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Here Are Some Smart Ways to Travel Safe During/post the COVID-19 Period

If you've been dreaming about your next travel but don't know how to start, this one is for you! Here are some smart ways to travel safe in the pandemic situation for you to bookmark.


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Remember those BC days (Before Corona!) when you could just pack your backpack, get to the bus terminal and head towards the nearest hill station for a refreshing break from the city? Sounds like a fairytale from a parallel universe now, doesn't it? Since the pandemic, the only kind of travel you've indulged into is virtual travel fiesta! Many couples have even cancelled their honeymoon plans owing to the pandemic. How much longer can you really put up with this? If your feet have been itching real hard and you often find yourself ogling at your travel bags, maybe it's time to turn your travel fantasy into a reality.

But how do you start? Where should you go? What are the inter-state travel regulations? And the most important it safe? Well, let us answer all your queries and concerns with some smart ways to travel safely during the pandemic. You just might get motivated to actually pack your bags for your very first travel in over five months!

Picking The Destination

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Choosing the right destination for your first travel during the pandemic is of utmost importance. We suggest baby steps are the way to go. Therefore, it's advisable to keep the following points in mind while you learn about ways to travel safe:

  • Research well about the green zones before zeroing down to one location.
  • Don't venture for too far off places and stick to the locations that are in the drivable distance. Let's keep that under 500kms.
  • Avoid crowded and super popular tourist destinations and stick to lesser-known areas.
  • Steer clear of religious destinations if possible to avoid any chances of crowds.
  • Places that are isolated yet well connected to the nearby markets and grocery shops etc. are best to go for.

Inter-State Travel Regulations

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One of the most significant ways to travel safely in these times is to research and know about the rules and regulations. Before you start your travel, learn about inter-state travel laws. Most states have followed certain travel protocols that you must know. Here are some of them:

  • You must have an Arogya Setu App installed on your phone declaring your SAFE status.
  • Every tourist is required to get an e-pass issued from the respective state websites.
  • You must follow the minimum duration of stay required by the concerned state. For example, Uttarakhand requires you to stay at least 7 days, if you've been travelling for less than a week. For Himachal Pradesh, the minimum stay duration is two days over multiple locations.
  • Every tourist entering the state must submit a self-declaration form along with their contact info by registering themselves on the state website.
  • Although not mandatory for road trips, but it's advisable to get your COVID negative tests done and produce them if asked. The tests are required to be as recent as possible.
  • However, for international air travel, a COVID negative test report is mandatory.
  • Be prepared to get screened at the check posts while crossing borders.

Choosing The Accommodation

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Now comes the part where you need to pick your accommodation for your next travel. One of the ways to travel safe is to select the right kind of accommodation with minimum risks. Here are some pointers:

  • It's advisable to book Airbnb accommodation in a private house rather than a hotel for minimum communication with other guests.
  • If you're staying for over a week, check for high-speed internet facility, kitchen, and a cook. Although you may feel like eating out, it's better to start slow.
  • Get all the furniture especially beds, pillows and couches sanitised before you use them. Carrying your own sheets and covers might not be the worst idea too!
  • Read about online reviews about the accommodation and focus on their hygiene and cleanliness points.

Eat and Drink Wisely

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One of the most exciting parts of travelling is food and drinks. But travelling during the pandemic needs to adhere to certain different eating and drinking rules. Here are some crucial ways to travel safely in terms of your food & beverages:

  • In case of a road trip, carry your own breakfast and if needed lunch. Go for dry food items like sandwiches, muffins, biscuits, boiled eggs, parathas, fruits to keep things less messy. Carry large thermos flasks of coffee or tea.
  • Choosing accommodation with a kitchen would be advisable so that you can eat homecooked food. Hire a cook on a per-day basis if you're not in the mood for cooking.
  • Avoid Dhaba or restaurant food right at the beginning of your trip. Your stomach is yet to get re-accustomed to outside food after five months.
  • Carry your own booze or buy sealed bottles from licensed shops on your way.
  • Avoid drinking juice from open juice bars.
  • You could try eating from a well-established restaurant on your way back home but make sure to stick to only steaming hot freshly cooked food.

Personal Hygiene

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And finally, the most critical point that we can't stress enough on. Maintaining basic hygiene and sanitising rules is above everything else. So here are some ways to travel safe that you must remember in the hygiene area:

  • Carry sufficient amounts of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, wet wipes, surface sanitizer necessary for the entire trip duration.
  • Keep wearing your face masks and gloves during the whole road travel duration.
  • Use minimum public restrooms and toilets. Sanitise well before and after every time you use them.
  • If you're buying grocery, fruits and vegetables for your stay, wash/sanitise them well before consuming.
  • Avoid physical contact and use digital money wherever possible.
  • Do not step outside your accommodation without your sanitisers and masks.

We know it's been scary. We understand you can never be too safe. But you must not stop living either. Once you understand ways to travel safe well, start your preparations accordingly. Stock up on the necessary hygiene products. Stay vigilant and careful while you're out. Don't be afraid to go for long walks in the woods or sit by the river. Maintain social distancing while you enjoy some picturesque landscapes. It might seem difficult to achieve now, but if you are well aware and well prepared, it's not totally impossible. Take small careful steps to enter the new-normal world with your first travel!

Get in touch with the professionals on board to plan a flawless trip.

Do you find this article encouraging enough to take your first travel during these times? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!