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Mallika Dua's Guide to Wedding Hopping in Delhi

Social media queen Mallika Dua managed to navigate three weddings at the same time, giving us some fun tips on wedding hopping this December.

Delhi in December means weddings and lots of them. No, we’re not complaining. In fact, we love wedding pictures and videos that are taking over all our social media feeds, especially if it's Bollywood weddings. In one such takeover session, reigning social media queen Mallika Dua showed us the important skill of wedding hopping in Delhi. We asked Mallika for her top tips for navigating through different wedding events on the same day, while still managing time for Jalebis and Sangeet dance performances. She spilled the beans and here we are with all the useful tips for you.

Same outfit, different dupattas

On a peak wedding date, Mallika moved from a day-Mehndi event to a proper Delhi wedding party with not much time to spare as we saw on her Instagram account. Her tip to balance both looks - same lehenga, different Dupattas. Mallika opted for a neutral white gold lehenga with a pop-print Dupatta for the Mehndi function in the day and a royal red Dupatta for the wedding at night. Both of her looks we totally gorgeous. She created a difference in her looks with jewellery as well. For the Mehndi, Mallika stuck to simple earrings but went all out with an Amrapali neckpiece for the wedding.

Winter prep is essential

While preparing for winter weddings, most brides and bridesmaids forget the basics – winter clothes that keep you cosy through the craziness of the big fat Indian wedding. But not Mallika. “I didn’t want another cold and hectic wedding experience, so I wore leggings underneath everything and comfy heels, even if they were ugly. Be comfortable so that you can focus on weddings. Remember the rule, Jalebis make everything better!” Priorities on point, we say. So, all you bridesmaids, remember Mallika's rule to dress according to the weather if you want to be comfortable.

Banarasi for the win

For wedding number 3, Mallika switched to a Banarasi saree. Though like always, she opted for a colour and print that stayed true to her young, fun personality. A pop pink blouse was the perfect balancing factor to an otherwise traditional Pista green saree. “I always wanted to add Banarasis to my wardrobe and this time, I finally managed to do that with Bageecha Banaras.” Full points for that colour combination! For your friend's wedding, you can borrow one from your mum's wardrobe and pair it with a crop top to look like a millennial diva. Keep the hairstyle simple, add statement accessories and you're good to go.

Now that's how you slay wedding hopping in style. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are faced with such a situation. Remember, mix and match is the way to go. And when you have many weddings to attend in one season, better be safe than sorry and wear weather-friendly clothes. Looking for more combinations to pull off just like Mallika did?

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