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Let's Play! Know About the Fun Shaadi Games in Indian Weddings Across the Country!

Weddings are cheerful events especially because of the fun games! There are some common and unique Shaadi games played at every Indian wedding across the country. Keep reading to know about all those hilarious wedding special games!

Indian weddings are long. With all the rituals, customs and religious ceremonies, the bride, groom and the guests are usually exhausted. That's the reason behind the inception of all wedding games. To give everyone a breather. A pleasant light-hearted break from the intense rituals. From Joota Chupai to "Fishing for the Ring" every Indian wedding game is created to make both the families comfortable with each other bringing them closer. So, are you interested to know all about the fun traditional Shaadi games that are played all over India? Keep reading!

1. Spot your Partner 

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One of the funniest Shaadi games that are played especially at a Christian wedding, is the "Spot your partner". The bride is blindfolded and turned around. Then she has to spot the groom amidst a room full of men dressed in the same manner, just by the sense of touch. The whole bridesmaid's squad cheer for her and try to guide her whereas the groomsmen simply keep confusing her! And when the bride finally guesses the right man, everyone raises a toast!

2. Fish the Ring

This one is probably enjoyed almost everywhere in India. One of the most popular Shaadi games is the contest between the bride and the groom to search for the ring! This is a common post-wedding game that's played very fondly in many parts of India including Punjab, West Bengal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and in some South Indian weddings. After the wedding rituals are over, the bride and the groom are asked to find a ring that's hidden in a huge pot filled with milk, haldi, kumkum, petals etc so as to reduce the transparency of the liquid. The first one to find the ring wins and receives a gift from the other person. This is a super-fun wedding game not just for the players but for the watchers as well!

3. The Shell & Rice Game 

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This typical Bengali wedding game is a bit tricky one! Usually played at Bashi biye, the groom and the bride are made to sit together on the ground along with all the other family members. Five tiny earthen pots are filled with turmeric, rice and shells. The bride is asked to topple the pots and the groom is asked to neatly rearrange the contents of the pots. The same thing is done by both of them alternatively. Whoever rearranges each little content inside the pot is the winner. It is believed that the person who is able to pick each grain of rice and put them back neatly will organise the family better. This is one of those fun Shaadi games where there is a lot of cheering, teasing and confusing the players by the family members!

4. Hide the Shoes!  

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When we are talking about Shaadi games, how can we not include everyone's favourite Joota Chupai? Typically played in North Indian weddings, especially  Punjabi wedding or Muslim weddings, the Joota Chupai has now become a part of almost every other Indian wedding tradition. As per the game, while the wedding rituals like Saat Phere or Kanyadaan are going on, the siblings, friends and cousins of the bride manage to steal the groom's shoes and hide them at a safe place. Then there is a whole negotiating episode that goes on between the groom and his brothers & sisters-in-law that would decide the price at which his shoes will be returned! The groomsmen and his friends also participate in this game to help the groom with his negotiation! The haggling is the most fun part of this game especially with more people involved!

5. That's my wife's!

This one is one of the more modern Shaadi games specially designed for all the men at the wedding, including the groom! Mostly played as one of the pre-wedding games women guests give one item of their possession like a clutch, shoe, pair of earrings or any other accessory. Then all those items mixed up and set on a table. Now the men are asked to identify his respective partner's item. This could be a real toughie for the men! The one who identifies first wins a prize!

6. Make no Noise!

One of the typical Shaadi games in Marwari weddings or Rajput weddings, this game takes place after the wedding, when the bride is about to enter her new family. Although it's more like a fun tradition than a game because there are no competitors in this one and the bride is the only participant! When the bride is to enter her new house, she's assigned a tricky task! All her in-laws and other family members of the groom lay down steel plates of every size on the floor. Now the bride has to enter the house picking each plate up and set them in order, but without dropping or making any noise. It is believed that the lesser noise she makes, more peaceful would be her marital life!

7. Carry the Pot

South Indian brides who are about to get married in a Coorgi style, this is one of the most fun Shaadi games! After the wedding is over, Ganga Puja takes place at the groom’s house. And that’s when the newly-wed bride has to go through some ‘ragging time!’  The bride is asked to get water from the river or a well in large pots and carry it all the way inside the house. Now brothers and uncles of the groom don’t let her enter and keep teasing and playing fun games with her! Amidst all this, she still has to dodge all the men and manage to enter her home! All of this is in jest and playful spirit and is intended to make the new bride open up and feel comfortable.

Apart from these, there are many other Shaadi games which are played across the country. Like the Mehndi special game where the groom has to find his name on the bride's henna painted palms. Or the Topor Vs Mukut contest where the newly-wed Bengali couple gets to see who's going to be the boss of whom by observing the direction of their headdress' movements! Some of the wedding games are a bit complicated, while some of them are totally simple! But they are all funny, cheerful and even sometimes silly. Because the core purpose behind designing these kinds of games is to break the ice between the two families! Give them a chance to know each other without any formalities! We all have a child in our hearts. So let's keep that child alive by engaging in these super amusing wedding games!

Which one of the mentioned games is your personal favourite? Let us know about any other wedding games that we missed in the comment section below!