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Come auspicious days and most wedding guests turn wedding hoppers like a pro. However, we're often left with limited choices for our trousseau. Enter accessories which can help you repurpose the same wedding outfits again and again. Did you know that by draping your lehenga dupatta in a new way every time, you could give it an instant makeover? We bring you Dupatta draping style hacks that can help you with 8 different looks from just one outfit!

The Lehenga Dupatta:

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A versatile bridal accessory, the bridal dupatta can accentuate, complement and even change the look of a Bridal Lehenga. Also, if you add a new dupatta or trade your old dupatta for a new one, you practically have a new outfit. The dupatta is a gorgeous addition to the wedding attire and it is an integral part of the lehenga or sharara you choose to flaunt on any of the ceremonies. Everything bought for the D-day is a memory that you cherish forever and the dupatta is also one of them. You do not just hang it by the neck or shoulders for the sake of it, but make sure that the lehenga dupatta enhances your overall look.

Here's how you can look your best in 8 distinct styles, without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Saree Style Drape

Divine Mantra, Delhi

This is most common and also the simplest way to drape your lehenga dupatta. Whether it’s a Sangeet ceremony, Haldi ceremony or the Mehendi, Wedding outfit or Reception ceremony, this dupatta drape immediately makes you look elegant. If it is mostly a plain lehenga dupatta with borders that are prominent, then you are set to turn the heads.

Here are the steps to do it right:

  • Tuck one end of the dupatta on your waist, on the right side.
  • Drape it from under your left arm and throw it over your right shoulder, just like a saree pallu. Voila! You’re ready.

Here are a few ideas for getting it right.

Glorious Wedding Album

Recall Pictures

The saree drape is often a common lehenga dupatta draping style.

2. Pakistani Style Drape

Photography by Jaspal

The traditional Pakistani way of draping a dupatta has found some fans in India too. This dupatta draping style works best for a wedding. The loose flow of layers around your head and face make you look all the more regal even as a blushing bride.


  • Take the dupatta over your head, with one end of dupatta being behind the back.
  • The other end of the dupatta is turned into a cowl shape in front and is then put behind the other shoulder.

Here are a few ideas from brides who got it right:

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Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

3. Double Dupatta Drape

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This is another lehenga dupatta drape that is loved by brides. One dupatta is draped like a normal saree style drape, while the other dupatta, (which is usually in a contrasting colour, shade or design) is draped on the head, leaving it flowing at the back. We have discussed it at length in our article on dupatta draping styles. This style of draping a lehenga dupatta also adds volume to your look on the whole.


  • For the saree style drape of the first dupatta, follow the steps given in Point 1.
  • For the second dupatta, pin it on your head and secure it nicely so it doesn’t fall down. You can either leave the dupatta open at the back or hold one end of dupatta on your left wrist.

Here are some inspirations:

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

VivekkVikas Photography at Anjalis Studio

4. Suit-Style Dupatta Drape


If you’re the bridesmaid or attending your friend’s wedding, you can drape your lehenga dupatta in this easy breezy way. Just like we drape a suit’s dupatta, follow the same steps here. Pin the dupatta on both sides of your shoulder and you’re done!


  • For the breezy style drape of the first dupatta, all you got to do is wear it like shown above in the picture. 
  • Pin it on both of your shoulders and secure it nicely so it doesn’t fall down. You can either leave the dupatta open at the back or let both the side ends of the dupatta to freely fall on sideways. 

5.South Indian Drape


This is another lehenga dupatta drape that is preferred by the brides for their Sangeet or Reception look. Do you remember Deepika Padukone rocking this dupatta style in Chennai Express?


  •        Take one corner of your dupatta, pin it tightly on the right side of your waist.(like the saree style drape)
  •        Take the rest of the dupatta and wrap it tightly across your back and bring it to your front from the right side.
  •        Pleat it neatly and place it on your left shoulder, while making sure your dupatta is snug against your body to give you a good shape.

Here are some brides who took to the lehenga dupatta draping style:

Himanshu Bisht Photography

6. Gujarati front pallu drape

Thousand Words Photography

Another traditional way of draping your lehenga dupatta is following the Gujarati way. This style is perfect for brides who want to hide their tummy.


  • Take one corner of your dupatta, pin it tightly on the left side of your waist.
  • Take the rest of the dupatta and wrap it tightly across your back and bring it to your front from the right side.

Here are a few ideas and inspirations

CoolBluez Photography
Cinnamon Pictures

AV Photography - Mumbai

The style presents a dual opportunity - to show off your heavy dupatta design and hide your midriff.

7. Kamarbandh Style

Camera Waale Baraati

Guess what? Kamarbandh is back in style! It not only helps you flaunt your waist but also sets the pleats in one place, and keeps the dupatta tidy. It is a convenient way of draping a lehenga dupatta and you can go dancing if needed with the dupatta being draped in the right place even after so much movement.


  • Drape the dupatta like how you would drape a saree. Check dupatta draping style 1.
  • Add the Kamarbandh and you’re done!

Here are some more Kamarbandh inspirations:


Frame Roots by Jagger

And that brings us to the last style on our list.

8. Cowl-Style Lehenga dupatta

Mahima Bhatia Photography

This style of lehenga dupatta draping works best for your Mehndi or Cocktail function where you need your hands to be free. When you drape your dupatta over your front and tie up them at shoulders - that is the cowl style. It works best when you have a sheer or net dupatta so that you can show off your heavy blouse.


Drape your dupatta on your shoulders by maintaining a cowl in front. Pin them on the shoulder and you are done.

Here are some inspirations:

Karam Chhabra Photography

Folio Haus

Who knew there were so many ways of wearing a dupatta or draping it in ways that it gives a different look every time. A dupatta enhances the look of a woman as it adds style and a fashion component to the most mundane looks. Coming in such vibrant hues and textures, you can buy a silk dupatta or perhaps a Bandhej, the options literally are endless. We hope now you have finalised which dupatta draping style you love most. So, go shop and find a versatile dupatta that you can fling on with every possible outfit from your wardrobe. The dupatta is one such thing that you can reuse with different attires even when your D-day and its actual purpose is gone.

Now that we’ve helped you learn about the different draping techniques for your lehenga dupatta, it’s time you to click your photo and send it to us!