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Your Artificial Heavy Bridal Set Should Have These 10 Pieces Of Jewellery To Turn You Into A Stunning Bride

Bling, bling, bling! If you're all set to buy or rent an artificial heavy bridal jewellery set, then make sure to include these 10 essential pieces of jewellery into the list. Wearing these pieces will turn you into the perfect bride ever!

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Bling, bling, bling! If you're all set to buy or rent an artificial heavy bridal jewellery set, then make sure to include these 10 essential pieces of jewellery into the list. Wearing these pieces will turn you into the perfect bride ever!

Every bride’s dream is to rock her wedding outfit in style and this can happen only when you get your makeup perfect and know what artificial heavy bridal jewellery set to go in for.

Weddings are the biggest celebration of love and elegance. Right from the theme to the food and venue – everything is of great importance in order to make your day memorable.

A bride is the centre of attraction of every wedding and hence, it’s important to concentrate on every aspect of your look. We have put down a list of 10 essential bridal jewellery pieces that will make you look stunning on your big day, so check them out below.

1. Maang Tikka

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This is the first piece of bridal jewellery that you should keep in mind when choosing your artificial heavy bridal jewellery set. A bride is never complete without her Maang Tikka that shines beautifully on her forehead.

A Maang Tikka is worn right in the middle at the parting of your hair and has a charm of its own. Maang Tikkas are available in a number of different styles and designs and you can choose one, keeping in mind the size of your forehead. If you’re someone who has a broad forehead, then a heavier Maang Tikka would look stunning on you. If you have a smaller or average sized forehead, then a smaller, lighter one would look elegant and graceful.

You could also go in for a Matha Patti that’s simply an upgraded version of a Maang Tikka. A Matha Patti comes with embellished chains on the sides.

2. Necklace

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The second one on the list of artificial heavy bridal jewellery set is the necklace. An exquisite and well-crafted necklace can work wonders on the way you look. A necklace has the ability to transform you into the perfect bride almost instantly.

There are different types of necklaces you could choose from. You could opt for a heavy-looking Kundan necklace, Meenakari necklace or temple jewellery items like Mango Haarams. There are bib necklaces to Jadavi Lacha and Addigais too.

3. Rani Haar

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When buying or renting your artificial heavy bridal jewellery set, the Rani Haar is the next piece of jewellery to have. As the name suggests, it’s a Queen’s necklace that’s majestic and long that can make people go ‘wow’.

A Rani Haar or a Maharani Haar is longer and comes in layers, it is studded with emeralds, rubies, pearls and also diamonds. Rani Haars give the bride her bold look and you should never miss the opportunity to wear if for your big day.

4. Earrings

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Of course, your artificial heavy bridal jewellery set wouldn’t be complete with a pair of lovely earrings, right? When you wear a stunning necklace, it’s important to complement it with a pair of gorgeous earrings.

Also, make sure to go in for something light and elegant, since you have to wear it throughout the function. Earrings are an essential piece of jewellery every bride should wear on her wedding day.

5. Bangles

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Of course! How can you be a bride without bangles? So, this piece of jewellery needs no reminder when it comes to artificial heavy bridal jewellery set must-haves.

Indian brides are known for wearing the most ethnic bangles on their wedding day, so do not forget to have them in your set when buying or renting your jewellery. Bridal bangles are available in fantastic designs and you could choose from a wide variety of different bangles available online.

6. Kamarband

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A Kamarband or waistband is another perfect piece of jewellery to include when you buy your artificial heavy bridal jewellery set. Kamarbands are available in styles such as thin, layered, beaded or even studded and are made in varying sizes and lengths.

Kamarbands are used to bring out the best in your attire and highlight your waistline.

7. Finger Rings

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Finger rings are an essential component of an artificial heavy bridal jewellery set. There are amazing antique finger rings that come with a wedding set and are made with rubies, emeralds, diamonds and pearls. So, do not forget your finger rings!

8. Bridal Nath

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If you’re going in for the complete traditional bride look then a fabulous Nath design or a nose ring has to be on the list of jewellery to wear. The Nath adds that extra charm to your look and can give you a complete makeover.

Not all brides are comfortable wearing a Nath, but if you’re looking for that perfect glam, then go in for a stunning Nath.

9. Haath Phool

Are you looking for that ultimate traditional look? If yes, then add the Haath Phool or hand harness to your artificial heavy bridal jewellery and turn yourself into the perfect bride right away!

A Haath Phool is worn at the back of your palm and embellishes your fingers beautifully.

10. Payal

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Payal is a beautiful piece of jewellery that’s made for the feet. It’s available in a pair and is worn on the ankles. Payals or bridal anklets are made in different patterns and designs and can work magic when worn in combination with toe rings.

Though these are 10 of the most important pieces of jewellery to have in your bridal set, you could still opt for other items that you feel will go well with your bridal attire. After all, it’s your day, so make the most of it!

If you’re planning to buy or lend your bridal jewellery then have a look at these bridal jewellery stores that offer you some of the best styles and designs.