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The wedding ceremony happens to be one of the mega events of the bride’s life and she naturally wants to look her best on that day. Why not don a terrific avatar that amazes everyone? Here is a list of designs of white lehengas that the bride can choose to wear on her wedding day.

1. Flared/Circular Lehenga

Tarun Tahiliani

This style of lehenga is one of the most traditional styles. These kinds of lehengas help to add a huge volume below the region of the waist. The bride, who decides to wear a flared white lehenga, should go for a choli design that is short in length. The fabric of the lehenga can be of brocade, georgette, jacquard, silk or crepe. However, women having a slim waist should avoid this particular design as it might not suit them.

2. Fishtail/Mermaid Lehenga

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The mermaid lehenga, as is clear from the name, imitates the mermaids. These types of lehengas appear to be tight on the knees and get flared from the calves in the share of a fishtail. Given the fact that these lehengas accentuate the hips and the waists, they must be worn over a proper kind of bodysuit. Women who have pear-shaped or apple-shaped bodies should avoid this particular design.

3. Panelled Lehenga

Liz Paul

The panelled lehenga is made of horizontal panels of fabric that are attached alongside the flare of the lehenga. The most special thing about this kind of lehenga is that it hides extra fat given a slim look to the woman wearing it. The bride wearing this kind of a white lehenga should wear a long choli with this. Women with petite body type who often appear to be skinny should avoid this type of lehenga.

4. A-Line Lehenga

Rabbani Fashion the Bridal Gallery

This type of lehenga has the standard A-line hem that creates the shape of the letter A. The lehenga happens to be tight on the waist and is flared at the bottom side. The lehenga runs quite low on the number of pleats that it has. One of the benefits of this lehenga is that it can go with various kinds of cholis and it is also easy to carry. Women with rectangle-shaped body type should avoid wearing this type of lehenga.

5. Sharara-cut Lehenga

Image Courtesy: The Peach Project by Ayesha

Though not a traditional lehenga, with the evaluation of fashion trends these have also made their place among the lehengas. These are the types of lehengas that are stitched from the middle of the hem. This actually makes them trouser, but because of the fact that they look like lehengas, they are taken into the category of lehengas. Mainly Muslim brides wear this particular type of lehenga. Women who have shorter than average height and have slim legs should avoid wearing this.

6. Straight-cut Lehengas

Shrena Hirawat

This kind of lehenga flows with the shape of the body curves. It should be worn with a blouse that would work as a choli. Given the fact that this kind of lehenga hugs the skin, one should be careful with the inners one is going to wear with a straight cut lehenga.

7. Lehengas with a Jacket

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This particular type of lehenga is pretty new in the wedding market and has already been proven a favourite. These lehengas are kept simple and a long jacket is provided with them. This helps to hide the extra fat or create the illusion of being slim.

8. Half-Saree Lehenga

Turquoise by Rachit Khanna

This lehenga has been inspired by the traditional half-saree that originates in South India. However, this lehenga frees you from the hassle of wearing a saree and yet gives a saree look. The bride wearing this type of a lehenga should wear a choli blouse. However, petite women should avoid this particular type as it might make them look clumsy.

9. Net Lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

The net lehenga is prepared of net and gives a slim look to the person wearing it. It should be avoided wearing by women who are on the bulky side of the scale. The net lehenga is ideal for slim women who will be able to carry it seamlessly.

10. Floral Lehenga

Buzjay Fashion Studio

These kinds of lehengas are based on floral designs. These can be worn by women of any shapes and sizes as the materials of the floral lehengas vary. However, a slim and bulky woman should not wear the same kind of floral lehenga. They should choose the material that supports their body type and shape.

So the bride can choose any design from the mentioned above and rock her look in a white lehenga.

Do you think you will rock a white lehenga for your wedding ceremonies?