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Find the Best Places for Honeymoon in February in India Now!

Looking for some unusual, off-beat places for your honeymoon? Here is a list of ideas to pick the best place for honeymoon in February in India. Take a look!

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If you're tired of hearing the same names and suggestions for your honeymoon destinations, you need an off-radar place! Finding the best place for honeymoon in February in India that's not a mainstream destination, is just as much of a challenge as it's fun! And while researching for your February honeymoon in India, you must have already read, picked, rejected quite a couple of places!

Well, sweat not! We are here with an exclusive list of names that are neither crowded nor touristy! The perfect choices for an off-beat vacation! Take a look, pick your favourite, plan and just start packing your bags!

Mesmerising Mizoram

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Welcome to one of the most the gorgeous among the North Eastern "seven sisters" states! The untouched nature itself will simply take your breath away. Plan a romantic picnic date by the pristine Rih Dil Lake or explore the caves of Mura while you hear interesting folklore from the locals; try Champai's very own brewed port wine produced in Champai & Hnahlan Winery.

So, when you're looking for the best place for honeymoon in February in India, Mizoram will surely make your romantic honeymoon an unforgettable experience!

How to reach: Flight from Kolkata, Imphal or Guwahati.

Things to do: 

  • Try Mizo local cuisine especially Bai (their famous pork & rice dish).
  • Stay with the local families at their homestay for an authentic experience.
  • Visit the Murlen National Park and Mura Pak caves.
  • Enjoy beautiful mountain sunrise from your balcony with your partner!

Ravishing Rann of Kutch


If you're looking for an off-beat yet the best place for honeymoon in February in India, rush to the white salt deserts of the Kutch! Apart from the grand experience of witnessing the Rann of Kutch, you can also take a trip to the Kalo Dungar hill for breathtaking views of India-Pak border. Express your love on a date by the Topansar Lake. Stroll by the Mandvi beach for a quiet evening with your beloved.

How to reach: Flight till Bhuj Airport/Railway station and then about an hour drive to Kutch.

Things to do: 

  • Desert safari and camping in tents on the Rann of Kutch.
  • Take loads of pictures from the Kalo Dungar.
  • Visit the Aina Mahal & Bhadreshwar Temple for some beautiful art and history.
  • Buy Bandhani dupattas and sarees, embroidered and mirror work clothes!

Amazing Arunachal

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The lush green mountains, gorgeous waterfalls and pure air of Arunachal Pradesh make it the best place for honeymoon in February in India if you would love to get lost in nature's lap! The picturesque natural beauty of Ziro Valley and Dibang Valley are just magnificent vistas!

If you are a couple who loves to explore,  enjoy their local rice beer and scrumptious pork dishes. Spend a week in this little piece of heaven in North East to bring home exotic tales of your journey!

How to reach: Flight from Kolkata to Lilabari Airport and then 57 km drive till Itanagar.

Things you must do: 

  • Trek to Talle Valley.
  • Visit India's largest monastery in Tawang.
  • Take cute pictures of yourselves with the snow-covered Sela Pass and frozen Sela Lake at the backdrop!
  • Witness nature's stunning beauty at Dibang valley.

Gorgeous Gokarna

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Want an unconventional yet quiet and thus, best place for honeymoon in February in India? Look no more! Surreal beaches, yoga retreats, gorgeous waterfalls and flea markets- need we say more? Enjoy your much-awaited romantic getaway in seclusion with your newly married partner!

How to reach: Flight to Dabolim Airport (Goa) and then three & a half-hour drive from there.

Things you must do: 

  • Candlelight dinner by the Om beach or Half Moon beach with fresh seafood and wine.
  • Stay at a luxury beach resort for an exclusive experience.
  • Go for an Ayurvedic couple massage and spa therapy to rejuvenate.
  • Shop till you drop at the flea markets.
  • Enjoy some fine coffee while watching sunsets!

Bewitching Bhogwe

Looking for the best place for honeymoon in February in India that's none of your friends has heard of? Just a few hours drive through the Goa state highway and you discover these magnificent secluded beaches you will instantly fall in love with.

The Bhogwe beach and surrounding Niyati, Devbag and Khavane beaches are relatively quieter beach spots as compared to the famous coastal destinations of Maharashtra or Goa.

How to reach: Flight from Dabolim Airport Goa or you could drive from Mumbai, Satara or Goa.

What to do there:

  • Swim, get sun-kissed take stunning photos and selfies in your gorgeous beachwear at Bhogwe, Niyati, Devbag and Khavane beaches.
  • Go dolphin spotting, fishing.
  • Visit the Nivati fort near Bhogwe.
  • Stay at eco-cottages and home-stays with stunning beach views.
  • Binge on some exquisite Konkani cuisine!

Heavenly Hankon

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An ultimate dream of every romantic couple let's tell you why Hankon is the best place for honeymoon in February in India! This hidden gem of a hamlet in Karnataka is the perfect spot if you're looking for quiet with a little water-adventure and scrumptious fresh food! A tranquil experience amidst the beautiful local people, Hankon will add a touch of heart and emotions to your honeymoon story!

How to reach: You could either take a train from Asnoti Railway station. Otherwise, around 1 hour 36 minutes drive from Madgaon, Yellapur or Dandeli.

Things to do:

  • Stay at wooden cabins or tents facing the breathtaking river Kali.
  • Have a romantic dinner at seafood restaurants.
  • Go for kayaking, canoeing, rock-climbing at Pata to feel the adrenaline rush!
  • Relax and rejuvenate your minds and bodies in serenity!

Now you have a fair idea on which names to add on your "best place for honeymoon in February in India" list! So start with your research and talk to the travel companies for the best possible packages. Always have a clear conversation regarding the inclusions and exclusions on your package.

You can also make your travel package once you have your itinerary set. Explore new places. try new cuisines. Meet with locals and make new friends! Make your honeymoon experience a love story that every future couple would love to follow!

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