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Top Pakistani Bridal Dresses to Look Your Elegant Best!

Check out the charm of Pakistani bridal dresses and get one for yourself to look your best at your wedding. Heavy embroideries and light colours rule the roost!

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There is something unique about Pakistani bridal dresses that make them look so beautiful and elegant when compared with other attires. It may look similar to lehengas and bridal outfits you are accustomed to, but it somehow have a beautiful elegant feel to them. The jewellery, the subtle makeup and the colours of the outfits make it a special one for sure.

Moreover, Pakistani bridal dresses are also different because the brides wear Shararas and Ghararas as well, which is not that common in India. Furthermore, their outfits are sometimes made of velvet to give them an even plusher look, making the bride look nothing short of a princess. When it comes to colours, they usually stick to lighter colours like beige, silver, grey or light green but they also love the combination of black and golden.

Now that you know the basics of Pakistani bridal dresses, let us look into some of the best designs you can think of wearing at your wedding.

1. A fusion bridal dress

Image Courtesy: Deo Studios

If you live in an urban city in Europe or the US, you would want a bridal dress that looks modern but has the touch of tradition in it. It allows you to make sure that you look as elegant and modern as you want to while sticking to the traditional outfit. This bridal suit with heavy patterns on blouse and lehenga is what makes it so elegant. A pleated peplum finish at the bottom part of the blouse gives a modern touch to the garment.

The sand coloured blouse with the ivory embroideries gives the elegant vibe to the attire.

2. A black attire with golden embroideries

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

In many cultures, people do not wear black coloured outfits on auspicious occasions but it is okay to do so in the Pakistani culture. So why not take advantage of it and wear some really beautiful lehenga and blouses? The combination of black and gold has always been a popular choice as it looks absolutely great.

The heavy golden embroideries pop out from the black velvet outfit. The colours and the material used make it one of the best Pakistani bridal dresses we’ve seen!

3. Thick golden embroideries

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

Here’s another outfit with black as its base colour, but with such a heavy amount of golden embroideries, it looks more like a golden outfit. This heavy bridal outfit will make every Pakistani bride look her best. With such attire, you won’t need heavy jewellery as it can look a bit over the top. Make sure you wear just a Choker necklace and a couple of bangles and you will be set for it.

4. A maroon lehenga

Reek Photography

Maroon is not a colour that you normally associate with Pakistani bridal dresses but as you can see in this beautiful image, it looks great on the bride. It gives you a different look. The blouse and the lehenga both have intricate embroidery designs with immaculate detailing on it.

5. A peach lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

This peach lehenga is one of the best Pakistani bridal dresses that one can wear as a bride because of the exquisite embroidery work on it. The peach colour and the silver embroidery makes for a perfect combination of colours. The Dori work on the borders of the lehenga, dupatta and blouse adds another elegant touch to it. Such an emphatic bridal look is perfect for any bride who wants to look her best.

6. Golden lehenga with maroon dupatta

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

A golden lehenga with floral embroideries of different colours makes this bridal lehenga distinct and beautiful. Moreover, it is the maroon velvet dupatta that truly makes this one of the best Pakistani bridal dresses. It is perfect to wear in the cold temperatures of Pakistan, the UK, and even certain states in India! Pair this attire with gold jewellery to go for a completely golden look.

7. Continuous embroidery

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

This bridal wear has continuous embroidery all over the attire, making it quite heavy to wear. The dupatta, the blouse and the lehenga, all have continuous embroideries with floral and leaf motifs. It also has a lot of stone work on it. You can wear heavy jewellery with it if you want a completely bold look.

8. A touch of elegance with this ivory lehenga

Image Courtesy: Sabina Shafi

This is definitely one of the most different Pakistani bridal dresses in this list because of the design of the blouse and also the colour. The ivory colour is the epitome of elegance and grace when it comes to bridalwear. The blouse fits the body perfectly till the waist and then flows down till the knees. The complete outfit has a subtle mix of heavy and light embroidery.

Now that you have gone through the examples of some of the most Pakistani bridal dresses, you may have got the point about the elegance and class of such attire. Make sure you maintain that in your bridal outfit as well.

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