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The blouse makes the ensemble what it is by tying together the visual elements in the lehenga (or saree) and the dupatta. However, this garment is often overshadowed by the sheer splendour of the lehenga itself – the flowing full skirt, the heavy embroidery, and the breathtaking colours all push the blouse to the background, taking away due credit from a crucial element of the ensemble.

So, we’ve decided that it’s time that the blouses of the world get their due. It is their silhouette and design that ultimately impacts the body of the garment, and this is why you must explore the latest embroidery blouse designs before setting your heart on a specific lehenga set.

We have curated our favourites from the list of latest embroidery blouse designs for you! Have a look and keep these points in mind when you go shopping next time!

1. Peach embroidery on a different coloured base!

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Peach is one of the colours of this season, with bride after bride turning to this hue to look radiant on her big day. If you are not sure how to incorporate this trend in your look (or are not super enthusiastic about wearing a peach lehenga), you can always go down the safer route – wear a blouse with peach coloured embroidered. This is one of the latest embroidery blouse designs that allow you to pick and choose the way you want a trend to feature in your wardrobe!

2. Full on Peach blouse!

Infinite Memories

Of course, the previous option of the latest embroidery blouse designs was for women who don’t want to peach colour combination look. But this one isn’t! If you love the peach vibe when going for a blouse in the same colour. This one has great gold embroidery work all over that brings out the warmer tones in this colour.

3. Deep neck blouses!

Infinite Memories

Deep neck blouse designs are extremely coveted by women all over the country at the moment. With their combination of traditional aesthetics with a slight risqué element, brides are going gaga over this look. This is one of the latest embroidery blouse designs to feature this look, along with other fashion elements like net sleeves and embroidery work.

4. Checked embroidery that fills the blouse!

Knotting Bells

When you’re looking for the latest embroidery blouse designs, don’t just limit yourself to lehengas. Trending looks can be incorporated in ensembles that contain sarees too. Just look at how the gold thread embroidery on this blouse has been used to create a checked design all over. Pretty cool right?

5. Bridal wear!

Knotting Bells

The bridal blouse is one that gets the most attention. So, pick one that not only gels correctly with your outfit but can also hold its own in the spotlight. This bridal blouse has a boat neck look along with heavy embroidery all over.

6. Half sleeves with lots of embroidery!


This blouse is a gorgeous one that’s filled with heavy embroidery work that makes it ideal for night events like the Sangeet. The square neckline adds a great visual element to the blouse, and so do the half sleeves, which bring more attention to the shoulders. Something like this is ideal for brides who are bottom-heavy and want to balance out the top and bottom easily! If that’s the case with you, pick the latest embroidery blouse designs that come with structured sleeves.

7. Embroidery work that creates a motif


Embroidery isn’t just something that creates an abstract design on the garment. It can be used to create a motif that is repeated into a pattern. This is one of the biggest trends when it comes to the latest embroidery blouse designs as it is quite versatile in terms of what you can pair it with. A heavy skirt for a night event or a cool Dhoti for a day event!

8. Blue blouses for a blue theme!


We cannot talk about the latest embroidery blouse designs without talking about the colour blue. This colour has been rocking the wedding circuit at the moment, so much so that brides are opting for a blue theme at their wedding, instead of the traditional red! Get a gorgeous blue lehenga set if you want to be on trend!

9. Finally, it’s time for beige!

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Beige is another colour that is quite big this wedding season. If you want your look to be super trendy, then you must get a beige ensemble!

With these beautiful blouses, there’s no way that you won’t be the best-dressed person at any event that you attend! Just ensure that the fit is perfect, and everything else will be too! All you’ll need is some great jewellery to complete your look, but that’s a discussion for another time!

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