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Tips for a Newlywed Bride

Beginning of your marital life by moving into a new place with your partner and their family can be a little overwhelming but, at the same time, it’s a start of a lifelong adventure.

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We know how difficult it is for a newlywed bride to leave her whole life behind and start a completely new one, in a new place with new people. But it’s a journey every woman has to take and lead all by herself. As they say: “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. As detailed below, we present to you some of the simplest yet determining steps and tips you should keep in mind after getting married:

Adjustment is the key to a successful married life. You’re not your parents’ spoiled daughter anymore; your family has grown and so have your roles. You’re expected to complete different tasks in each role successfully and live up to everybody’s expectations. With tiny little adjustments in your lifestyle, such as, taking some time out to learn to prepare your husband’s favourite dish or learning new ways of folding your father in law’s clothes, you can make a huge difference.

You’ve married a prince charming who has been brought up by a queen. Like every other mom in the world, your mother in law is very protective about her son. Prove her that you deserve him by making little gestures; for example, if you’re thinking of redecorating your room, take your mother in law furniture shopping with you and your husband. Let her know that you value her advice and point of view.

It’s not about ‘you’ anymore; it’s about ‘us’. There’s a reason why your husband is called your better half: you’re in a two-body-one-soul relationship. That’s why you always need to consider him before making any decisions. A tiny decision like planning a girls’ night out without considering your husband’s take on it may affect your relationship.

You’ve moved in with him to his house; but one thing you should always keep in mind is that, from now on, that will be your house as well, and it’s your responsibility to turn his house into your home. It’s not about redecorating or changing some furniture here and there, it’s about you making yourself comfortable enough at your new place that it turns into a welcoming home.

Remember, that you haven’t married your husband; you’ve also joined his family. You have different roles to perform and each family member is different. Nobody hates you, nor does anyone want to throw you away from their house, it’s just that you’re a newbie and you need to win their trust with love and small gestures.