two hearts on the tops of her hands. In one heart, she has written her name while the other heart carries the name of her husband. This sweet and romantic gesture is quite trend-setting.

2. Try unique fonts

Image Courtesy: Henna By Divya 

Traditionally, the name, especially of your groom, was supposed to be hidden somewhere in your mehndi design in the Hindi language. But, thanks to globalisation, millennial couples are switching things up by going for unique fonts that create almost a tattoo-like look. The bride can opt to add just her husband's name or chip in her's too. Either way, she can make her mehndi design look super exclusive.

3. A dedication to your queen

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In many cultures, even the grooms are supposed to apply at least a hint of mehndi for good luck. Whether your culture requires this norm or not the groom can dedicate his mehndi to the bride. This romantic groom, for example, created a love-struck heart with mehndi; to show his unending love for his bride, he wrote the bride's name inside the heart. We're sure 'Akriti' will remember this heart-melting gesture for life.

4. Tag the hashtag

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With the popularity of social media and hashtags, couples are creating a unique hashtag for their wedding. This hashtag can become a part of the mehndi design along with other elements that depict your love story. Usually, the hashtag is a play on the couple's names or a detail that played a major role in your love story. This style of mehndi design with name will help create a unique, memorable mehndi look and will keep the on-lookers aware of the hashtag too.

5. Match-making


Make the proverbial matching of hearts come to life with your bridal mehndi design with name. Create a symmetrical design, which leads to something beautiful when your hands are joined. This means, not only the design will make more sense when you join your hands but there will be two halves of a heart that will come together and join you, by joining your names or initials.

6. Depict his name


Keep him guessing by not actually writing his name with letters but creating elements that depict his name or the meaning of his name. For instance, if your groom's name is Mayur, which means the beautiful peacock, you can go for a mehndi design that features peacocks extensively. Isn't this mehndi design with name unique and unpredictable and yet so beautiful?

7. Make it filmy

Image: Courtesy: Shraddha Mehendi Kala

Your wedding will add a new element to your identity, i.e. you'll become someone's wife too. So, go a little filmy way and use phrases that feature his name and mentions you too. This bride's rendition is 'Vishal ki dulhaniya', where Vishal is obviously her groom's name.

8. Get sneaky


Not a fan of hiding the letters of the groom's name here and there in your mehndi design with name? Just hide the full name sneakily somewhere so that finding it is still fun but not complicated. On the side of your palm, on your fingertips, on the top of your ring finger are some great ideas. Isn't it fun to add elements that depict or highlight your partner in your mehndi design?

The best thing about mehndi designs with name is that there are no hard and fast rules, which leaves a lot of room for experiment. From minimalism loving brides to brides who love to keep it super traditional these ideas will surely come in handy.  

Which idea did you like the most?