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Check Out 10 Cute Photos That Spin the Whole Wedding Story

Capturing special moments of a wedding is what makes a great album. Check out some of the cute photos that depict beautifully the story of every Indian wedding

Indian wedding photos are a mixed bag of emotions, expressions and traditions. There are some conventional photos that you'll find in every wedding album, and there are some unique & creative ones too. But no wedding is complete unless we see those hundreds of special moments captured and entwined into one single album!

The romantic poses of the newlywed couple, the cheerful bridesmaids & mischievous groomsmen, the cute little kiddos & the emotional mothers & fathers...all of them together create such special moments that are every Indian photographer's favourite subjects.

So let's check out some cute photos that are honest, candid and paint the perfect picture of an Indian wedding!

Make way for the groom

Infinite Memories

Check out the adorable groom entering the wedding mandap in style! One of the secrets behind achieving cute photos is catching the subject unaware, in their candid expressions. The groom being carried by the Ladkiwale and having that happy smile on his face makes it a beautiful candid wedding photo.

Haldi madness

When you're looking at the cute photos, some of the most popular ones involve the crazy Haldi fun! Here in this particular wedding photo, the raw colour of Haldi works gorgeously as the base colour of the photo. The playfulness between the groom and his friends, the dabbing of Haldi and the fits of laughter...these are the key elements that make this picture such a visual delight.

Mom's hug

Infinite Memories

Amidst all the wedding fun and traditions, there are a few mother-daughter moments that no bride can escape. The warm emotional hug, the tears filled with mixed emotions, the comfort...this photo says it all. Because sometimes, the most beautiful pictures are the ones that show true emotions.

The selfie enthusiasts

Infinite Memories

There is a group of guests in every wedding who don't mind anything else, as long as they take at least a thousand selfies of themselves (in almost the same pose!) These selfie-enthusiasts make some really cute photos, especially when they're not aware of their picture being taken by someone other than themselves! They're the ones who gave birth to the idea of creating a selfie-booth which is almost now a custom in every wedding!

The sneak-a-glance moment

Infinite Memories

This is one of my favourites! Ever noticed the bride and the groom sneaking a few glances and smiles at each other while the wedding ceremonies are going on? Those are the kind of cute photos that make our hearts melt! Amidst all the wedding ritualsSaath Phere and mantra chanting, it's like a secret language of love that only the couple shares to express their feelings.

The merry groomsmen

How about this charming gang of groomsmen posing graciously for our wedding photographer? The best thing about this photo is its simplicity and realness. The ethnic wear that every groomsman is sporting, the colourful shades and glasses, their cute smiling pose and the funky umbrella- the elements are so simple yet absolutely spot on!

The cool grandma

The Lightsmiths

When there is a grandma as cool as this, you really don't need to try to get cute photos! Her sheer confidence, uber-stylish outfit and killer move naturally give one of the coolest pictures in your wedding album. You may be taking dance tutorials before performing on your Sangeet dance, but Dadiji looks like a born dancer!

The first dance

The Lightsmiths

The gorgeous bride twirling into the arms of her newlywed husband on their very first dance! How can this be not a great photo? The slightly shy groom who's not too confident about his dance steps, the blushing bride swaying with the romantic music, these are precious moments that every wedding photographer enjoys capturing in their cameras.


The Lightsmiths

Indian weddings are a lot more colourful because of all the fun wedding games associated with them. In every wedding tradition, there are some ice-breaking games that everyone eagerly awaits. Whether it's the traditional Juta ChupaiFish the Ring or Carry the Pot game in Coorgi wedding, or the relatively unconventional "Spot your partner", "The Shoe Game" and Tug of war between the bridesmaids & groomsmen! The wedding games result in extremely fun and cute photos that everyone simply loves to watch later!

The little stars

The Lightsmiths

How can we complete our "cute photos" list without including the real cute stars? Kids are the most desirable subjects of photographers because of their candidness. There are no fake expressions or acting, just pure smiles and actions! One of the rules of successful candid photography is when you completely forget the existence of the camera. And with kids, that can happen quite naturally.

The Lightsmiths

There are so many other cute photos that you would find in a wedding album. It's an ocean of priceless moments that a wedding photographer very carefully preserves for you to cherish forever. From the romantic pre-wedding poses to the emotional Bidai shots, every single photo has a memory. So, when you and your friends sit together after the wedding flapping through the wedding album, you relive every moment. You laugh, smile and sigh together, just by watching those pictures!

Do you have any more cute wedding photos in mind that we missed? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!