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6 Tips for Wedding Night You Should Not Blindly Follow

Believe me, everyone will have something to tell you when it comes to your first wedding night. Here's the best of the tips for wedding night you should NOT listen to or believe unless you are ready to stress yourself out for no reason!

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Got tied up in planning your wedding and paid no attention to your first wedding night? Happens to the best of us! All brides and grooms are excited for their first night, and while it’s all dreamy in your head, don't let someone else make you think otherwise. Not everyone's first wedding night is the same and for that very reason do not believe what every recently married couple tells you about their own! Check out our expert tips for wedding night and become the master of your own fate!

Tips for Wedding Night You Should Not Blindly Trust

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If you're wondering whether there's something you may have blindly believed(because someone who just recently got married told you so) does not mean that they hold entirely true for you as well! Keep in mind these tips for wedding night and start afresh!

1. Tips for Wedding Night - The Arrange Marriage Myth!

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"I had an arranged marriage. So, it was difficult for me to build upon the sexual tension between the two of us on our first night."

Just because you had an arranged marriage does not mean that your first night will be an awkward intervention. In the months leading up to your wedding day, you will obviously get to know each other better. So, step into this new phase with an open mind and take things slowly. Give one another time to open up, start with some light conversation and see how it goes from there! Love marriage or not, you chose one another for some reason. So, we say it's a win-win! Pay attention to each other's needs and make it special.

2. Tips for Wedding Night - The Virgin Myth

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"I was so stressed whether or not he's a virgin that I got worked up through the night and the rest was such a blur."

The virgin myth! We are all too familiar with it and some of us spend an awful lot of time contemplating the same. There is hardly any truth in the concept of being a virgin before the wedding. It is not only credible for women but also men. Neither of us should be sweating about each other's past relationships and hold unrealistic expectations drawing from the same. You are married now and what happens from this day forth is of consequence and importance. So, start afresh with an open mindset and seal the deal as it comes your way.

3. Tips for Wedding Night - Consummation Is Completely Optional!

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"We were so tired after the wedding festivities, therefore the night was very long and tiring for the both of us. I wouldn't want to remember my first night with him for this very reason."

Weddings tend to get very tiring and take a toll on your body, mind and soul. It is okay for you to take it slow on your first night considering the long day you've had. So, do not give in to the peer pressure(just because your buddies say so) and take your time. If you're too tired to take things to the next level then don't. You belong to each other now and you have all the time in the world to consummate your wedding.

4. Tips for Wedding Night - Feeding Tips of Your Own Experience to Others

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"My first wedding night was full of sexual tension and some quintessentially sexy moments. She is more open than I assumed she would be."

One of the most common mistakes each of us is guilty of making - discussing our personal details with everyone(that includes your best friends too). Just because one of your friends discussed his/her wedding night with you, does not imply that you have to return the favour. Some things are sacred and your first night is one of those many things. So respect that and your spouse and keep your moments to yourself. You don't want to begin your journey o

5. Tips for Wedding Night - Your First Night Doesn't Need to Be on the Same Day as Your Wedding

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"Yes, she was tired and a lot emotional too. But, you cannot say no to relatives? Right? So, we ended up rallying with our relatives all night until early morning!"

This is not true and you should not blindly follow suit even if this advice is coming from your best friend. You both must be exhausted and considering your wife just moved to your house, a new setting for her, all she needs is some alone time with you! More than anything she needs to be surrounded by you and only you and that is what she really needs on your first wedding night. Give her this and you will have her heart forever!

6. Tips for Wedding Night - Be Comfortable & Then Move Forward!

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"We were in a courtship for about 6 months, so I guess it was enough time for us to get to know each other."

Just because your courtship period was of six months does not imply that you both are on the same page. Two things that it takes a couple most time to get used to once married are sharing the same bed and your personal space. Spend some days even weeks getting used to this new life together as one unit. Believe it or not, it's an entirely different ball game - the married life!

Not everyone's first wedding night is the same and not everything that you have heard will hold true for you and your spouse. What might have been a hiccup in their journey might not be one in yours. Hence, more than anything else believe in yourself and your partner and do things as a unit. If you're both on the same page then there is nothing better than that! Be mindful of these and have a fruitful new start!

We hope you enjoyed reading our take on these tips for wedding night as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. Share your thoughts with us through comments!