ShutterDown by Lakshya ChawlaShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

With the wedding season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about our outfit designs. Individuality is the name of the game when it comes to our ethnic wear. But as we set out to buy that oh-so-perfect lehenga, let’s not forget to humblebrag about the blouse designs that deserve their fair share of attention as well.

They’re no longer just a part of your outfit but are an important aspect that can really transform your whole wedding look. From florals to leaves and various symmetrical patterns, thread work blouse designs can give you that statement vibe you’re looking for. If you have a love for funky patterns and designs, we’ve created the ultimate list of our favourite thread work blouse designs that we’ve seen on real brides.

1. Fancy red

Minchu StudioMinchu Studio

Ah red! The OG wedding colour. When it comes to weddings, red and gold are staple colours so we decided to start this list with this classic pairing. The red blouse features a stunning zari gold embroidery of leaf motifs and a groovy neck and arm design. The gold thread work blouse designs present all over the blouse to give it a festive look.

Since the blouse comes with some heavy work, the design elements on the saree can be fairly minimal. Keep all the focus on this statement blouse with some traditional jewellery. A simple necklace and earrings will do the trick!

2. Pretty in pink

CoolBluez PhotographyCoolBluez Photography

Another great colour combination is gold embroidery set against a pink fabric. Artistically stitched in on the blouse, this thread work design features curvy motifs that branch out like vines. In order to balance out this grand thread work blouse designs, the shape and cut of the blouse itself is quite simple with a curvy V neck and quarter length sleeves. With some Polki and pearl Jhumka jewellery, you’re sure to be a sight for sore eyes.

3. Colour blocking

Dipak StudiosDipak Studios

If you want to create a statement and stand out from the crowd, you can’t go wrong with good old colour blocking. Thread work blouse designs can speak volumes when it comes to showcasing your individuality and creativity, so what better way to do this than with some unique colour combination. This stunning lehenga features a dual tone pink and purple fabric covered in gold embroidery and thread work. The border comes with floral and bird motifs and provides a great contrast to the pink blouse. Enhance this extraordinary thread work with some diamond jewellery and a Maang Tikka.  

4. Sunshine yellow

Dipak StudiosDipak Studios

One colour palette that you don’t usually see in wedding lehengas is yellow. This incredible colour can make your outfit pop and looks great in pictures. This lehenga takes on gold on the gold route and while having the same fabric and thread work colour might not seem like a good idea, the shiny thread work blouse designs stand out against the bright sunshine yellow.

Yellow being a light colour, goes well with other pastel shades. You can pair this look with some pastel coloured earrings to bring out the less dominant colour in the lehenga. With the beautiful thread work blouse designs, this outfit is sure to be a winner at your wedding.

5. Colours of the rainbow

Dipak StudiosDipak Studios

For that fashion risk-taker bride, this bright multi-coloured outfit that comes with numerous thread work blouse designs is sure to steal hearts on your wedding day. The style and cut of this blouse design is fairly simple and is paired with a peach dupatta. What gives this outfit its bold look is the blouse. The blouse features an array of different colour threads that are weaved together to form some creative patterns and motifs. Show off your arms in this classic yet bold blouse design.

6. Flower power

42fps Productions42fps Productions

Another one for the pink lovers. Sequins and thread work blouse designs are a great way to keep your outfit festive and elegant. This blouse incorporates the classic pink and gold colour combination beautifully. Keep the cut of the blouse and the neckline simple to focus all the attention on the thread work blouse designs. Balance out this bright pink blouse with a beige skirt and dupatta. You can pair this outfit with some statement gold earrings to complete your look.

7. Symmetrical patterns

Dipak StudiosDipak Studios

If you are all about funky patterns and aesthetics, this top with its bold thread work blouse designs is sure to get you a lot of compliments. This outfit is nothing short of grand from its avant-garde top to the incredible skirt.  The thread work blouse designs include large floral motifs and leaves. You can either add similar patterns to your skirt or opt for something more simple. This blouse comes with a low neck so you can add a statement Polki necklace and Jhumkis to add the finishing touch.

The fashion game is always changing and it’s all about who expresses their individuality best. You can wear the prettiest lehengas and sarees with the coolest styles but one element that really pulls your whole look together is the thread work blouse designs. Whether you’re an eclectic bride who has a flair for a design or a minimalist at heart, there’s a thread work design for you. We hope this list of thread work blouse designs inspires you to bring you’re A-game to your wedding.

Love any of the unique thread work blouse designs listed above? Let us know your favourites in the comments below!